1. J

    Export Date from text box in userform to dtpicker in sheet

    Hello! i'm having trouble linking a Date box from a userform to a dtpicker in sheet (because i need the dtpicker with calendar available if the date is to be altered). I have tried this code, but obviously it didn't work...DATE1 is the box in the userform and DTPicker1 (from the development...
  2. A

    DTPicker Issue

    Hi, Expert I am new in a Excel. I went to get you expert solution for creating VBA on DTPicker Tool. When is used a DTPicker in a UserForm then showing creating date but i went to show hear as current date & to be change if required manual. I do not do it. Can any one please help me to solve...
  3. K

    why would a 64bit windows still trip over this code(when all the code that wasn't compliant has been removed?)

    Its really frustrating. I originally had 'DTPicker' in my workbook that is used to enter and track incidents for my company. But, there are a handful of machines that are 64bit, and I couldnt find any compliant date picker modules that would work... so I finally gave up and just have a simple...
  4. C


    Hello all you lovely people. Just a quick question, I have a userform that has a DTPicker (Calendar Date Picker) in it that shows today's date, how do I make it display the day before. Thank you in advance.
  5. J

    Edit data of previously submitted row with userform

    Hi Everyone, I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't seem to find the answer. I have a userform that is currently submitting data to the "Database" tab by userform, I want to be able to edit a row of data by clicking on the name of the person in the listbox, which will then prefill...
  6. R

    Initilize value as the 1st of the current month

    Good day, I've been running a spreadsheet macro that involves DTPicker. I initialize the DTPicker objects as follows. The problem is that each month's spreadsheet has to be updated with the new max and min dates for the new month. How do I improve this code so that the MinDate is always the...
  7. D

    VBA subtracting times using DTPicker

    Hey all, Another new guy question here. I'm trying to create a UserForm for people to enter information that includes a DTPicker that will be saved in a worksheet. What I'm trying to do is use the values of the DTPicker to get the total time between the two inputs, in total hours. I am trying...
  8. M

    DTPicker not working after sending

    Hi all, I have a problem and I have trouble finding an answer. For my company I have created a file with a UserForm to fill in Data via Text and Combo boxes. Next to that i have used the DTPicker. After sending the file to my boss to check it out it failed as Fucntions are not available on...
  9. D

    Custom Date & Time Range Userform

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to put together a userform where the user selects a date range, inputs a start time and an end time, and then hits a button to input those values combined into two cells. Here's what the userform looks like: I have it set so that the user can drag to select the range...
  10. A

    Multiple DTPicker Properties

    Hello All, I am trying to set properties of the Multiple DTPickers. What i am doing at the moment is like this: Private Sub TakeDate() ActiveCell.Value = Me.DTPicker1.Value ActiveCell.Value = Me.DTPicker2.Value ActiveCell.Value = Me.DTPicker3.Value ActiveCell.Value =...
  11. A

    capture date and time through Userform in Excel VBA

    Hi, I have designed a form and need to capture a prior date & time using the form. I tried using DTpicker, but I am able to select only date and it takes the current system time. If I change the format to dtptime, I am able to select time but it captures today's date. I should be able to...
  12. I

    DTPicker problem on Multipage Userform

    I am creating a multipage userform that contains DTPicker controls on more than one page. The controls are linked to dates in two named ranges (of one cell each) called moeDateExchanged and csContractDate. When the userform is launched I want to the DTPickers to show the dates in the named...
  13. R

    DTPicker Custom Format in Excel 2010

    We have an Excel spreadsheet that was originally developed in Excel 2003. Subsequently, it has been used with Excel 2007 and 2010, where several differences have been discovered. The latest issue we are working on is an issue with the use of the DTPicker control. This issue is with a control...
  14. F

    Userform Date Picker textbox will not select current date

    Hi all, I have userform with date pickers and have text boxes overlaid on these, when I select todays date from the date picker it does not display the current date in the text box (I have 8 date pickers on the userform). If I select another date then reselect the current date it works. It has...
  15. M

    Error Msg "Cannot Load Object" when inserting DTPicker

    I am having several problems with the mscomct2.ocx for weeks now... See details below of the issue... Details: - No problem in inserting the DTPicker on the VBA environment / Form. - Error message "Cannot Load Object" when I am trying to embed the DTPicker on a worksheet. - I am currently...
  16. L

    DTPicker Issue

    I have created a userform in Excel VBA that includes a DTPicker. It works fine on my home PC and my work PC. I installed it on another PC at work - for the person who will be using the app, and the code locks up. I commented out the DTPicker lines and it loads now, without the date picker...
  17. A


    Hi All, Is there a way to force a format into DatePicker. eg. If I select 6th February 2011 that it would either display and save date as 06 Feb 2011 or alternatively as 2011/02/06. Currently it displays as 2/6/2011 Thanks and Regards, Alan
  18. S

    Date/Time/Calendar Control to work in multi Excel platforms (2003/2007/2010)?

    Need a Date/Time/Calendar Control to work in multi Excel platforms (2003/2007/2010) please... So... I have several spreadsheets created using Excel 2007 with 'Calendar Control 12.0' controls in them. It wont work in Excel 2010 as that control was removed from Office 2010!!! Now... I also...

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