duplicated data

  1. S

    How to remove duplicates in certain columns?

    Hi, this is my first time to post here. I found excel can remove duplicated data in this article. It gave an example but I am still confused. I am not sure how to remove several columns instead of just one?
  2. lani_berina

    Duplicated values / data

    Hi everyone, I need help on how to find duplicated values / data from the master list in col O2:O241 to sheet1 col. B1:B125, SHEET2, COL. B2:B10 and to SHEETB COL B2:B10. <tbody> O B B B 23232 23233 454545 54545 55664 64646 464666 64654 MASTER LIST SHEET1 SHEET2 SHEET3 </tbody>...
  3. A

    getting best of two scores of the same student

    Hi all, i am new around here. I have what i think is a unique problem with excel. In column A i have thousands of student names and column B i have scores of these students for a test. Most students in column A have appeared twice and have got different scores, and hence their name appears...

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