1. N

    Vlookup mathing

    <tbody> dos id dep? id begin end dept 3/22/2018 1234 1234 4/13/2018 12/31/9999 205 4/6/2018 1234 1234 3/1/2018 4/12/2018 105 4/25/2018 1222 1222 1/31/2018 7/31/2017 106 </tbody> I have the following. I'm trying to get the dept? a member was in on the dos...
  2. D

    Counting by criteria

    In column "A" I have a number called LOA. In column "AS" I have claim numbers. In column "AN" I have DOS From. "AO" is DOS to. I need two formulas. Formula 1: "Is there more than one claim number per LOA? So, I need it to look at the LOA number, see if there are duplicates (which...
  3. G

    macro to run dos command

    any idea how to create a macro to run a dos command to open a cash drawer?
  4. B

    DOS command to close Excel with saving the changes

    Is there a DOS command that would save the changes of my EXCEL workbook and then close the file? Thanks in advance to all who reply, Dan
  5. S

    trying to return value based on more than 1 criteria

    Hi everyone! On my Excel workbook, I am attempting to determine doctor's name based on patient ID and the Date of Service(DOS). I have three sheets at the moment: main, Doc1 and Doc2 All three sheets contain patient ID and DOS. They may appear multiple times , especially on Doc1 and Doc 2...
  6. S

    Conditional Formatting question & AND/IF

    Hi Forum.... I have a Conditional Formatting question regarding a doc...I updated a pic. Apparently, that is not the info that is needed. I think I need to use an AND/ IF Function but don't know the formula... The question is: IF the ID# has the same Service_Type with 7 days of Date of...
  7. R

    execute a DOS command via VBA

    I have been attempting to execute the following DOS command via excel vba cmd net user KERRS1 /DO >C:\DATA\RJR\users.txt Dim RetVal RetVal = Shell("cmd net user KERRS1 /DO >C:\DATA\RJR\users.txt", 1) although it opens a dos window but does not execute the net user command. Any...
  8. P

    Function: Days of Sale Monthly fix?

    First post so if I do something wrong I apologize in advance. I have a function (below) to figure out days of sale on a weekly basis. This function works well as it uses 7 as a static base to figure out how many days out it will go considering starting inventory. However I need figure out...
  9. E

    Dos Batch File to VBscript

    I have written a Dos Batch file that asks the user some informtion then renames a directory with that info. such as "Job No." "Company" In the batch file I use the Set command to get the info Set /p number=Job No. I would like the Batch file to then go onto open a excel file and input...
  10. S

    Displaying Text during macro session

    Hi Guys and Gals - Been awhile since I've been to the site. I'm now experimenting with macros. I currently use a DOS based program to decrease or increase an account receivable. I would like to use a macro, to record repetitive key strokes. The macro I use is working but I would like to...
  11. T

    Executing DOS commands using VBA

    Hi Guys, Could you please help me on how to execute these DOS commands using a Macro. And the Macro should automatically run everyday at 9AM. Cheers, Costa Dave <o:p></o:p>

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