due dates

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    Conditional Formatting Dependent on Dates

    Hi, I have 2 date columns in my worksheet, E and F. If 14 days have passed from the date entered in column E and there is no value in column F I would like the cells in column F to turn red. I tried to use the below formula but it doesn't seem to be working. Also when I click and drag the...
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    Calculating a Due date with Different frequency

    I need a formula that can tell me the next due date if I have the first due date, the frequency the payment is being paid (Monthly, Weekly, Semi-monthly) and the number of payments that are setup. Column D is the first Payment date, Column E is the frequency, Column F is the number of payments...
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    Past due dates

    I have a sheet that I am trying to calculate days past due. I=Date Due J=Days Past Due K = Date Implemented I want to calculate the days past due, stopping counting once the date implemented is entered and I need to ignore blank cells. I have a formula that works to stop counting after the...
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    If Due Date < Entered Date = Yes, If Due Date > Entered Date = No

    Hello, First time poster and I have a quick question! I am essentially trying to create a formula that will determine if someone has met their due date based on the expected due date vs actual completion date. I would like it to generate a yes or no (or something of that variation) so I can...
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    List of Due Dates from Part Payment events

    Hello Experts, I am looking to create a single list which remind me of upcoming payment due dates (Columns: Due Date, Amount, Vendor Name, Approved Date) (it will populate information from the below table which Payment Requestors and Accountants Fill) Below Table shows, Requestor Fills first...
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    Create a macro button to show due dates "this week" or "this month"

    Hello, I am trying to create a macro button that shows due dates for "this week" and "the next two weeks" and "next month". I have delivery due dates in column K in a spreadsheet and at the click of a button, I would like to display only the rows that have due dates for this week, etc. Also...
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    Next Due Date

    Hi guys, I'm kind of an Excel Noob and have been struggling with this for a couple of days I hope someone can help. I have a spreadsheet used to track "Visit Due Dates". There are 4 visits required a year 1 annual and 3 quarterlies, all based on an "Approval Date". I would like to find a way to...
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    If/Then using a due date for a bill

    I've been pulling my hair out all day... so I figured I should finally break down and ask someone. I keep a spreadsheet for my bills (who doesn't, I know). On it, I've always either copy/pasted the "Amount" in the applicable cell for when a bill is due, or a cell reference (in case it changes...
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    Formula to track expiration Dates by color

    <HR style="COLOR: #ffffff; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff" SIZE=1> <!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->I am in the military and work in an armory. I have a spreadsheet in excel 2010 to track members qualifications. In column A I have all the names of everyone at the unit. Each column after that...
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    Upcoming due dates

    I am in the military and work in an armory. I have a spreadsheet in excel 2010 to track members qualifications. In column A I have all the names of everyone at the unit. Each column after that represents a type of qualification. For example column B is basic weapons quals. There is a different...
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    Conditional formatting

    Hey, http://www.mrexcel.com/tip054.shtml I was wondering that the tip you have provided in the above web site can have 3 conditions. Would it be possible that once the day passes by the color changes to blue. This is because my page gets overcrowded with red background cells. Thanks
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    Conditional Formatting

    Hey there. I'm a newbie to excel and can't find anything to help me. Here's my dilema: Mr. Snuffy completes a course on 13AUG08 and hands me a certificate. I put the complete date of that certificate in a cell. When I open excel, from 14AUG08 until 13MAY09 (9mos) I want it to stay white. On...

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