1. T

    Highlight duplicates in 2 columns: Keep duplicates, delete rest

    Hi there, I am new to the forum since today because I am facing a problem highlighting duplicates in a large Excel file (at around 200.000 rows). Situation: Our suppliers sent a list with over 200000 rows in a file. I only need 1800 of them. I can identify the 1800 needed rows by the SKU...
  2. S

    Ranking Without Duplicates and NOT Skipping Ranks

    Hi there, Apologies if this is straight forward but I can't seem to arrive at a solution here. Trying to produce a rank for a column (column AA based on column Z in attached image) with unique ranks (no duplicates) and with no skipping rank numbers, currently using the below standard formula...
  3. A

    Xlookup With Duplicates in Return Array

    I’m tracking athletes top run times. Need to get top 3 times (including duplicates) and the associated dates. Dates are in row 1. Times start in row 2. I use SMALL to get best times. When using XLOOKUP to return the date, if a time is duplicated the formula pulls the date associated with the...
  4. P

    Find duplicate values across multiple columns and multiple rows

    Hello, Is there a formula to find duplicate values across multiple columns and multiple rows? The file contains 9 columns and 5600 rows. The columns consist of phone numbers. The rows are the contact names labeled as "ID". I would like to find all duplicates so that I can clean up a database...
  5. Rita F

    Find , mark and filter duplicates at ListObject (column of Dynamic Table) VBA

    Hi I am trying to find, mark and filter duplicates at ListObject (column of Dynamic Table) VBA without success. The Following script works great for the regular range, I made some changes and need it for the list object. I will very much appreciate your assistance Sub Duplicates()...
  6. B

    =unique formula giving duplicates

    Hey all!! I have a unique problem... pardon the pun haha. I have a really simple equation =IFERROR(UNIQUE('Lims Report'!D7:D5000,FALSE,FALSE),"") This formula has always worked for a simple list with no duplicates, and now I have a list using this formula that has given me a duplicate :( Has...
  7. A

    Need to compare two columns and fetch the matching values in a new column

    Kindly check the attached and advise how can this be achieved. Thank you in advance. ABCDEFGHIJ1Value1Value2InvPriceValue1Value2InvPrice2ABCGHI527.94ABCABC527.943GHINone455.94GHIGHI455.944DMOPPM455.94PQSPQS284.945PQSAGI284.94AGIAGI584.946TTPDGS184.947AGIPQS584.948TOFABC684.9491011ORIGINAL...
  8. A Durfani

    Lookup Duplicate Values

    Hello all, I am using below formula to lookup duplicate values but not getting the result need help in this EFGHI1A1 AmountA1 DateB1 AmountDate2-5448.2207/16/2018-5,448.2205/29/2018Not Getting This I need Both this and next...
  9. S

    How to clean and convert data into columns using VBA

    Hi Friends, I been trying from few hours to clean and convert data into columns using excel formula. But its taking much to process huge data. I want take into different columns Like ColumnA ColumnB ColumnC ColumnD First Name Last Name Job title Company name Sample data sheet attached...
  10. E

    Excel Power Query - Query duplicates after inserting a pivot

    Hi , since using Office 365, when i insert a Pivot for a query ( Insert - > PivotTable - > Use an external data source - > Selecting the query) , it gets immediately duplicated. As many pivot I instert the number of queries increase. I am trying to build a more complex report with several...
  11. H

    Return multiple results from duplicate name and date range lookup

    Hello Forum I am needing some assistance bringing back multiple results into one cell if a match is found based on a name match and a date falling within a range on another sheet. Sheet 1: this is my results sheet Column A = list of names Column D = start date Sheet 2: this is my lookup sheet...
  12. C

    VLOOKUP OR INDEX? Duplicate values exist, keep non-blank value (text & numbers)

    I have a very large spreadsheet that I am trying to return the value of some columns based on matching depths. Tab1 of my spreadsheet has no duplicate depths while Tab2 DOES have duplicate depths, some of which the columns have null values. The attached Example Tab1 image has a yellow...
  13. M

    Automatically run macro that highlights duplicates when user enters data into table.

    Hello. I use an excel document as a form where serial numbers are entered into a table (Table6). This table can not contain duplicate serial numbers. I added macro that highlights duplicates within the table but the user would have to run the macro after entering the data... and sometimes this...
  14. M

    Reading from a table in Excel

    Hello All, If anyone knows how I have a large data set and I would like to check there is duplicates. Issue is there are two parameters needed to confirm this. So for example I have in Cell B3 the Activity ID “BLH7895“ and in Cell C3 I have the Activity Name “Taking out the trash”. How would I...
  15. S

    Help with duplicates on Excel 2019 - Mac

    Hello, I am trying to compile a simple list of select student/ class scores derived from a master sheet that contains all the scores of all the students. So, the master sheet would contain the Following headers starting from Cell A1 - Student Name, Subject, Exam 1, Exam 2, Exam 3, Final...
  16. D

    Help with remove rows base on duplicate column value script

    The script below does a good work removing the rows based on the duplicates found in column a, however, it removes the last line with the duplicate, what I need is to remove the first line of the dups found. I appreciate your help. Column A Value 1 Value 2 <- Remove Value 2 Value 3<- Remove...
  17. A

    Cell Formula to count first occurrence of a customer name with criteria

    Hi! First time poster! I am trying to use a formula field to determine a first occurrence of a contract being signed ( ('Order Items'!$A:$A) result as a "1") or ending (('Order Items'!$B:$B) result as a "-1") per a client name ('Order Items'!$J:$J), per month ('Order Items'!$O:$O), to be...
  18. F

    Check duplicates in one column based on duplicates in another column and assign a value based on a condition.

    I have a few columns and couple thousand rows. Name Location Status Action Jake Germany out Retain Jake Ethiopia out Delete Jake Germany in Retain Jake Germany out Retain Jake Ethiopia out Delete In the above table, if Jake is "in" (3rd column) "Germany" (just an...
  19. D

    Remove duplicates in a row

    whats the best way to remove duplicate data in each column specifying a starting and ending column beginning sheet remove duplicates starting in row1 column J-P J K L M N O P 1 cat dog mouse cat 2 bat car ball switch car...
  20. I

    Duplicate data entries from dropdown menus

    Hello, I'm working on a personal project and I have the following problem: I have drop down menus in 13 rows of one column.. These dropdown menus have some overlapping values and some distinct values (on purpose). For example, Row 1 dropdown might have (1, 2, 3, 6, 7), Row 2 (2, 4, 5, 6), Row 3...

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