1. lockarde

    Maintain last 0 if value is ".5", without using simple Round.

    Good morning all, I have some variables dimmed as doubles, and I'm wondering the easiest way to check if the value ends in .5, for it to show as .50. I can't simply round because I need it show the values out to 3, or 4 decimals if the value is say, 0.375. Is there an easy check for this...
  2. T

    Double Negative and If statements

    I have the following formula in cell A13 IF(AND(H6>0,J8<-0.02,L6>-0.02),"MANAGEMENT SIGN-OFF IS NEEDED",""). If the value of J8 is -.01 the true statement appears but -.01 is not less than -.02. I know it has to do with comparing double negatives. The problem is sometime the result in J8...
  3. Y

    Error in code to save loaded pictures in userform to specific path

    Hello, I have the following code that I got with the help of this wonderful forum. I have modified a little but it is not working. Would it be possible to get your help? Private Sub PicToSheet1(picControl, sht As Worksheet) Dim PCAR As String CAR = Me.TextBox1.Value Dim p As String...
  4. J

    VBA Error 1004 (Global Range Failed)

    Hi, It has been a few years since I have really wrote any substantial amount of macros. This one is a few years old and I am trying to identify the issue and feel like it should be coming to me easier. I am hoping someone else with a little better knowledge base might be able to identify it...
  5. R

    Need help with VB code

    Hi All Michael M (thank you) wrote the original code for me and I'm trying to make a change I want to replace a deleted formula in column C when I double click in a cell. (See formula below) If Not Intersect(Target, Range("c:c")) Is Nothing Then Target.Formula = "=IF(BS$2=""Fixture...
  6. L

    How to print every pages double sided in excel?

    Hi, For now, I go to print, select entire workbook, choose double sided, next page, rinse and repeat. The problem is I have 50 pages to do, is there a way to print the entire workbook double sided automatically? Thanks.
  7. L

    converting time to text and istext() question

    Hi I entered 1:00 and then 2:00 in cells B2 and B3, then in B4, I used = sum(B2,B3). <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> istext() time1 1:00 FALSE time2 2:00 FALSE total 3:00 </tbody> so far so good, then I highlight cells B2 and B3 and changed the format to "Text"...
  8. L

    text to time

    Hi I highlight cells A1:A3 and changed the format to Text. Then I entered time <tbody> 1:00 2:00 3:00 </tbody> They are all aligned to the left. So far so good. Then I highlighted them again and changed the format to Time. Nothing changed!!. What I needed to do is to double click on...
  9. D

    vba to copy one cell value to another cell value

    Hi, I have this value (95551092 - ) in the activecell and I would like to add whatever value is in cell A50. I do have the following code which adds the value but it deletes the spaces and then moves the hyphen in front of the numbers. Sub test() Dim d As Double d = ActiveCell.Value...
  10. S

    Naming Macro Function Parameters

    I'm trying to create a macro in Excel that takes in a list of parameters, and I'm having trouble remembering the order to enter the parameters. Functions defined in excel show the parameter such as = PV(rate, nper, pmt, [fv], [type]) How can I create my Macro to output the name of parameters...
  11. L

    double click a cell with time as a value

    Hi I have a cell D4 which has value = 40:03:28 The value is aligned to the right side of the cell, which gives me an impression it is a number, right? When I one click (select) that cell. I see the following: cell value = 40:03:28 Formula bar = 40:03:28 Home tab-->Number group --> I see...
  12. T

    Moving code to a function - not working

    This is similar to an issue i posted last year. I have an Excel formula and reference data taken from the ATO site and used to calculate PAYG tax, based on monthly income. When I apply the code...
  13. I

    Top of column code

    Hi, How would we go about a top of column code where in this case its row 4 ? As opposed to multiple codes have just one code. I have row 4 frozen so always seen. I have row 5 hidden so never seen So maybe double click the coloum header cell in question to be taken to the top. So i am in...
  14. redspanna

    delete data rage on double clicking cell

    Hello all I have a long list of date that populates columns A:F Can I have help with code that will simply delete the data held on that particular row through columns A:F For example if cell A16 is double clicked then A16:F16 id deleted and the remaining rows beneath are all moved up to fill...
  15. R

    double sort and percentrank function with NA in VBA

    Hello guys, My data set is like this: <tbody> Stock Return Criteria1 Criteria2 Percentrank.INC 1 0.1 W 0.9 2 0.3 M 0.7 3 0.2 NA 0.3 4 0.1 L 0.5 5 0.5 M 0.33 6 0.2 W 0.88 7 0.1 W NA 8 0.4 L 0.2 9 0.2 L 0.77 </tbody> What I want to do is to run double sorts in VBA...
  16. L

    If statement or something else

    Hi, I need to calculate the points in the lower table as per the numbers in the top table: So, Emma's points for interviews needs to be worked out 4 interviews, but as she is 2 interviews higher than the average the 2 above are worth double so 2*10 plus 2*20 - is this possible? Need to...
  17. N

    IF formula

    I am doing timesheets and the following is the layout E F G H I J Start Break Finish Normal Hours Time &...
  18. M

    Listbox click event

    Hi, hope someone can help with this. I have listbox1 that has multiple items. I would like to select an item by double clicking the selected item and open a file. I have the path of where the file is so just need the code when double clicking the selection. thanks
  19. J

    Custom RoundUp function Error

    The following RoundtoUp code is failing in few specific cases as compared with Excel RoundUp: Public Function RoundtoUp( _ ByVal myNum As Double, _ Optional ByVal myFac As Double = 1#) As Double RoundtoUp = (Fix(myNum * CDec(10# ^ myFac)) + IIf(myNum = Fix(myNum * CDec(10#...
  20. M

    Stop Double Click VBA code working if no name in column C

    The following code works fine when the row that I have double clicked on contains data but it does not work if the row is blank, ie the code breaks at “Target.Offset(, -25).Resize(, 25).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeConstants).ClearContents” So what I would like to know is it possible for the code...

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