div/0 error

  1. J

    Average of Times - Divided by Zero Error

    Can anyone help me format my times so that they average in a Pivot Table? I receive a report of login/logout times in a weird Unix blend format. I have to convert it to xx:xx AM/PM. When I put together a Pivot Table, the average of the times produces a "Divided by Zero" error. Thank you!! Jim
  2. T

    Div/0 error summarizing tables

    Greetings, First let me thank you in advance with any help and/or suggestions. I have 5 tables that I am summarizing on a new tab. I am using the following formula to get my totals for one column that has repeating values, and want just the total the unique data points, of...
  3. S

    Unable to calculate average of values returned from IF function

    Hi, I'm having trouble with the average formula in my excel sheet. I'm simply wanting to calculate the average of three cells, however the average function is returning a #Div/0! error as if the cells are empty. I should mention that the values in the cells I'm trying to average are returned...
  4. C

    Formula returns #DIV/0 error, please help me fix it

    Hi, I'm working on updating a spreadsheet someone else created, and see there are many #DIV/0 erros. The formula is =IF(H7<B39*(I7/(I7+I8+I9+I10)),H7,B39*(I7/(I7+I8+I9+I10))) When (I7+I8+I9+I10) returns a result of "0" that's when I get the #DIV/0 error. Can someone help me update the formula...
  5. J

    How to count unique values with few criterias between two lists/ Count the number of duplicates with few criterias bwtween two lists

    For example, I have two list, each with three columns of criteria. From here I want to find the number of unique customer ID that bought orange on Wednesdays. List 1 <tbody> Customer ID (Column A) Items bought (Column B) Day (Column C) 1 Orange Wednesday 2 Apple Tuesday 5 Pear...
  6. A

    Variance, 0 Divisor, and Conditional responses

    I am currently working on a sample events budget and I would like to show the variance between my actual and projected budgets and whether or not our forecasting was successful. However, there are some instances in the example where the actual amount used was $0.00 while there was a number...
  7. K

    Variance Report Percentage Error

    Hello Board, I am adding a percentage variance column in excel to our monthly P&L. COL A = Actual COL B = Budget COL C = $Variance COL D = %Variance My issue comes when I have $0.00 in both COL A and B (no budget or variance in that month), I want a 0% not the 100%. Here is the formula I...
  8. N

    DIV/0 and Zero Value Hide Formula Help

    Hi folks, I am using this formula in G2. =$F2/$C2*100 ...to get a percentage. When one or both F2 and C2 are blank, I want a blank in G2. I don't want the DIV/0, and got rid of that, but then there was a "0%" in the cell. Is there a formula that will not show any value unless F2 and C2 have...
  9. J

    How to find #DIV/0!

    Hello. I found lots of info about avoiding divide-by-zero errors, but I can't find any info on how to FIND div-by-zero. I have several large spreadsheets that were sent to my by another person, and I would like to audit them. I need an easy way to indicate the cells with div-by-zero errors...
  10. 9tanstaafl9

    Getting #DIV/0! error when I am NOT dividing by zero. Anyone know why?

    I've been stumped for 3 days now and am resorting to begging for help. This EXACT same formula (put there with a filldown) works perfectly for most rows, but on some it generates the Div/0 error and I don't know why. Here is my formula: =IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP($A119,'Input...
  11. M

    #DIV/0 error!

    hi, I don't know how to explain, but I'll try :) I have 5 worksheets (each of them being 8 columns x 52 rows... if this matters) with the first worksheet aggregating (totaling, averaging, etc.) data from the other 4. Now, the secondary worksheets are fine and I can fiddle with them as I wish...
  12. B

    sumproduct multiple criteria ignore error

    Hello, I have the following two columns in A1:B4 (customer # followed by percentage) 1 0.5 2 0.9 3 0.8 4 #DIV/0! In column D i have a list of the customer #s. In column E i try to identify if the customer in column D have a percentage >=.8. I am using the below formula, but...
  13. R

    Tracking Org Source of Div/0 Error

    Hi, I have a huge excel financial model that has not been properly updated and hence I get Div/0 errors frequently. Is there any way to track the "original source/calculation which causes the Div/0 error"? I've been using precedents/antecedents to identify most but this one is particularly...
  14. T

    XL2003 VBA: Replacing DIV/0 Error with String

    Hi, I have a sheet with rows of cells with values. In X column I have a formula that looks for the MIN value of these cells and displays it. The cells in the rows are populated from another sheet that grabs the data from a URL and some jiggery pokery through VBA. The row cells show the...
  15. P

    Returning different values for a similar error (Dividing by 0)

    Hello! I'm very new to Excel. I have a spreadsheet where oftentimes my denominator is 0 (it's frustrating, but that's how my work wants it done). Basically, if the number is 0/0 I want it to come up as "-". If the number is (>0)/0, I want it to return 100%. I know that the error is...
  16. F

    #DIV/0 that goes away when you double click in that cell?

    Does anyone know how to fix #DIV/0 errors that go away when you double click in each cell? I have a large spreadsheet with these errors and need to fix them all in one swing to meet my deadline today. Is this a calculation error? Can I use a Text to Columns type feature to fix this? Thanks so...
  17. K

    DIV/0 error

    I am using excel 2007 I simply need to divide cells that sometime contain numbers or blanks. My screen shot shows what I want to see in B4. The other formulas return the dreded DIV/) ERROR I need to know what B3 divided by B5 return. C3C5,D3D5,E3E5 and so on. Thanx for your helpExcel...
  18. K

    DIV/0 error

    I am using excel 2007 I need to divide numbers from cells that sometimes contain blank cells. I am using =(B3/B5) and it works until if finds a blank cell. Then I get the dreded DIV/0 ERROR. I have tried to use =IFERROR(QUOTIENT(B2,B5),"") and it works but I need to see the complete number...
  19. X

    Help with YTD Average formula.

    Hi i'm working on a spreadsheet to show the monthly and YTD averages of Hands per hour/Spins per hour on 3 casino games. the problem i have is my YTD average has DIV/0! error , i want the ytd average to ignore months that haven't been input yet. e.g BJ hands per hour in Jan=70 so at this point...
  20. K

    Trend formula ignore Div/0 error

    i have a couple columns and want to use the Trend Function in excel but that data contains the error #Div/0. is there an easy way to get around this error. =TREND($A$1:$A$10,$B$1:$C$10,B1:C1,TRUE) in column B there is an error div/0 any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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