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    How to VBA duplicate values per column with various row ranges for many columns

    Hi, I have a challenge related to a excel sheet we are using for personnel planning. Vertically we have several projects with action items listed row by row in the following format: - Project 1 xxxxxx Project management Project Engineering Workshop Shipping Etc. -...
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    Find duplicate entries and highlight in color

    Hi I have two worksheets with names. I want the dublicate name cell to be high lighted. e.g cell in Sheet1 A1 & Sheet2 B1 to be highlighted. SHEET 1 <tbody> A1 Gill B1 Phillip A2 Erik B2 Ricky A3 Jack B3 Jason A4 Miecky B4 Billy </tbody> SHEET 2 <tbody> A1 John B1 Gill A2...
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    Duplicate rows in pivot table

    Hello All, I've tried to search for the answer everywhere, however, I was unable to resovle the issue myself. I would like to create a pivot table the following data: Company A $100 Company B $250 Company C $300 Company A $100 Company A $450 For some reason, when I create a...

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