1. D

    Dividing by a value in a cell that moves

    Hello all, So my question is how can I use a value that is calculated in a cell to be a denominator in a formula into other cells? The problem I am having is the cell that is the denominator could move to a different cell the next time this macro is ran. The value will always be in column D...
  2. H

    Value Divide and set in cell

    Hey is this possibel in VBA code if i have a Empty cell ("F16") then Value from ("F15") is Divide with "2" But if value in ("F15") is Odd then Add +1 to value in ("F15") and then Divide with 2 and then Value is Put into Cell("F16") is that Possibel i have look and search around Google but didn...
  3. D

    Combining formulas to get a percentage

    I am attempting to combine 2 countifs formulas and then divide them by another countif and am getting 240% and I cant figure out what I am doing wrong. Below are the countifs that I am trying to combine and the third is the one I am trying to divide by. For reference the first set of formulas...
  4. A

    over flow error

    I have this code that encounters an error as a result of trying to divide by zero. How can I avoid this error? Range("P2") / WorksheetFunction.Subtotal(9, Range("U18:U18" & Range("U" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row))
  5. A

    Divide but keep minimum value

    Hello, I am dividing a cell by a set value in excel, but I would like to return 1 if the results are 0 or <1. I'm having trouble writing the formula correctly. This seems pretty simple, but I am goofing. I have tried If functions. Thank You for your time.
  6. K

    Multiple If depending on date

    How do i get a cell to look at a cell and depending on the date divide another cell by a certain number? for example: In cell H44 I want it to look at H6 and if that date is within the dates of the first quarter then divide whats in H35 by 520, if the dates are with second quarter it divided...
  7. B

    Simple SUM

    Hi Team, I'm having a (what I think) very simple SUM issue, but it's a Monday and I can't work it out! Effectively, I am trying to do a COUNTIF and SUM in one. My COUNTIF is as follows (and works, no issues there): =SUM(COUNTIF(INDEX(Data!$F:$AO,,A2),"Strongly...
  8. I

    divide by zero error help

    HI guys i have set the below formula ( with some help from mrexcel members !) below to pull some numbers but i get the #DIV/0! error sometimes do to the 0 or no data. below is the formula...
  9. X

    Divide Total price by number of duplicates

    https://imgur.com/bh9WKg1 Hi, In Column D i am counting all duplicates In column AN i have the Cost Column AP i am counting duplicate numbers from column D What i would like to do is Calculate the Total cost by each occurrence in column D, and then divide the total cost by the count from...
  10. X

    Divide if value is 0

    https://imgur.com/gYDlsNh Hi, I have a big excel list with over 2000 lines I would like that whenever a line's value is zero ("Final Cost column") to divide the number from above that is not zero by the number of duplicates ("Extra line count in my case").
  11. mayday1

    Simple Formula error

    I've been staring at this too long and can't figure it out. When C2 is greater than 0, it gives me the value of E3*F3 plus E50*F50 (always above 0 if C2 is above 0). Why doesn't this formula divide by the value in cell C2? That value should be divided by C2, shouldn't it? =IF(C2>0,(('[UDR...
  12. R

    Divide result by 5

    I have this formula: =IFERROR(VLOOKUP($A8,[BannerAvails4.19.xlsx]Q2!$A$3:$FC$156,4,FALSE),"0") which produces the result I need. Now I need to modify it so that the resulting number will be divided by 5. Nothing I've tried seems to work. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance
  13. M

    How do I do a formula or whatever to process a list of random numbers?

    I need to process a column of random numbers, and do certain things with them, depending on their size. It is for some writing I am doing. Here is an example : 0.592437095 0.986644999 0.698993662 0.299869473 0.175831087 0.081866617 0.840500143 0.31014318 0.989504965 0.169993951 I want to...
  14. U

    Divide Month Into Four Equal Parts

    Hi all, Using Excel 2016. How can I divide any given months into 4 equal parts so I can determine if a task was complete in part1, part2, part3 or part4? I tried dividing 3/31/2019 into 4 equal parts of 7.75 hours each, but I don't like the way this is heading. There has to be an easier way...
  15. D

    Dividing a cell based on another cell

    <tbody> I am trying to write a formula to calculate cost per foot (cell E13) I want the total in cell E12 to be divided by cell C8 if it has data if not move to cell C9, do this through C11. Item Quantity Cost Total Corner post assembly 8 90 720 "H" assembly 10 56 560 Wood...
  16. R

    Finding an average

    ColA ColB 4 1 3 2 2 3 5 3 2 3 1 2 A20 B20 17 14 Sum ColA and Multiply by 3 (17*3) = 51 Sum ColB and Multiply by 2 (14*2) = 28 Then I need to add those 2 values (51+28) and...
  17. D

    Divide without point

    Hi, I hv some amount like 25000. and I want to divide it on 9 employee. It show result in point like 2777.78 I want result without points. Like if I give 2778 to 7 person and 2777 to other 2 person. with this I can easily divide amount on all 9 employee. if there is any formula which I can...
  18. A

    Divide Arrays

    I have 2 Arrays each located in a cell. I would like to divide the first one by the second one. Please see below. <tbody> Array {0;1;0;1;0;0;1} {0;1;2;2;0;1;2} </tbody> <style type="text/css"> table.tableizer-table { font-size: 12px; border: 1px solid #CCC ...
  19. M

    Formula to divide evenly

    Hi, I need a formula in column C to divide the number in C9 by the count of numbers in column B. There are 6 cells with numbers in column B, so it would be 41/6. I only want the result to be two decimal numbers and it has to equal the number in C9. Since 41 cannot be divided evenly, some...
  20. L

    State Level Dynamic Count

    Hello, I will do my best to explain what I am looking to do. 1) Column A has a person's name 2) The top columns have all 50 states 3) The states that the people have licenses in will have an "x" in them. So it would look something like this <tbody> CA AZ FL OR NV Betty Sue X X X...

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