duplicate data count

  1. M

    Ranking text based on duplicate text in a column

    Hello, I have a large worksheet with 8693 rows and 69 columns and I would like to rank how many times a customers name is mentioned in a column. I'm familiar with filtering and pivot tables but my skill levels require I manually add up the customer names. I thought I could use a =RANK formula...
  2. H

    Require formula to get status based on count and char

    Team, I am looking for some formula to get the require project status "Yes" or "No". Here I have sample data. If you look at project name is repeating and project type have both onshore and offshore. I would need to get status "Yes" if any project worked on both project types. If in case...
  3. B

    List of Dates with Duplicates; Count by Day of Week and Multiples

    Hello and thanks for reading, I have a list of dates in Column A, and want to analyze them between a start date and an end date (inclusive, encoded in two cells elsewhere, user-entered); within the list, some dates are duplicated by design to represent multiple occurrences of a given event...
  4. G

    Remove Duplicate Data and Keep Unique in a separate sheet

    Dear, I have a data set among which there are many duplicate data and I want to find the unique data in separate sheet. <tbody> 1122 1133 1144 1155 1133 1122 1199 1133 1144 1100 </tbody> Now I want the data to be like below: <colgroup><col width="72" style="width:54pt">...
  5. M

    Calculate Duplicate Frequency

    Hi, New poster here :wink: I have a large dataset (~100,000 rows) where I am trying to count the number of duplicate values in a given column. (There are a lot!) I would like to generate two columns showing which numbers are duplicates (column 1) and how many times (frequency) that each...
  6. A

    Advanced Duplicate Removal?

    I have a bit of an issue - We have an inventory list that was duplicated. Normally, you could just do 'remove duplicates' and everything would be fine - however, we have several duplicate entries to begin with, so , like below: LOCATION, BRAND, ITEM DESC 1, A, TOY 1, A, TOY 1, B, HAIR DRYER 1...
  7. M

    Counting a word in a multi row/column range excuding duplicates in the same row

    Hey Everyone! I'm trying to count a word in a range of data that includes multiple rows and columns. However, I do not want to include the word in the count more than once if it is in the same row more than once. For example if I had a 4x4 table (A1:D4) and I was attempting to count the word...
  8. L

    Count duplicates and count duplicates based on criteria

    <tbody> Products Suppliers doors Harper windows Smith floors Brown lights Smith tables Johnson chairs Jones beds Cooper sinks Jones baths sofas Smith </tbody> Friends, I again request your assistance. I have 2 columns of sales data, A and B. Range A3:A12 contains unique...
  9. M

    Count Customer Job only once when its job number is listed twice in a different column

    Hello all, I am hoping to get help with this equation I have been researching unsuccessfully for a while now. What I have is: Column A:The name of a company we did a "job" for. Column F:Job number of each job recieved. what I would like to do is make an equation that will Count the number...
  10. M

    Duplicate Sort by Numbers

    Hello fellow excelers, I am facing an issue that i can't get around easily. I have data and i would like to number duplicates next to the data so that i can append the cells that are duplicates easily. The data i have is in the following cell format - Red Red Red Green Green Green Green Blue...
  11. S

    Identifying Duplicates DAX forumla not working as intended

    This is the formula I'm using in a calculated column: <tbody> Column1 Column2 CalculatedColumn Billy Yes 1 Billy Yes 1 Billy Yes 1 Billy Yes 1 </tbody> This isn't what expect. I expect that this would put a 0 in cells 2-4 in the calculated column. If I was using...
  12. L

    Count value in column 2, but if duplicate in column 1 only count once

    Hi, I am trying to count how many times the values appear in column 2, but if the corresponding value in column 1 is a duplicate, I only want to count the value in column 2 once. <tbody> Unit 1 730 Unit 1 730 Unit 2 715 Unit 3 730 Unit 3 730 Unit 4 730 Unit 5 715 Unit 6 715...
  13. S

    I need to find / count the duplicate values in different lists.

    I'm sorry, but I know nothing about Excel. I know very little about anything when it comes to computers, but I'm here to ask for your kind help. Google just told me that Excel can compute info into statistics, and statistics is what I need. Me and my friends have ran a test on how colors affect...
  14. W

    Count Duplicate Rows with Conditions

    Hi, Anyone who can help me with a formula for counting unique rows with condition 1) it must count only the unique task number 2) the counted unique task number must have task type P result: 3 ( optional ) Count Unique Task Number must have Task Type P with Name D result: 1 I know the...
  15. J

    One item name = 10 indiv. Parts

    Hello, I'm pretty new to Excel, please help with this task. The company I work is building some fenders for a customer. Each fender has an individual part name (M4599), but it's actually an assembly of various parts with different part names. What I'm trying to accomplish is being able to...
  16. B

    Find Duplicate Data

    I am trying to find duplicate data in a column with user input. I have tried the countif in vba it works if i tell it the range i want like (If Application.Worksheet.CountIf(Range("M2:M" & D), Range("M" & D)) > 1 Then), but if i use a name range from of the user selection i cant get it to work...
  17. P

    Percentage: Duplicate Enteries -2 Parameters

    Hi, would really appreciate any help on this…I have read few articles in the various treads and having trouble resolving below scenario:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> I would like to find calculation for the Anticipated Outcome column...

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