1. D

    Conditional copy and paste, then delete row

    Hello all, Bit of an amateur trying to learn more on the use of Macros. Hoping for some assistance with this issue: I want to be able to search through my data to find rows where Column D displays "Negative".If it doesn't display "Negative", just move on to the next row. If it does display...
  2. D

    Increment value of cell if another cell changes value

    Hello, Is there a way in Macros or VBA to increment the value of a cell by 1 if another cell changes value? Ill give the example: In cells A1 to A56 I have links to another workbook that update every few seconds. I would like to count in Column B -- B1 to B56 -- The changes from each cell...
  3. TAPS_MikeDion

    Formatting a label caption as "$##,###.##"

    Does anyone know why I cannot get the following code to show the digits after the decimal point in my label caption? Budget is the label name. Everything works great except for the fact that I can't get it to display the cents. 1900 displays as "$1,900." 1900.00 displays as "$1,900." No...
  4. TheRogue

    Font Selection Based on Variable

    I have a Toggle Button, linked to C1, which returns a TRUE/FALSE. What I want to do is change the font formatting of a <Text Range>, based upon the result in C1 If C1=FALSE, then <Text Range> displays in the default font (Arial, 10), but If C1=TRUE, the <Text Range> displays in (Times Roman, 12)...
  5. S

    Excel form Vlookup result ...text box display blank.

    Hi, I am trying to pull out some records using vlookup and them in the corresponding text boxes. The vookup predefined function is working properly at it correctly displays the msgbox which says records not found in purchase records but when the matching record is found the textbox displays...
  6. M

    VBA created Image displays as blank after execution

    I have used the below VB code to copy a range from my excel sheet to create an image file which I then add to the body of an email: Once the file has been created it then sometimes displays the image but more often than not it comes back as blank showing just a border; can anyone advise on how...
  7. N

    Graph not displaying the same in print preview

    Good morning, hopefully this is an easy fix. I have a graph that displays the axis on the screen slanted but when I print it, it prints straight. I have another graph on the same page that prints and displays slanted correctly. Anybody has any ideas on how to fix this? Thank you!
  8. M

    Moving and locking a Comment Box

    I have a comment box that displays in a very bad position on my Excel 2016 Spreadsheet. Even when I move it under the Edit Comment Function, when I hover over the cell, it still displays in the the comment box in the original position. Is there anyway I can lock the comment box in the location...
  9. P

    Tenth of a second to minutes

    How would I convert seconds displays as 10ths to Minutes? Would it be 34543 /10 /60 ?
  10. M

    Check multiple columns for a value - display second value

    Hi there, I have 3 tables with codes and prices (codes are not formatted like the below). I want to enter a value in J2 and if that value is in any of the tables I want the PRICE for that table to display in K2. I can do it for two tables where it displays one value or the other using...
  11. L

    Restrict access to worksheet by password

    Hi, I have two worksheets, named as A and B. I would like to assign two different password to A and B. And if the user input A's password, the worksheet A will be shown.. and same for worksheet B. Some cell values in B is referring to A, thus, I would like to make sure B also displays the value...
  12. C

    RE: Displaying a Msgbox 1 hour after the workbook opens

    RE: Displaying a Msgbox 1 hour after the workbook opens This code is in the Workbook Open() event: Private Sub Workbook_Open() If Day(Now) = 10 Then MsgBox "Good morning" else End if This works great but displays the MsgBox as soon as soon the workbook is opened. How do I get the MsgBox...
  13. S

    Help with formula: Seperate Items into new tabs.

    Hello, I don't know whether what I am trying to do is possible? I have a summary tab in my spreadsheet that has a number of New and Existing Accounts. I need to have two further separate tabs: one that displays only the new accounts and relevant data associated to that account, and the same...
  14. Y

    listbox value to label's caption

    I have a listbox with multi column, using this code listbox1.value = label1.caption the label only displays the text on the first column without the remaining columns. for instance, cat pillar the label should display "catpillar"
  15. D

    How to hide

    I have a spread sheet with several formulas when the formula is not being used the cell displays #value ... how can i hide this till a value is added?
  16. Ironman

    Chart - Insert major gridlines every Monday?

    Hi I have a dynamic stacked column chart that displays the last 90 days data. The chart displays major gridlines every 7 days. However, the 7 day period starts 7 days from the earliest entry, which only sometimes (coincidentally) falls on the first day of each week (Monday). Is there any way...
  17. Y

    Listbox search at any position

    I have a listbox that displays the list of files in a folder. i have a textbox that i want to use to search files, for instance, if i should type "ice" it should displays files like "rice, price, apprentice, iceland"
  18. F

    Picture object visibility

    Conditional formatting is great for making a separate cell display when another cell has data, can this be done with a picture ? So if an adjacent cell contains 1 or more a very small picture displays however if the cell is 0 then no picture visible ?
  19. B

    Count items in listbox

    Hi all, I have a listbox named lstSearchResults that displays search results. I would like to display in a label the amount of results that are found. I thought i use this code but it doesn't work; Me.Label2.Caption = lstSearchResults.ListCount It displays the wrong number and doesn't...
  20. T

    Formula help

    Hello, I apologize if a similar question has already been asked. I am trying to generate a table from data that I've collected. I want to extract 3 data points, and the associated tool that have the smallest range from the whole sample. I have it set up where column D, F, H, J, L, N, P, R...

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