1. B

    VBA Code for comparing two sheets and copying non duplicates

    Hello All, I am having trouble, I hope you can help. I have tried a few different versions of code with no success. Example of what I require: Compare ("Sheet1") Range K4:K1000 with ("Sheet2") Range K4:K1000 and if there is a duplication, copy the "non-duplicates" from ("Sheet 1") Columns(B:O)...
  2. T

    IF(ISERROR Array formula

    I'm trying to write a formula that looks for duplicates and returns a specific text value if a duplicate is present. I'd ideally like to do this without nesting multiple if formulas as this might slow down the workbook. What I have so far is...
  3. L

    Formula to return the value of the duplicate number

    Hello, I am trying to find a formula to return the value of the duplicated number in cells that are not right next to each other, but within the same row. In the below example, I need a formula in column I that does the following: If the variance to on-hand in column D is zero then return the...
  4. B

    Index Match with zeros and duplicate data.

    Hey all, Thanks for taking the time to review my question. I must be missing something simple but for whatever reason I am missing something. In "Tab A" I have a list of "A" names, "B" dates and "C" total hours, In "Tab B" I have "A9:A39" each date of the selected month, "A1" the name I want to...
  5. B

    Detect and list duplicates

    Good day to all, I have a sheet as listed below. I am searching for a formula that finds duplicates and lists them in P13:P16. The values should be checked for duplicates between B3:K11 and M3:S10. If there would be more duplicates it only lists the top 4 duplicates alphabeticly. I have...
  6. D

    Delete duplicates per key in a column

    Hey everyone, I posted this earlier as follow-up in a different thread, but I thought it would be wiser to open a new one since its a different issue than the original one. I want to delete duplicates per key in this table...
  7. D

    Conditional Formatting Based on Two Columns for duplicates

    I'm running into errors with my conditional formatting. It's highlighting as a duplicate when it's actually not, but it's doing it inconsistently. I'm looking to highlight the cells in column C and D when there is a duplicate across both columns. Here's what I have as my conditional formatting...
  8. T

    Find a value, display, whilst ignoring duplicates

    Hi Guys - looking for an expert to help with this one. Having trouble in finding/showing values (E2 | F2 | G2) when there are duplicates in a range (A2:B8). Essentially: Cell E2 - Lookup D2 amongst Column A, display adjacent value (display B3 - 1111A) Cell F2 - Lookup D2 amongst Column A...
  9. T

    Filling in blanks in Column B with Duplicates in Column A

    Hello Excel Masters. I am trying to write a formula that will fill in the blank cells for Column B with "Contact 1", "Contact 2", or "Contact 3". Depending on how many duplicates are in Column A. EX: 174653 Contact 1 174653 Contact 2 175277 Contact 1 175277 Contact 2 178484 Contact 1...
  10. N

    VBA to remove all kinds of duplicates in excel

    I have a excel file which needs to be unique, I want to remove the duplicates, all kinds of duplicates like below Going to data->remove duplicates is not working. i found a code, which is also not working Sub SimpleExample() ActiveSheet.UsedRange.RemoveDuplicates Columns:=Array(1, 2, 3) ...
  11. R

    Count duplicate dates within a formula (no ranges)

    Hi I have a reference cell B2 which contains the year. I would like to create a formula that contains dates (not referenced in cells) and counts the duplicate dates. Within the formula I have the fixed dates DATE(YEAR(B2),1,1),DATE(YEAR(B2),3,2),DATE(YEAR(B2),5,1),DATE(YEAR(B2),5,9) and I would...
  12. TheMacroNoob

    Filter Dynamic Array by Range, Differently Sized Arrays

    I have a spill array that is pulling IDs from another sheet. I already have a list of IDs on one side of my visual, and I want to avoid duplicates. The list of my array formula is longer than the existing list I want to compare, and that's tripping me up. My formula with the spill array...
  13. K

    Colour duplicate text with different colours

    Hi all! I’m looking for some VBA help please! Does anyone have code that can help me find duplicate text in a column and highlight each pair as it were in a different colour? I know the text is an exact match because I used data validation, and I can get the duplicates to flag up using my a...
  14. R

    Error message in userform if duplicate entry

    Hi, I have a data list and a userform to add additional row(s) with data. I would like an error message to pop up whenever duplicate data is entered in the according userform field on the basis of a specific column in a named table. A blank entry field is admitted, but no duplicate entries. I...
  15. R

    Prevent creating duplicate worksheets in a loop (VBA)

    Hello, I have VBA code with an inputbox where you can enter specific years in order to create worksheets containing the months of this year. Now, if the year is entered twice, then the sub should be exited with the messagebox "This year has already been entered". Anyone has the VBA knowledge...
  16. M

    Clear contents of cell if it is duplicated later in the same row

    Hi! I have a sheet with shipping addresses but the data isn't all perfectly lined up. My headers are as follows, starting with Col A: NAME1 NAME2 NAME3 ADDR1 ADDR2 ADDR3 ADDR4 Some of the addresses are mixed up and come in under NAME2 or NAME3 so I was able to find a couple of formulas...
  17. D

    VBA code to highlight duplicates - all in the same colour across workbook

    Hi, I'm basically looking for a VBA that- - identifies duplicates across the whole workbook/multiple sheets - highlights duplicate cells to same random colour (preferably a light colour so text is still visible) - ignores blank cells Any ideas? Many thanks,
  18. A

    Duplicates Highlight with condition from second column

    Hello world, so I have the sheet as seen in the attachment (I have included a picture) I have 2 columns, A for machines, B for products. I want to highlight those products that are created from both machines , so something like if duplicate and column A in the range of the duplicates contains...
  19. B

    Highlight duplicates cells, but ignore cells with a ?

    I've basically got a column of names. I want to highlight duplicates. Conditional formatting works well, but but many cells in the column = "?" as a place holder. Obviously this will get flagged as a duplicate as well, but I want to take any cells that = "?" out of the running. So, basically...
  20. M

    Macro to help with a reporting feature!

    Hi all - I have been trying for a week now through chopping up bits of code to try perform a report function to help with some data analysis but it is hopeless and keeps failing. I have 3 sheets within my work book: Master Data Data Input Duplicates All three sheets contains the same headers...

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