1. A

    Dividing Nested IF/AND sum

    Hi! I'm still learning to use nested formulas, and I'm trying to divide this particular formulate below by 7, but when I put /7 the output is incorrect (in this case the sum is 24 but the output of when I put /7 I get 20 - which is definitely not right). Please help...
  2. B

    dividing one column of numbers by another

    Hi what is a shorter formula which I can use to replace =L101/M101+L102/M102+L103/M103+L104/M104+L105/M105+L106/M106 etc.. Thanks!
  3. xeven_

    Dividing in excel 2016

    I want to divide a long string/column of large numbers by 10. For example 280875008 is in E1. When I put =10/E1 it is giving me 3.56E-08. I do not want the E-08. When I go to format cells and change it from general to number it is turning my values into zeros, which I also do not want. Is there...
  4. B

    If then add

    Good afternoon all Dividing the below, when the result is greater than 8 add .5 to the divisor and then divide the dividend by the new divisor. <colgroup><col width="70" style="width:53pt"> <col width="86" style="width:65pt"> <col width="96" style="width:72pt"> </colgroup><tbody> 70.25...
  5. Z

    Formula ?

    =SUMIFS($V$6:$V$60,$Z$6:$Z$60,$B$6:$B$60,"Carp")/V69 What I am trying to do is Add V + Z values taken if Carp is in Column B then dividing it with /V69 Almost got it but missing something.
  6. J

    Dividing numbers format by time format

    Hi. - My name is Jáder, from Portugal and this is my very first thread! my compliments to all of you Excel lovers. - I wonder if there`s anyone who can help me. I`d like to know the formula to calculate how many strokes per minute I perform in my old ( very very old ) rowing machine. The...
  7. A

    dividing on same number after dropping 2 digit from right

    i have nearly 200000 rows same this in 2 column: t10d dollar 0105010300 3957.06 0105020301 1268.57 0105020402 317.14 0105020503 3171.43 0105020604 951.43 0105020705 5264.29 0105020806 4057.53 0301020000 27738.37 0303010000 312924.21 t10d=tariff in 10 digit for u.s...

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