1. V

    Sumproduct Multiple criteria same column

    Pls help I want to find the Weighted average of the following data in a single column : I have tried Sumproduct(--(Heads="Freight")*(Value),(Heads="Sale")*(Value))/Sum(Sale) COUNTY Heads Value A Sale 200 A Freight 35 A Distance 50 B...
  2. D

    Complex Distance Formula

    Hi, I am trying to find the nearest distance between many points. I have a set of about 300 coordinates that I am comparing to a list of about 4k coordinates. I am using the formula...
  3. E

    Longitude Latitude Question

    Hi, I am trying to find a formula that would determine the distance (in feet) that these two coordinates varied from. In this case, to be expressed as "X" (amount of feet south) and "X" (amount of feet west) or original point. Then total distance as the crow flies. <tbody>...
  4. R

    Calculating Average Speed from hh:mm:ss and known distance

    Afternoon, Hope someone can decipher this code because I've looked and looked at it and it is WAY beyond my capabilities. I was kindly given the spreadsheet by another organiser but would like to refine it slightly. It's for a time trial. Basically, the event distance is entered at the top...
  5. D

    Distance between points - matrix

    Hey, i'm trying to make a table that looks like this: <colgroup><col style="width: 25pxpx"><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><thead>#DAE7F5[/URL] "] B C D E F G </thead><tbody> 17 #FFFF00[/URL] , align: right"] #FFFF00[/URL] "]0 #FFFF00[/URL] "]5 #FFFF00[/URL] "]10 #FFFF00[/URL] "]15...
  6. M

    Extract informations if distance (lat,long) between two lists of places is lower than 50km

    Hello, I have two lists of places (in two Excel sheets) : cities and swimming pools. I have the lat and long of all the places (for the cities it's the center). I want to extract a list of all the pools nearby every cities. So I would have a final list like this : - Name of the city / CityLat...
  7. G

    Count function help - determining "drive time" distance

    Hello, Is the below example possible? I've been able to determine how many people live within a certain distance (in miles), thanks to this board (thank you!), but now I'm looking to determine how many people live "within a 30 minute drive", using lat. long. coordinates as the reference points...
  8. B

    Driving distance calculator

    Given that I have the mileage between motorway services, I want to be able to enter the names of any two of the services to calculate the distance between them. It must be simple but it's got me baffled.
  9. D

    Calculate new coordinate with distance

    In my mind this is simple - it is probably an excel nightmare: My company has a geographical map that needs thousands of coordinates pinned so it can be accessed through a map app. The coordinates are close - so I want to pin one coordinate and calculate the next by adding a few feet in...
  10. L

    Excel Formula or Macros - Distance Between Two Postal Codes

    Hi, I'm from Canada & I'm trying to see if there is a formula or macros I can use to calculate the distance between two postal codes for Excel 2007. A1 - Postal Code 1 B1 - Postal Code 2 C1 - Distance Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Laurinda
  11. L

    Excel Formula or Macros - Distance Between Two Postal Codes

    Hi, I'm from Canada & I'm trying to see if there is a formula or macros I can use to calculate the distance (KM) between two postal codes. A1 - Postal Code 1 B1 - Postal Code 1 C1 - Distance (KM) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Laurinda
  12. D

    Debug help

    Hi all, i cannot debug this code, i suspect it's not pushing the postcodes into the website but it's giving me precious little feedback as to whats wrong - any ideas? Sub Postcode_Distances() Dim URL As String Dim count As Integer Dim waitCounter As Integer Dim fromCheck As String Dim toCheck...
  13. T

    VBA Help: Using *Insert Row* to adjust distance between random distance of Row A to cell containing "ID #"

    I'm a bit new to VBA. But, I've gotten pretty far into this project at work. However, I've come across a logic problem that I don't have a knowledge base wide enough to complete: The problem goes like this: I have many Work books that I need to export to a master WB one at a time (this wb then...
  14. R

    Multiple IF statement for radius mile

    Hello I have distance in my data that I would like to categorise into radial areas (The cell containing the distance is AN2). For example 10 and under is Area 1, 10.1 to 15 is Area 2, 15.1 to 20 is Area 3, 20.1 to 25 is Area 4 and anything greater than 25 is Area 5. Any help would be greatly...
  15. N

    Weighted Average with Two Weighting Criteria

    Thanks for your help in advance... I have to figure out pricing, using a weighted average. But I have two Weighting Criteria. Dates & Distance (Fractions of a Mile). <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Date of Sale Distance Pricing 11/6/2017 0.12 654.36 7/11/2018 0.21 765.31...
  16. T

    Distance Calculator for excel between two citys with kilometer result

    Hello kings of the formula i want to Distance Calculator for excel between two citys like this one
  17. E

    Calculate Minimum Distance Between Lat Long

    Hello Every one , First Thanks in advance if you solve my query . I am having a data base of 100+ lat long(Main data) , Now I am having other database which contain 20,000 + Lat Long(reference database) . I want to calculate one of each lat long of my Main data with each and every lat long of...
  18. JenniferMurphy

    Is there a simple way to record optional subtotals?

    I am trying to get in better shape. One part of my regimen is running (jogging). I usually just go out and run one of several routes in our neighborhood that I have mapped out with Google Maps so I know the distance. I take a stopwatch and time the run. When I get back, I log the date, distance...
  19. K

    Count the distance Between 1 and 2

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> I want to count the distance between the character "1" and "2", count start should be with "1" and to last "2" </SPAN></SPAN> Data are in columns C:P, and the count results are shown in the columns S:AF</SPAN></SPAN> Note optional request: if...
  20. K

    Mac Excel 2011 - Google Maps Distance API

    Hi, I've been trying to look for a VBA code or spreadsheet template that imports Distance and Time from the Google Maps API. Everything I've seen so far either only have Distance or use ActiveX :( :( Compounded to it is the fact that I use a Mac. I'm not sure if XML works well on Mac's Excel...

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