display data

  1. E

    Add text in value area of pivot table

    Hi, What I'm trying to do may not be possible, but maybe you can help or find a workaround: In a pivot table I want to display a lot of project data coming from Project OLAP cubes: start date, end date, health indicators,... all values based on numbers. Additionally I would like to display the...
  2. A

    Transcend Time in Excel

    I work on a production line that has 326 hangers which we connect different fixtures to. I wanted to create a visual tool for the loaders to help aid them in knowing what fixtures are coming etc. I already have a simple table like so that i layout the line with in excel... <tbody> 1 Part A...
  3. J

    range of dates in a single cell

    Hi all Im using Excel 2010. I have a range of dates that i want to display in a single cell as text. Eg. Column A 1/1/15 2/1/15 3/1/15 4/1/15 . . . 31/1/15 What i want is to display in , say, cell B2, just the dates seperated by commas. Eg - Cell B2 should display - 1,2,3,4,5,all the way...
  4. E

    Trying to create a noter tool

    I have seen something like what I am about to describe but I am unsure on how to make it for my team to use. What I want to accomplish is a way for agents to notate our calls by clicking different buttons that will put text data into a text box that the user can then copy and paste elsewhere. An...
  5. L

    Filtering results from multiple columns containing the same number.

    I'm doing a project for work and it has columns that extend out to 'BH' and 3,416 rows. Columns S through BH contain a specific item number that I would like to filter out and display separately. I would like to only see the rows for customers that have a specific item number in one of their...
  6. K

    Suggestions for more 'User Friendly' Layout - excel 2007

    Hello All! I'm in the process of creating a spreadsheet that monitors the hours worked for employees under 3 different managers...there are a number of things the sheet will report such as 'total weekly hours', 'total hours worked in one shift' etc. The spreadsheet needs to cover every week...
  7. A

    How to display data WITH a Chart but not IN the Chart?

    Is there a way to include or display data WITH a chart and yet not have the data displayed IN the chart? For example, imagine a bar graph, with each bar divided into two portions, red and green. The data table will include the counts for red and green for each bar (let's say one bar per person...
  8. Z

    Use Drop Down list to display data

    Hi, i have a problem with using drop down list to display data. i created a list of name a,b,c i created a drop down list so i can pull and select a have a's contents b have b's contents and c once i select a a contents will be display and the rest too the data in the a b c should be...
  9. F

    XL07 Pivot How to simultaneously display both Count and Percentage

    Example below Row 1 = Count Row 2 = vertical % <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="256"><colgroup><col style="width:48pt" span="4" width="64"> </colgroup><tbody><tr style="height:14.4pt" height="19"> <td style="height:14.4pt;width:48pt" height="19" width="64"> </td>...
  10. Loin75

    Delete a row in a protected document

    Hi, My workbook needs to be completely 100% protected from its user. So I have created a macro/userform that enables them to enter new data into the table. What I need now is another macro that will give them the option to delete any row of data that they have previously entered. I figure...

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