1. C

    Use formulae to check that 2 variables on sheet A appear in the same row on sheet B

    Hi I am trying to use formulae to check that the order number (sheet A, cell B4) and week due (sheet A, cell Q4 as YYWW) values are found in the same row of sheet B. The order numbers are stored in column E of sheet B, the due date is stored in column O of sheet B as WW. Note the order number...
  2. A

    Formula to Return Training Status with Multiple Outputs

    I a table with 6 different input scenarios and need to return 4 different outputs depending on the input. The table data is all dates and I would like to fill the Status column with one of the following outputs. No-Value Complete On-Time Past-Due An example of the scenarios in the table...
  3. G

    Calculate Future Due Date

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions to help solve the problem listed below which uses the table shown below: <tbody> A B C D E F G H 1 TODAY IS: 11/06/2019 2 3 PAYEE FIRST DUE DATE AMOUNT REPEATS EVERY X PERIODS UNTIL NEXT DUE DATE 4 Chase...
  4. C

    Summerizing Dates

    I have a column of both future and past dates. I would like to create another column that groups the dates into summary classes (ie. Overdue, Due in 7 Days, Due Between 8 - 30 Days, Due Between 31 - 90 Days, Due 91 - 365 Days). Is there a formula that can do this?
  5. S

    VBA Code for Sorting

    Dear Experts, I have a set of data as shown below <tbody> Category A Name Due Year Sam 2021 John 2020 Tony 2024 Rahul 2020 Harry 2023 Category B Bill 2021 Tom 2022 Steve 2020 Alan 2024 Walter 2021 </tbody> I want to create tabs with three different colors...
  6. A

    Modifying Training due date based upon Leave date

    Hello, I've below two sets of data in different excel sheets 1) Training data - it contains User ID, Training Start date and Training Due date 2) Leave data - it contains User ID, Leave Start date and Leave End date User can have multiple training which are assigned through out the year and...
  7. TAPS_MikeDion

    # of labels limitation?

    Is there a maximum number of labels you can use on a form? Suddenly I cannot put any more labels on my form. I'm at around 35. Every time I either try to copy and paste a label or create one from scratch from the Toolbox I get the following errors: From the Toolbox: "Could not complete the...
  8. gheyman

    Formula in a Query in the Feild

    In design mode you can enter a column and make it a formula (example: MONTH1_PD: IIf([PDIR Completed] Is Null,DateDiff("d",[PDIR Due Date],Now()),"") This is just an example I'm need a rather complex formula I need a formula that says IIF [PDIR Completed] >= [PDIR Due Date], "1","0" But...
  9. D

    Maintaining Historical Data

    QUESTION: I'm doing a preventative maintenance spreadsheet. When I complete a task on a particular date, I put the date in that I've completed it in column "B" (for example) and a new "due date" appears in column "B". Is there a way to keep a record on another worksheet that will maintain a...
  10. H

    Workday formula - adjust for a zero occurrence

    Hi there, I have a formula that calculates the KPI days from the date deemed adequate. =IFERROR(WORKDAY([@[Date Allocated or Adequate]],[@[DPE KPI(working days)]],Holidays),"")............ returning the DPE KPI Target Date. If the KPI working days (returned from a vlookup) happen to be zero I...
  11. N


    Hi all, this is probably easy for you guys Using Excel for Mac I have a spreadsheet, Columns A through E, many rows Column E is called due date and has a date in it Cell H1 is equals now command If H1 is 1 or 2 days before the due date, I want that row from A to E to be highlighted yellow If H1...
  12. T

    Struggling to Use Small(IF...)) formula to return multiple results

    Hello, This is my first post here, I'm a little unsure of how I should best ask this question. I'm trying to use a Small(IF(...)) Formula to return results. Currently I have a set of data in which there is a column indicating the date that it's due, given in (d/m/y) format. In a separate sheet...
  13. F

    Next person due ?

    Hi I have 3 columns A and B and C I enter details sometimes weekly or monthly each row For A the date B the person and C the shift start and finish time I have accumulated a number of rows over time from 2015 I have about 250 rows of data How can I have excel propose the next person due...
  14. C

    AutoPopulate Records Based on Dates

    I have a budget forecast workbook where I track my upcoming recurring bills along with all my transactions - be it cash, ATM, check, etc. This also includes any deposits. It is basically an electronic check register with a budget forecast function. There are three ways I gather/enter data: 1)...
  15. J

    Using NETWORKDAYS within a SUMIF

    Hello! I am trying to write logic for determine the number of items with a due date of tomorrow. Right now, I am using the following formula : =SUMIFS(Data!AJ:AJ,Data!Z:Z,"Future Due",Data!Y:Y,Data!$AL$1+1) where column AJ is just a count of 1, Z indicates if the due date is in the future, Y is...
  16. E

    HOW TO ADD INDIRECT TO SUMIF - INDIRECT Required due to the insertion of new columns changing the SUMIF formua

    Hi, I have formulas in worksheet 1 that pulls it's values in from worksheet 2. When instering a column into worksheet 2 my formulas change due to the insertion of the additional column so absolute referencing hasn't helped in my situation as I want to keep the formulas AS IS due to new data...
  17. M

    Task Tracker

    Hello!! Does anyone know how to make a sort of interactive task tracker? I have a tracker that has different tabs, one for each client. Each tab has deliverables for that client and the due date. I want the "Summary tab" (main tab) to show the items that are pending, in-progress, to-do, etc but...
  18. P

    Mouse wheel no longer scrolling up/down in Access 2010

    Windows 10 v 1903 MS Office Pro 2010 My (wireless) mouse wheel has recently stopped being able to scroll up/down in Access tables/queries. I use this feature a lot, due to the nature of the length of the tables/queries I use, so it's a huge frustration for me. I've tried a different mouse but...
  19. B

    Adjust holiday (Xmas) break in between the project.

    Hi Everyone, I will be great-full if someone can help me with the formula or macro on this. We have tasks assigned to each department with the due date. The tasks have been distributed in the order that they need to be completed. This is done so that each department completes the tasks in...
  20. G

    Conditional formulas

    Hello I am trying to set up a staff spreadsheet so I can track when the qualifications are due. I already have a spreadsheet with the dates the staff did the training an would like it to change colour so I can easily see when they are due this year. Could someone help with this please?

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