1. D

    Empty textbox needs text

    I have a regular textbox (Shape, not an active x textbox) that needs to have the text "Please type notes here" if it doesn't have anything in it. I also need the text to disappear when you click in it so it is ready to type into. Could someone help me with the vba code please?
  2. D

    Delete text from text box

    I have a text box on my spreadsheet with some text in it, "Please type notes here", and when I click in it, I want the text to disappear. Is there a way to do this?
  3. C

    Deleting row - does not disappear?

    Hi, Deleted a row and it only turned blank. Trying to delete it now but it does not disappear. Workbook or sheet not protected. All rows and columns are unhidden. No filters. No error messages. I believe it caused issues in the filter as well since almost all values are missing. What the hell...
  4. H

    Query not showing all phone numbers

    Hello, I am using google sheets. https://ibb.co/rdwFqx8 I am using the following function in cell F2 =query($A$2:$D$1000,"select * where D is not null",0) As you can see in some orders the phone numbers are not showing (Such as order 1208 1209 1210 1215 1217) I am not sure whats going...
  5. P

    Making font disappear

    Hi All Is there a way to make a font disappear without making the font color the same as the cell color? Thanks
  6. J

    Formula freezing while being inserted

    I select a cell. I type in a formula in the formula bar. I hit enter. In the cell, rather than a result, I see the text I typed in the formula bar. When I try to delete what's in the cell, the text does not disappear. However, the formula bar shows there is nothing in the cell after I have...
  7. S

    CreateObject minimised

    Hello, I have the following code: For Each tmpCell In Range("F8:F14") With tmpCell If .Value <> "" Then status = CreateObject("WScript.Shell").Exec("%comspec% /c Ping -4 -n 1 -w 750 " & .Value).StdOut.ReadAll If...
  8. H

    Active Cell Indicator Disappearing

    Hello! I've had an issue plaguing me for a while now; Most of the time, when I open my workbook, the highlighted border around my active cell disappears. I suspect that it is caused by my workbook_open() code, but any time I try to debug it, the issue goes away. Whenever I open the...
  9. R


    I have this formula =M123/H123 in a cell. When the value in one of those cells is 0 I get #VALUE ! displaying. I need that display to go away. How can I make that disappear? Thank you
  10. N

    Hide Ribbon and menu on startup

    I'm trying to write some code to cause the ribbon to disappear and also try to get the menu to disappear on startup. I can get 'CommandBars.ExecuteMso "MinimizeRibbon"' to work just fine anywhere EXCEPT the WorkBook Open event. Any ideas for this and to hide the Excel menu on startup?
  11. C

    Apply code to Workbook instead of individual sheets

    Hi all, For some reason my drowndown list arrows disappear after flashing and I found the code below on the net. When I click a cell with a dropdownlist, this code allows the arrow to flash and comeback, without this code it flashes only to disappear. All I need is to apply this code to the...
  12. R

    If Functions

    Hello, I'm sure this will be pretty easy for somebody out there. I'm looking to formulate a cell based on two variables. The first variable would be the current date, If the day of the month is odd, then mark an X in column A. If it's even, leave column A blank. The 2nd variable would be if...
  13. A

    Graphs keep disappearing in my sheets - Excel 2013

    I have an Excel 2013. Embedded graph disappear sometimes when I open my sheets which I cannot locate.
  14. G

    Keeping Formula and Formatting in Filtered List

    Hello and thank you in advance for any assistance. I would like a cell to fill-in today's date automatically if there is any value entered in the cell beside of it. I have the following formula that seems to be working to produce this result: =IF(COUNTA(C404)>0,TODAY(),#N/A In order to see a...
  15. seba64

    Userform disappear after copy

    I have a userform with a button. On click that button, the code copy sheet1 to sheet2 and then select some rows. When the code execute the next sentence, excel show a message saying something like: [Can´t enter on interruption mode] after that, the userform disappear The message disappear if...
  16. A

    Pivot table based on second data connection disappears

    Hi all. I have a workbook that gets data from two different tables in an Access database, tblA and tblB. In Excel I have assigned a Table Name to each, TableA and TableB. Each is on a separate tab. Works great. I have created several pivot tables from the data in TableA. Works great. When I...
  17. R

    SQL CTE code disappear

    Hello, I am quite new to sql and am having some issues with a code i have written using microsoft query. I wrote 2 CTEs and it works great but once imported to Excel if i try and go back to the query section, the code has disappeared. I even tried a singular basic CTE and the same thing...
  18. E

    Dropdown Arrow missing in Data Validation

    I recently had all my dropdown arrows disappear from my Data Validation cells in Excel 2007. I tried going into the Excel Options-Advanced-Show All objects, but this did not work. I also tried enabling/disabling the "In-cell dropdown" command in the Data Validation itself but to no avail. Any...
  19. S

    Objects Disappear and Reappear

    Windows 10, Excel 2016 We have some workbooks with command buttons and text boxes on the opening worksheet. When the workbook is opened, sometimes the buttons and/or text box fail to appear. If you were to tab to another worksheet and then back again, they appear. This is not a critical...
  20. L

    Toggle buttons have disappeared

    Hey, I'm putting together a form that involves using a lot of toggle buttons. In a nutshell there are 63 buttons that are each supposed to hide/unhide 1 of 63 rows that in turn contain six buttons. I wrote the VBA code for all of them, everything was working fine. Then when I reopened the file...

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