1. I

    Password a folder

    Morning. I have some zipped files that I need to keep for future reference. I wish to keep them in a folder on my pc & this is for my web site. I don’t wish to use google drive etc. Can the folder be password protected ?
  2. J

    VBA email with hyperlink to shared drive

    So I have a spreadsheet that sends an automated email - no problems there. I've run into a small issue when I want to insert a link to a folder on a shared drive. I have the code set up so the message body writes, ... update your training file at: S:\Training\Staff Training... where the S:\...
  3. C

    Constant Back End Corruption

    Hi guys -- I've posted separately about this before, but the issue has seemed to have gotten worse so I thought I'd try again. I created and administer an MS Access Application -- 20 + users -- each user has a FE on their desktop, while the BE resides on a Network Drive. Everyone has Windows...
  4. H

    How to save a file using "if then or else" in case the 1 drive is not found

    <ytd-expander id="expander" class="expander-exp style-scope ytd-comment-renderer" style="display: block; --ytd-expander-button-margin:4px 0 0 0; --ytd-expander-collapsed-height:80px;"><yt-formatted-string id="content-text" slot="content" split-lines="" class="style-scope ytd-comment-renderer"...
  5. L

    Remove file ownership properties when saving

    Hi I work at a company with a "Shared" drive, however, any files saved on to this drive by a user are owned by that user and it means nobody else (with their own respective logins) can then open the file in NON Read-Only mode. It always opens the file in Read Only. Is there any way within VBA...
  6. mole999

    Scripting Dictionary

    I know these appear really fast, I have a worksheet that grows every day and currently 98% has to be looked up manually (basically a location, that then develops into postcode ad easting & northing plus A&B identifier's In the table shown as A I am developing values in Col AN I want to keep...
  7. L

    VBA - How to get the serial number of UNC Drive Without API calling

    Guys For security reasons I want that my workbook can only be used if it is on a network. This network sometimes is mapped by user with different Letters. I would like to find a way to get the serial number of the network drive based on the UNC path instead of Drive Letter. But I would like to...
  8. L

    Error Code 438

    Good morning all, I have a very basic spreadsheet that opens multiple xml files from a flash drive and processes the data into a table. When I run the code I get a 438 error on the below highlighted code. This is a command I have used before with no issue but for some reason it is causing it to...
  9. L

    Saving an Excel workbook to multiple cloud storage (Onedrive,Google Drive,Dropbox)

    Currently I have a workbook on my C drive called Legends in a folder called Multimusic which I currently have to do three Save (Save As)actions in order to put it in a folder with the same name in my Onedrive, Google Drive and Dropbox storage. Ideally I would like to automate the workbook...
  10. O

    Cannot find this file. Verify the path and file name are correct

    Hi all, I have a macro that will open an email template that contains two images as attachments. when putting the images on my local drive the macro runs perfectly. I'm looking to add the images to a shared drive so multiple users can run the macro but when i try adding the new path i'm getting...
  11. X

    Dynamic Chart Help Please I'm trying to create two different types of dynamic charts using the datalinked above. I cannot attach files. I'm trying to create the first chart on the tab called "Tenure Band (Hours- Graphs)" using the data...
  12. F

    Save Outlook Emails to Hard Drive

    Hi, I've the below code which allows me to save all emails to a specific location on my drive. However, I've noticed that when there is more than sub- directory, it crashes. The workaround is to simply create a specific path on the the disk, e.g. Inbox->Sub1->Sub2->LastSub is created...
  13. X

    Dynamic chart I'm trying to create two different types of dynamic charts using the data linked above. I cannot attach files. I'm trying to create the first chart on the tab called "Tenure Band (Hours - Graphs)" using the...
  14. K

    Getting Date Modified

    I have a list of files that are lined up using D:\Documents\* with the function =IFERROR(INDEX(FileNameList,ROW()-2),""). With this it lists all the files in my D drive. I'm trying to also display the date last modified of those files in the corresponding cell. Is that possible to do?
  15. Y

    Return a google drive share link from the google drive folder in VBA

    I'm looking for a way to create a macro which will go to my local google drive folder and the folder name (let's say in cell A1), make it shareable to anyone (manually it's mouse right click >> Google Drive >> Share >> Get shareable link) and write in cell A2 that shareable link
  16. S

    treeview and drive list, subdir, files

    Possible in VBA to treeview and drive list, subdir, files tks.
  17. P

    Inserting a link to a URL

    Hello, I insert links to webpage URLs to have access to references. The links work perfectly in the local drive but when I store the file in a shared drive for other users to get access then the links error out. Please let me know how I can insert these links so I can have access in shared...
  18. W

    Excel and one drive

    I have several workbooks on our network that have linked cells to each other. I wanted to move them to One Drive so I can access from anywhere but the links break. Is there a way to avoid this? Need I link it differently than the standard copy past link?
  19. M

    One Drive VBA

    I am opening and updating a file in VBA. But for some reason, when doing this with this particular file, One Drive directory opens up, even though I am not using it. When I update other files, it does not open. What causes One Drive to open? Thanks
  20. A

    VBA Macro to Hyperlink Excel Cells to Picture in Public Drive

    I have several spreadsheets with hundreds of hyperlinks to pics in one of the public drives. The links keep changing from where I originally set them to a roaming folder. It takes way more time than I have to keep manually entering the links to each cell when they change. Is there a way to...

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