duplicate data

  1. S

    merge duplicate data

    BCDE1Before After 2Sunday Sunday 3Sunday 4Sunday 5Sunday 6MondayMonday7Monday8Monday9FridayFriday10Friday11 Hello if i want to merge duplicate data, from before to after is it possible with VBA? Thanks 🙏
  2. I

    Deleting columns if duplicate data found in a few

    Goal: If a duplicate value is found in a row, then delete the second the column associated with the duplicate value My problem: My code seems to work for the most part, except it only deletes the FIRST duplicate values that it finds, not all duplicate values. And if you run it again it seems to...
  3. T

    Help w/ "Remove Duplicates" function on the "Data" tab

    I am working with a large data set (12 columns with 45,000 rows of entries) which is updated each day which in turn auto-updates a dashboard (within the document on another sheet) I have created to analyze this data. Currently, I am using the "remove duplicates" function to delete duplicates...
  4. T

    Find unique values then copy to different column

    Thank you for your help. I apologize for not having valid code, but I cannot seem to get my head around this problem's solution. I am trying to determine a way to check each number in column B verses all of column C. I believe I must loop within a loop to scan the 500 rows of Column C for each...
  5. J

    Pasting and Referencing

    Hello, I am working with a multi column list of data that am pasting into one tab. This tab is going to be sorted into other tabs by referencing one cell e.g. a zip code. I have made a vlookup, referencing the one cell containing the zip code, however for my results, I get only the first...
  6. DPChristman

    Using VLOOKUP to pull up non-unique responses.

    This is the age old problem where VLOOKUP pulls up #N/A, because you have duplicates of the same data in the lookup range. In my case, I have a listing of about 50K employees, and part of my form is for the users to enter the employee ID number, and have the form return all relevant information...
  7. D

    Userform: Duplicate Entries where two cells are the same

    Hello, I would really appreciate any help that can be given. I have created a userform where I can track missed scan labels from my production team. I have 6 text boxes per ticket I need to fill in the userform. (all for different tracking purposes) What I need the userform to do is only check...
  8. S

    Make a list with criteria and no duplicates

    I receive a spreadsheet with the information listed below. The spreadsheet has a list of employees, spouse, children with DOB's and packages (Medical & Dental). I want to create a formula that extracts every employee with the relationship 1 without duplicates. My current formula extracts...
  9. J

    Remove duplicates based on multiple criteria (ID and Date)

    Hey guys! I'm working on a project that requires merging data from multiple workbooks into a single "master" workbook. All files have the same number of columns and have been merged properly. That means all data is in the "master" workbook. I couldn't manage to remove the duplicates though...
  10. K

    Prevent users from entering Duplicate Data

    I created a VBA code that will prevent users from selecting duplicate data from a drop down list in column C of my excel spreadsheet, however I want users to be able to select "Other" in multiple fields without receiving an error. Here is the code that I have written but need to show how to...
  11. szita2000

    How to find duplicates within 5 days of each other in data set

    <tbody>#DAE7F5[/URL] "] A B C D E 1 Date Name Product Concan Count 2 01/01/2018 Daffy Duck Apple Daffy DuckApple 0 3 03/01/2018 Bugs Bunny Pear 4 03/01/2018 Bugs Bunny Orange 5 07/01/2018 Bugs Bunny Orange 6 12/01/2018 Pepe Le Pew Kiwi 7 05/01/2018 Daffy Duck Apple...
  12. N

    Highlight Duplicate Value, 3 Column check

    hi, I need to find duplicate in a set of data mentioned below in which there is three columns Date, Employee Code, Amount. These 3 column we need to check in each row to identify the duplicate. In the given data 2 Lines with emp code AHP-SHJ-06-07 and AHP-SHJ-06-03 is duplicate...
  13. S

    Rank the Minimum/Average Values in a Table with Duplicates

    I am trying to rank values in a table that has duplicate names: <tbody> Code Var1 123 1 123 1.5 222 3 222 3.5 222 4 333 1 333 2 </tbody> The output should look like this: <tbody> Code Rank 123 1 222 3 333 2 </tbody> Is there a clever way to do it instead of going...
  14. A

    Remove Duplicate List on both Excel File/Tab

    Hi... I need your help.. I ave two Excel File First file has this Name and Phone number. The first file are the new list of file that I will be calling to. The second file has Name and Number But in this file all of them already purchased an item from me. Now, I want no duplicate on the...
  15. M

    Removing Duplicate values from 2 ranges and creating a new range with the output

    Hi, I have data in range B1:C100. The data in b1:b100 has no duplicates. The data in c1:c100 has no duplicates. However there is some data in b1:b100 that is also contained in c1:c100 I'm looking for a formula to place in d1, and copy down, that will give me the unique values from each column...
  16. A

    Delete duplicate rows keep last entry using vba macro (beginner)

    Hi, I have a sheet containing duplicate employee ID in column B. So what I would like to do next is to delete those duplicate entries (by row) and will just retain the last entry in the sheet. Row Column A Column B Column C Column D 1 PHMBIA Maricel A. Chemical...
  17. J

    Need to duplicate rows of data based upon values in a cell

    I'm desperate. Working on Mac vs. 15.17; I had a macro that use to work in a previous version of Excel. But I cannot get it to work now. I do not not VB or code. Can anyone please help me? I have several spreadsheets that all have over 20,000 rows of data. I need to expand the sheet based...
  18. B

    Removing duplicate phrases from corresponding columns

    Hello I have a spreadsheet that have 2 columns; Address and City The addresses end with the city names attached to it, but I also have a separate column with the city names. <tbody> Address City 11305 Via Balboa Anchorage Anchorage P.O. Box 3652 35670 Kenai Spur Hwy. Ste. 102 Soldotna...
  19. DPChristman

    Problem with Duplicates in Ranking

    The short version: I am running into a problem with duplicates in Ranking. Details: I have a listing of about 160 clients listing the number of purchases each month from each. These clients are ranked, using the formula = IFERROR (RANK (O3,O$3:O$161,0 )," " ) (spaces added to prevent...
  20. K

    how to find duplicate rows?

    hello , how to find duplicate rows and then copy and paste to a separate sheet, it must match the entire row contents. below are sample data: from A to Q column, total 2047 rows including heading. <tbody> 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0...

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