1. Jaafar Tribak

    Dragging Controls - Unleashing the power of VBA with Win32 API programming.

    This little project took me hours and hours to complete but I think was worthy if only for the learning experience. The project as such won't be of much use to most excel users but its shows that vba can do all kinds of neat things when combined with the win32 API. This is what the code does...
  2. C

    =$B2 not working how I expect

    I'm not really sure what to call my problem, probably something very easy to look up if I knew what to call this. I have a sheet where column and row labels are the same values in the same order (B column is Mike, 2 row is Mike, C column is Suzy, 3 row is Suzy...). So B3 (Mike x Suzy) should...
  3. D

    Excel 2016 minimizes when dragging between dual monitors (I think this occured after an Excel update)

    A recent issue of Excel worksheets are reduced in size when dragging them across to the secondary monitor requiring the worksheet to be enlarged to it's full size after dragging to the second monitor. I believe this occurred after a recent Microsoft Excel update as this now occurs in my and my...
  4. E

    Why dragging =COLUMNS($C$11:C11) from C11 does not create a sequence of 1,2,3,.. but instead creates 1,1,1,..?

    Hello! Why dragging =COLUMNS($C$11:C11) from C11 does not create a sequence of 1,2,3,.. but instead creates 1,1,1,..? thanks!
  5. D

    Dragging data over without overwriting existing data.

    Hi All, Please see the below example. Is there a way I can select the data in col. B and either cut / paste or drag over into col. A without overwriting the existing data in Col. A? So as to essentially just fill the gaps. Dragging the Col. B items over one at a time will be rather time...
  6. J

    Copying formulae down or across

    Hi, I know this must be a simple answer, I have the following cell D5 = A5, and E5 = A6. I want to be able to drag these down so D6 = A7 and E6 = A8 and so on down. Obviously i am dragging and getting D6 = A6 and E6 = A7. what is the solution? Thanks J
  7. B

    multiple lookups and pivot table

    Hello you lovely people, I need your help. Sheet 2, I need to lookup up cell A4,E1 and E3 from the pivot table on "pivot" tab, to display the result in cell E4. I then need this formula to be able to be replicated by dragging it to the right and down. I hope that makes sense? How do I upload...
  8. M

    Dragging formulas down a column

    When dragging, I want the reference cell to add 57 rows each time. For instance, if I were to use the OFFSET function. The first use of the OFFSET function references B5. The next row down, I want it to reference B62 and so on. See below. =OFFSET(B5,3,6) =OFFSET(B62,3,6) =OFFSET(B119,3,6)...
  9. R

    Buttons that move

    Hi all, I need to be able to have a user click and drag buttons, labels, etc, by click and drag. I expect I need to do this in VBA. I am open to creating this all on a UserForm if that works better. The idea here is to allow a user to move these bits around WITHOUT using the excel object...
  10. Jaafar Tribak

    Retrieving the Text being displayed on the Status Bar

    Hi all, You know when you perform tasks in excel such as copying cells, entering edit mode, turning on the ScrollLock key, dragging and dropping cells or using the fill down feature etc .. , the text on the status bar changes accordingly to reflect the current state or the action being...
  11. D

    Moving cells with formula but leaving originals behind

    I want to drag a table to another area of the worksheet but leave the original table in place. If I copy and paste the look ups will be wrong. Dragging works for the new location but obviously doesn't leave anything behind. Is this possible?
  12. L

    Drag and drop objects that transfer value

    Hi All, I want to create an asset management work sheet that I can drag an object that holds a value (vehicle 1) for example and place it in another cell. The idea is a yard management document where I have a set number of Vehicles and I want to allocate them by dragging and dropping them into...
  13. B

    how to lock excel from dragging?

    how to lock excel from dragging in unlocked cell in locked excel sheet? <tbody> A B </tbody> In Column A is unlocked and in B locked Cell, if dragged unlocked cells then formula in Column B changes (as formula depends on cell value in column A) to no of cells that...
  14. B

    Why 2016 version not allowing me to do it?

    Mango=A1 I tried to do some modification in A1,but it wont allow me to select all I used Ctrl+A,its not working to select the cell data i am keep doing dragging for selecting the whole text. Any solution for this?
  15. S

    Set autofill as default when dragging a handle

    Hi there, So whenever I've used Excel (2016) in the past, when dragging a handle or doubleclicking the autofill box, the autofill series has been the default option. i.e. dragging the value '1' in cell a1 down would autofill to 1,2,3,4,5 etc. Now when I do it, it automatically copies, down as...
  16. O

    Array Formula Dragging Problem

    Hello, I'm having some trouble with dragging an array formula. Before... When I dragged the array formula, in the new cells the formula was correct and there was no need to do Ctrl+shift+enter again in each new cell. Suddenly, out of nowhere, today I opened the file ... and it is now needed to...
  17. L

    dragging of cell with indirect formula

    Hello, I calculated the location of a cell (Acc!BB2). On my output sheet I want to drag the vertical data of this cell just by referring to the reference cell through an indirect function. However, when dragging I only receive the data where the reference cell was calculated but not of the...
  18. A

    Dragging a formula horizontally

    Hello! I need some help on how to drag a formula horizontally. I need the columns to remain the same but the row to increase by 1. I am referencing a different tab in the same workbook for the data. My initial formula looks like this: ='Drop Excel Report Here'!B3 ='Drop Excel Report Here'!C3...
  19. A

    Dragging a formula right while skipping two columns

    I have a formula typed into cell C1 currently. I need this formula to be repeated in F1, I1, L1 etc. How can I drag this formula across all the way until cell BZ1? Essentially, I am skipping two columns each time.
  20. I

    Conditional formatting and cell copying

    I know people have posted similar questions but a search of the threads did not get me anywhere with this: I select cell a2 of a sheet and conditionally format it with a formula: =OR(ISBLANK('Coded Prehospital Data'!$A$2),ISNA('Coded Prehospital Data'!$A$2)) when i try to copy this formatting...

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