1. T

    Searchable dropdown list in multiple cells from one source

    Hi, I'm looking to create a searchable dropdown list in each cell of a calendar, for 10 classes, roughly 2000 dropdowns. At the moment I have non-searchable dropdowns in each cell, which means scrolling a long list of lessons to find the correct one - it would be much easier if I could type...
  2. C

    Macro or Formula to Clear Content of Interdependent Dropdown (indirect data validation)

    Hello, I am trying to find a macro or a formula that will delete out interdependent dropdowns. I am a macro noob so thanks in advance for your patience. Right now, I have a sheet that is set up using the indirect formula via data validation to allow the user to select various dropdowns. For...
  3. S

    Find Value for - ActiveSheet.Shapes("Drop Down X")

    Hi, Found the code below on a thread in this forum to resize the for cell validationbut I want to add it in to an existing workbook. I have had this working in a new workbook and have changed the value for "ActiveSheet.Shapes("Drop Down 1")" to 2, 3 etc as I have added new dropdowns to the...
  4. O

    Dropdown followed by a selection box to add comments in a specific cell

    Hello everyone ! I recently created an order form in which people have dropdowns in which they can select multiple options (same options in each dropdowns). I'm hoping to have a text box open (with 3 check boxes options) when one of the option is selected in order to ask what additionnal...
  5. C

    Sort dropdowns aphabetically

    Hi, I have a 100 dropdown lists in column A (each with it's own OFFSET's). Is there a way to sort my Dropdowns based on its value? I.e. Dropdown in A1 has John;A2 has Alice. How can I sort these alphabetically, where dropdown will swap places obviously? Currently I can't do it, assuming...
  6. J

    Excel 2007 file not working with excel 2016

    I have a excel 2007 file that has dropdown list in cells. We recently got excel 2016 and now the dropdowns do not show in the file. Does anyone have an idea why and what to do? Thank you
  7. T

    Using a dropdown to fill in multiple cells

    Greetings, I'm self-taught in Excel. Unfortunately, that may be why I'm not well-versed in Excel jargon, and that's probably why I'm having such a hard time looking up the information that I need. Cutting to the chase, I need to create a dropdown list that, depending on the item selected...
  8. G

    Index Function dependent on dropdown lists

    Hi, I need some help with dropdown lists and populating cells based on index function. I have a sheet with tables of data and I would like to use two dropdowns (one to choose which set of tables & one to choose which table from the set). Based on what gets populated in the dropdowns, I would...
  9. C

    searchable dropdowns

    Ok So I have a two separate worksheets. 1. contains the list for my dropdowns 2. contains the dropdowns for my users to choose from one list has 1975 names the other has 1417 names on the user worksheet where I user data validation to create dropdowns which contain the list from the first...
  10. M

    Conditional Data Validation Dropdowns

    Hey friends, I am in search of a new way to do conditional data validation dropdown lists within an excel table. Here's what I understand: Creating tables and defining that table as a named range will create an automatically updating dropdown I can type that named range as a string value...
  11. G


    This should be simple. In B3 I have a dropdown list of 3 cities In C3 I want another dropdown list, based on which selection was made in B3. Scenario: We are having engagements in 3 cities this year, all with multiple dates If user selects "City A", I want the dropdown in C3 to show only...
  12. P

    Dropdown lists when two names in the list are the same

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]--> Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I was wondering if you could help me with excel dropbox issue. I am at present trying to build an invoice system for my wife, who is a secretary for...
  13. O

    Drop Down Lists Dependent on Two Factors

    Hi there, I am making some drop down lists but the options that one returns is dependent on what has been entered into two other drop downs. I know you can link then up by using the INDIRECT function if there is only one other list that affects it but how would I do it if there are two. For...
  14. N

    Dropdown Lists across a couple of sheets

    Hi, I have a dropdown list on one sheet. I want to be able to see that dropdown list on multiple sheets. I also want to be able to change the dropdown list from any of the sheets and this change effects all the related dropdown lists in the workbook. I know that I could use an INDIRECT, but...
  15. K

    Macro that overrides previous macro from a drop down.

    Hi there, I am attempting to use a macro that is connected to the answers in a drop-down menu. The code I'm using is: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Not Intersect(Target, Range("$G$78")) Is Nothing Then Select Case Range("$G$78") Case "1 Product": Product1...
  16. N

    Drop Down and vlookup

    I have a sheet where I am using a Drop down and when I select one of the items in the list I want to return all values that match from another table. My sheet looks like this right now under the EE, PE and Maint columns I have more then one entry but only get one to return. ex: under EE I...
  17. ClimoC

    More problems - report builder

    Hi all I still need help on my other query if someone wants to show off their prowess... This one, I have x number of dropdownlists using data validation. They all run across the top of the page - lets say each one is in A1, A2, A3, etc... The data validation in all the lists is exactly...
  18. T

    Excel Qualifying Dropdowns

    Hello, I am trying to build an order form for our suite of products using Excel. In order to make this as "idiot proof" as possible, I'm building in some drop down menus that force the user to simply pick a pre-determined solution rather than tying one in manually. I have been doing so by...

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