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  1. K

    Transpose Only Specific Columns & Eliminate Duplicates

    I receive up to 25,000 rows of customer data per day and need help figuring out how to transpose some rows to columns and eliminate duplicates. I want to transpose columns G & H based on the identifier in column A. then eliminate blank rows if possible. I included 2 screenshots for reference.
  2. S

    Multiple Duplicate Rows to Single unique Row (Combine multiple duplicate rows to one)

    Hi, I have a sheet with the data like below, can some one help me with a formula or something else to get the expected output? In my sheet i have a row with the same data multiple times, i need only one row with the same data and wanted to eliminate all duplicate rows and need same rule for...
  3. B

    Problem with merging cells into master in Power Query

    So I have a file that I have been working with. I append to files together, no problem, 85,000 rows. Then I go back into the query and merge a file in, essentially a vLookup on country codes into country names, no problem, still 85,000 rows. Then I go and do another merge, another vLookup...
  4. M

    VBA loop to duplicate rows based number of days per month

    Hi guys I need your help guys to write VBA code to duplicate rows based on number of days per months I have monthly order number but it is not comparable to daily actuals, what I need is to populate the table into daily file based on number days per month. e.g. I need 31 rows for first data...
  5. K

    adding new rows based on column value

    hi there well yesterday i had add power query for my Microsoft excel 2010, so i am really new to this. so my question is that power query can add columns, but no rows? unless if we add column then we pivot it, but even adding columns has to be manual, i mean i dont know yet how to make an...
  6. J

    Make this Macro Work with more rows?

    I have created a macro that works, but it only works with my specific example data. If there are more or less rows, or different data in the cells, it will not work because it is not written dynamically. I lack the skillset to make it dynamic also :) Link Example data containing Macro...
  7. J

    Request for Help with Macro for Contact Merger

    To whom it may concern, Hello, my name is Jake, and today I'm working with a contact spreadsheet that is beyond my current skill set. I'm looking for help in writing a macro (I think that's what's needed). The command set is as follows: Look at columns A, B, C, D, & E (Sheet1) and determine...
  8. L

    Highlighting Rows with Unique Value within Duplicate Data

    Hi, I have a set of data and I need to be able to find a formula that looks at the prior rows and the highlight any changes. For example, Row 3, 5, and 6 will be highlighted here. I tried using a helper formula to concatenate the columns and then a conditional formatting with a countifs > 1...
  9. A

    Adding column cells in duplicate rows

    Hi, I want to add the cells the in each column of the duplicate rows and make it only one row. A 1 2 3 A 2 4 5 Result: A 3 6 8 I found this while searching but it gives a different result but the concept looks the same. Thank You <code class="vb keyword" style="white-space: nowrap; padding...
  10. PritishS

    Search duplicate rows based on 3 columns in all worksheets and update

    Dear Sir/Madam, Hope you are doing well! I'm stuck with a new kind a problem. Details: I have a worksheet name 'MAT', which is basically a bill of material having columns 'Description', 'Make', 'CatNo' and 'Price'. Description make CatNo Price Pencil1 ABC PEN1 100 Pencil2...
  11. R

    How to duplicate a cell based on number of adjacent row values

    Hi All, May i know how could i achieve below task : I have a below excel with data as follows : <tbody> ID Resource ABC Employee XYZ Customer Agent </tbody> Depending up the number of resources assigned to the ID in the adjacent row, the ID should get duplicated N times as below...
  12. T

    Using VLOOKUP in an If statement, but getting 0 as the answer?

    So I have a bunch of duplicates and uniques. I've marked all duplicates with numbers ranging from 1-10 depending on how many duplicates there are. After this, on a different sheet to confirm which quantities are unique and which have duplicates I put...
  13. E

    Compare rows in a table and apply format to duplicates

    Hi All, I got a table and want to compare all rows among themselves. If any 2 or more rows contain same values on 7 of their columns then the second (and all subsequent) duplicates are to be formatted. I wrote the following code but it does not work well.... 1. it only works when there are not...
  14. M

    Is it possible to delete all BUT duplicate rows?

    I'm trying to find a way to delete all BUT the repeated rows in a file, I know it's possible to delete the duplicates on a file in PHPExcel that would be done something like this: <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; font-family: Consolas, Menlo...
  15. P

    Start my Macro at the last row of non duplicate data

    Hello, I have a vba script that copies entire rows that contain certain words from sheets(1) and paste the rows onto sheets(2). Nothing is ever deleted on either sheets so both sheets are updated at the end of the last row. Being that sheets(1) is the main sheet manually updated on a daily...
  16. K

    Finding out duplicate rows in excel

    Hi, I have to identify duplicate rows in an excel file and throw them into a different sheet. The rows will be duplicates of each other only if all column values match . I am dealing with 16 columns so far, and they all deal with different sorts of data (text, date, etc). example ( Order of...
  17. E

    Finding and deleting specific rows

    Hello! I was wondering if there is a formula or command to find and delet specific rows. I want to remove people from an excel email list. On Sheet 1, I have 500 rows with columns for first name, last name, and email. On Sheet 2, I have 30 rows with columns for first name, last name, and email...
  18. W

    Delete duplicate rows macro needed - a little complicated

    Please see below: need a macro that will delete the first two entire rows of duplicate order id's and keep the third Any help? :confused: <tbody> Order Id Total - - - - $24,893.66 305 $81.62 36051480 - - - - $817.38 1 $817.38 36051480 $0.00 - - - $817.38 1 $817.38 36051480...
  19. R

    Deleting Duplicate Rows - nothing has worked so far

    My table looks like this... Header Move In Report Property 1 11 --- a --- l 22 --- b --- m 33 --- c --- n 44 --- d --- o 55 --- e --- p Property 1 66 --- f --- q 77 --- g --- r Property 2 11 --- h --- s 12 --- i --- t 13 --- j --- u 14 --- k --- v Property 3 Move In Report This may be...
  20. S

    FInd Duplicate & replicate entire row

    Need help! If any change in done on any cell of a row. Then macro looks for the duplicate value across Column B. If any duplicate found, then copy entire row to the row, where duplicate is found in cell in column B. The idea is to have similar rows, wherever is any duplicate in Column B...

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