1. D

    Reset Button for Drop Down Lists

    I have a workbook with multiple drop down lists. Unfortunately, all the drop downs are not using data validation. We need to have the list "reset" to the first item of each list. Is there a way to do this with just one Reset Button? Thank you
  2. A

    VBA command to open PDF

    Hi All, my first post here :) I am trying to create an interface to select and open PDF reports from Excel. Currently I have got 4 drop down boxes where users can select which report they would like to see. Currently the options are drop down box 1 : Europe, America and Pacific drop down...
  3. C

    Inserting text from another tab

    Good Morning, I have an events spreadsheet and would like to do the following. The tab with the information is called Events Notices as follows: <tbody> SUBJECT LINE FULL NOTICE 50's Sock Hop Toss on your bobbi socks & poodle skirts then head down to where DJ (this needs to pick up the...
  4. Darth_Williams

    Filters & Drop Down Lists

    Good afternoon all, I have created a spreadsheet that uses drop down lists to control the data that is entered. A problem that I have encountered though is that I can not now apply filters to my headers. Does anyone know of a work around for this or is it a by product of using drop down lists...
  5. C

    Cell Data Validation using LOOKUP?

    Hi I have a table in Sheet 2, A3:E21. Column A is Company Names, Column E is 'funds available' dollar values In Sheet 1, I need users to enter how much they have spent with each Company. In column D is a drop down list of company names, and column E is where you enter what you've spent. I...
  6. D

    Can you open an external wb, retrieve a drop down menu then close it

    I have a wb with a drop down menu that correctly references an external wb to get the list but the external wb needs to be open to do so. It is going to be used by more than one person and will be stored on a server. Is there a way to have the external wb open when the cell with the list is...
  7. F

    Dependent data validation list: non-VBA

    I've found plenty of sites talking about dependent data validation drop down lists, but none that I've been able to apply to my situation. I need three data validation lists, each dependent on the one before it - all three lists will come from the same table. It would also be nice if the user...
  8. B

    How to access value and change events of Userform dropdown in another workbook

    Is there a way to capture the userform object in another workbook in the same instance of excel or different instance of excel? Currently we have a drop down value for a userform save its value to the excel worksheet which we pull the value from in another workbook . However I am wondering if...
  9. G

    Data validation drop down list source to lookup a value and list unused items ?

    Hello everyone! In a sheet i have the following: A2=Joe; A2= Jack; A4= John and for each name there is a recommended Name list in B2:B4 (Fruitlist;Vegetableslist;Dairylist) A2:A4 is defined as Names G2:G5 is defined Fruitslist L2:L4 is defined Vegetableslist Q2:Q4 is defined Dairylist In B7...
  10. E

    Data Validation - error

    I have a data validation with a nested if statement. =IF(R8="D18",D18_OP,IF(R8="D24",D24_OP,IF($R$8="D34",D34_OP))) It works fine as long as I don't have D18 in R8. D18_OP named range = "Not Applicable". When D18 appears in R8 the drop down will not load with "Not Applicable" nor can I select...
  11. H

    Colour Rows and Columns based on data validation

    Hi I am looking to format my worksheet with different colours based on a data validation drop down list. I currently can get the drop down cell to be the correct colour but would like the whole worksheet (Columns B-J, Rows 2-67) to be different colours. Any help will be greatly appreciated...
  12. H

    Hide rows based on data validation dropdown list.

    Hi, I am looking to hide/unhide rows based on a drop down validation. The below codes works for one drop down however I have a further 2 drop downs that need to hide different rows. any help will be greatly appreciated. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) 'Updated by...
  13. B

    Drop Down List Pulling From Range From Different Workbook

    Is there a simple way to have dropdown look to a range in a separate workbook?
  14. A

    Dependant Drop Down lists without a macros - how to reduce the file size

    Hello I've created a dependant drop down list in Excel to aid user entry but the size of the file is worrying. Empty it is 300KB, when I add my data in (around 6,000 rows) it goes up to 600KB. I could get around 100 responses (via email) that I would then need to attach to the relevant record...
  15. Darth_Williams

    Returning a Value From A Drop Down List

    Good morning all, I have a dependant drop down list working at the moment where the first list shows suppliers and the second shows the items that supplier has. I am trying to work it so that once an item has been selected the value will automatically populate in another column. I thought a...
  16. M

    Auto populate with data validation

    Hi all, can't seem to figure out an issue. I have data is cell A1 but want it to populate the next 2 cells only. Then the user will have to select data from a drop down list on the next cell following the 2 cells. Example : Colors: Green,Yellow,Red Drop down selection: Free,Green,Yellow,Red...
  17. U

    Filter Data on one sheet with dropdown list from another sheet

    I have an excel file with 3 Sheets - Dashboard, Funnel and DDL The Dashboard is used to display the summed up data from the funnel sheet The Funnel is used for user entry DDL - is my sheet uses for drop down lists What i would like to do is on the Dashboard sheet, add a drop down (which i have...
  18. D

    Formulas and Data Validation

    Is it possible to have data validation and a formula all in one cell? Current situation is =IF($B4="Testing","NA",""), but I also need this same cell to have a drop down in it if its blank.
  19. T

    Drop Down List not working

    Hello, I know that I can open a drop down list with Alt-Down arrow, but I can't navigate the list by pressing a the first letter of an item in my list when it is open -- When the list is open and I press S, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong or a parameter to add? Thanks in advance for...
  20. A

    Extracting data based on drop down list

    I have a work schedule, it is broken into two weeks spans with 23 individuals. They reside in different cities. I would like to be able to filter the data based on the city using a drop down list. I have the list created, I have three helper columns that break down the information. When I try...

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