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    Sorting extracted data with array formula that includes data duplicates with no helper column

    So through combining several formulas I now have this amazing formula that allows the user to have a criteria for extracting data. When they put this in, the formula pops out a sorted list of the data including the data from other columns that go along with item (Last, First, DOB). Which field...
  2. M

    Delete one column containing duplicate

    Let say we have the following: <tbody> Column A Column B Column C Column D Column E aa bb cc aa ee </tbody> I know want to delete one of the columns containing a duplicate with VBA code. Since aa already exist in column A I want to delete column D
  3. B

    Highlight the Dupicates from two work sheets

    Hi to all.... Am a new person to Excel macro. my prob in excel find out the duplicates from two excel sheet. In my sheet1 have Lot of customer names and them Area in a Column A and B.Then my sheet2 have customer name and them Area in column A and B.The Sheet2 data are existing in my...
  4. W

    Help on Avoiding Duplicates

    I have a list of employees that I keep adding to when someone new is hired, to avoid duplicates I formatted the column with a true/false conditional formatting to reject duplicate records, however, my problem is that I want now that a macro should copy the new hires from a different cell and...
  5. T

    Countif & Removing duplicates

    Hi board, new member here. I've been working on a calculation now for hours and am stuck :mad: - please help!! :D I have three columns of data I need to analyse, and report that in another column. Column headers are: A | B | C New Business? | Company...

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