1. E

    How to check this database for duplicates?

    Hi all. I prepared a small example database but it seems that I'm not allowed to post an attachment so I'll try and explain my dilemma by using one of the above tables. <tbody> A B C D E F G etc etc etc etc 39 6 23 34 2 7 26 8 3 35 18 22 7 23 2 39 6...
  2. F

    lookupvalue same table

    Help would be appreciated trying to use lookupvalue to return an "end" date which is determined by table[type] table[ID] -will be duplicated for each table[type] -each table[type] can be duplicated for each table[ID] table[date] table[type] -"s" - start -"c" - continue -"g" - going -"e" -...
  3. G

    Workbook not finding duplicated and missing entries

    Hi I have this workbook that is supposed to compare data in columns B-F against data in columns I-L and if missing from columns I-L it supposed to say MISSING in affected row in column G. It then supposed to look in columns I-L for duplicated entries and then if duplicated it marks one of the...
  4. G

    How do I highlight duplicated data

    Hi I have a sheet that im trying to highlight duplicated entries. What I need to do is look down the whole sheet and if in columns B-E have duplicated entries across the row I need one of them deleting and the other remaining in the sheet. What I mean by duplicated entries across the row...
  5. G

    Can anyone help on amending a formula

    Hi I have this formula and I need to amend it a bit if poss but dont know where to start. =IF(E66=IFNA(VLOOKUP(A66,'TABLEAU '!A:E,5,FALSE),0),"OK",IF(E66=IFNA(VLOOKUP(A66,'Shere Previous Rec'!A:E,5,FALSE),0),"Previous","NO_MATCH")) What im trying to do is delete where it looks in Shere...
  6. A

    Formula to Count Matched reference as 1, regardless if are multiples matched in Range/Reference.

    Good Morning, I don't see easy, is a bit complicated my goal I'm struggling with a formula to count the matched reference on a Range to be matched. I know that are a some some formulas that do that job, but what i need to do is go a lil beyond the count. I applied the formulas , Count...
  7. F

    Adding a month to duplicated cells

    Hi Everyone! First time posting. So I am running a VBA to duplicate rows a number of times that match a cell value. One of the other cells contains a date in it. I would like the date to move a month forward for each of the duplicated rows. What can I add to the VBA to make this happen...
  8. D

    Need advice on coding for a logic statement in a macro

    1 other thing I am playing with, I am trying to choose the row with the latest data for a userform that displays the information. The ID for the item may be duplicated from a different day, so I need to make the selection only pull the current data defined by a date in row A. any ideas?
  9. M

    Best practice for managing Conditional Formatting in a table?

    Hi all, I have a problem where I have a 3000 row, 30-40 column table. In all there are about 30+ named ranges, about 10-15 columns of formulas that have between 2 and 5 nested formulas. And about 30-50 correct Conditional Formats. When the CF's are correct, it goes well. But some records need...
  10. K

    Vba code delete duplicated records

    Hi! Can you help me to avoid duplicated records on importation from excel to acces? Need to add a VBA code line in order to do so.. Thanks a lot for you invaluable help.! Regards
  11. I

    Code to clear cells with duplicated conditional formatting

    Hi My workbook contains a number of sheets. Two of these, "Training Log" and "Exercise Bike", contain conditional formatting and the rows expand almost daily. Every time I type in a new row of data to either of these sheets, a new and duplicated Conditional Formatting rule is created for the...
  12. L

    Formula help

    <tbody> Sales Order SO Line Initial Budget 1043228 1 3100 1043228 2 3100 1043228 - Total 6200 1046200 1 51500 1046200 2 51500 1046200 1 108397.96 1046200 1 1046200 Total 211397.96 </tbody> Good morning excel people :) Hope you are all well...
  13. A

    Getting only one record to a duplicated records

    Hello guys i want to get only 1 record from a duplicated records because i have many duplicated dates i just need the oldest record, the formula im using is computing all the training hours for the whole month. Can someone help me with my formula Thanks!! =SUMPRODUCT((MONTH('ABN...
  14. lani_berina

    Duplicated values / data

    Hi everyone, I need help on how to find duplicated values / data from the master list in col O2:O241 to sheet1 col. B1:B125, SHEET2, COL. B2:B10 and to SHEETB COL B2:B10. <tbody> O B B B 23232 23233 454545 54545 55664 64646 464666 64654 MASTER LIST SHEET1 SHEET2 SHEET3 </tbody>...
  15. L

    duplicated dates in x-axis of a chart

    Hi I wanted to insert a chart for the data below. The dates are duplicated in x-axis, for example i have 14/10/2018 twice? why is that? Thank you. excel 2013 <colgroup><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> day temp high temp low 14/10/2018 20 10 15/10/2018 19 16 16/10/2018 18 11...
  16. K

    Finding unique values in excel column

    Hello, I'm working with a data set of 14,000+ rows, 21 columns. Since pivot tables and deeper analysis needs to be done, conditional formatting won't don't do I'd like to be able to identify the first unique item, ideally with a 1 (0 would indicate it's a duplicate ). I thought I had it...
  17. S

    Return of Duplicate sets with number of times their are Duplicated.

    Hi everyone, I looking for a formula or UDF that will extract from D6:M100 all the Duplicate and how many time each set have been duplicated, ( very important ),Starting in cell : D102 Number of time duplicated and in cell E102 the set number, then below in cell D103 Number of time duplicated...
  18. H

    Form Controls was duplicated

    My Excel Workbook has macro, a few buttons, checkboxes on it. After recently patched in April 2018, some how all form controls was duplicated with same Name but different msoType. One is type 1 (invisible) and the other is type 8 (visible). So when I click any button or checkbox that try to set...
  19. HomeTek

    Conditional Formatting - Highlighting Duplicate Values

    Hi all, So I know how highlighting duplicate values normally works. However... I have a column containing various user IDs. The problem is that I only want the duplicate values highlighted if there are more than 3 of the same value. I don't want them to be highlighted if it it only comes...
  20. L

    deactivation copy sheet function

    I created a workbook about costing of desking frame, it consists of several worksheets - there is a worksheet "Form" that is the template - where users can enter data to it - it is worksheet protected - whenever I pressed <Ctrl> key and mouse point the sheet and drag it to the right - it...

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