1. B

    Save with references to unsaved documents

    Hello, I have an excel file that gives the above warning message when saving. I've tried to find references to any .xl. files with find but this gives zero results. Is there another way I can find unsaved documents in an excel file? Thanks. B
  2. L

    Importing Word Content into Excel

    Hi all, I have hundreds of word documents. I would like to extract the contents from the word documents and add them into excel with each cell in a single representing a unique word document. For example, B1 would represent word doc 1 B2 would represent word doc 2 .... ... . B897 would...
  3. Dan Wilson

    Forum privileges

    Good day. After writing a rather lengthy question, I found out that I am not allowed to attach documents to my post. What privilege do I need to be able to do that? Thank you, Dan Wilson...
  4. A

    Mail Merge that inserts a pdf between merged pages

    I have an spreadsheet that summarizes various documents and includes the file path to each document. I have created a mail merge that creates a document summary page for each document based on the data in the spreadsheet. What I would like to do next is generate a single PDF that places the...
  5. D

    VBA Code, copy same data multiple times based on user input

    I am building a workbook to track training sessions. One worksheet will have fields to be completed for each training session. Some of the data would need to be copied into a log multiple times based on a couple of different factors: how many different documents were used in the training and how...
  6. S

    search keyword in multiple word documents

    Hello, I need to search a keyword across multiple word documents saved in a folder. There are hundreds of such documents and its impossible to open each doc and search for the keyword. I am looking for an excel macro which will go into each of the word documents and return the name of the...
  7. B

    VBA: COmparing two word documents if similar

    Hi All, I'm trying to create a code to compare two word documents if identical. However, I always get the error, "User-defined type not defined" Sub CompareAllFiles() Dim strFolderA As String Dim strFolderB As String Dim strFolderC As String Dim strFileSpec As String Dim...
  8. K

    Remove Word Textbox, Keep Information

    I have a large number of RTF documents that I am opening using Access. I would like to reformat the document and then copy them into a control. I am able to open the documents, and go though all the paragraphs in the document (using the paragraphs object). I found that my macro's are missing...
  9. G

    Printing Word Documents based on Excel Sheet

    Hi Bit of a shot in the dark here, but know that this is likely the best possible resource to ask. My department admins have a lot of documents to print every week for various other departments, and printing these out is not only tedious and labour intensive - but open to errors and missed...
  10. T

    Open PDF attachment in Access report

    Hello, I’m making a simple database to store scanned documents for multiple users. I uploaded the documents using the access feature and am able to open the documents in the table. However I can’t open the documents in queries r reports. I wanted users to be able to open the attachments from a...
  11. M

    Embedded PDF File Not Opening

    I have a spreadsheet with an embedded .PDF file in it. I put that document there when I was using Adobe products and the formula for the document shows a formula as =EMBED("Acrobat Document",""). New documents I embed show up like this: =EMBED("PDF",""). And if I double-click the Acrobat...
  12. E

    Excel VBA Macro searching Word document for keyword

    Hello guys, This is my first post. Please let me know if I should post in a different thread. I want to run a VBA Makro that searches for a keyword in several Word documents and generates a list of document names when the keyword is found. - lets say we have 50 word documents, all in one...
  13. S

    Linking O365 to local excel files

    Hi all I'm looking at building a dashboard in O365 using the snazzy dynamic array formulas that I've been reading about, but I'm running into a theoretical hitch with how to accomplish something. I can schedule exports from our database to run automagically and save csvs with the data...
  14. G

    Generate Word Documents (in Excel VBA) from a series of Document Templates

    Hey all. I'll try to make this brief and simple. :) I have 40 or so boilerplate word documents with a series of fields (Name, address, etc) that need to be filled in. This is historically done manually, but it's repetitive and cumbersome. A workbook where a user has filled a huge set of...
  15. T

    Tricky random extract

    Hi, In a table, with 500 rows and 20 columns, of documents that cost 200,000 dollars. How do I extract 25% of these costs to physically check the documents (sort of sampling but random). Thank you.
  16. L

    search documents

    is there a way to search text documents ( pdf and docx) for a combination of words and highlight it using excel ? thank you
  17. R

    How to save to specific directory when doing ExportAsFixedFormat?

    Hello! I have a workbook with 39 tabs that need to be saved individually as PDFs. To save myself time, I created a macro that does this. Code is below. Problem is, I can't get the PDFs to be saved/exported to a specific folder consistently. I've tried a few solutions I looked up online, but...
  18. tycasey17

    Nested If Statements Based on Year

    - On Sheet 1 (FEED-2) I have the fiscal year (B5) with other information not applicable to this question it is just a what I call a feeder page. To get the fiscal year I have a table I created that is based off of the date to get the year, I tried just typing 2019 and still the same result...
  19. S

    Macro to name files.

    Hi guys, I have a list of file names listed from 1-15 for examples. I also have documents scanned in to a folder. The first scanned item (determined by the time it was scanned compare to others) is generally the 1st file name. The second scanned item will be done few mins after the first...
  20. N

    Checking and Replacing broken hyperlinks

    Hello, I have a list of hyperlinks to documents in an excel column that i created by specifying the folder path then adding the doc names and ".doc" to the end. However, some of the links are broken since some of the documents have a ".docx" instead. Is there a way to go through the list, check...

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