1. C

    Power query duration not right

    When I import the duration for my data set it turns the 00 into 12 which is not the right duration . the minutes and seconds are correct but for some reason power query converts the 00: into 12:. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. M

    Formula Creation Help

    Hello- I need help with trying to get a formula to do the following: If(B12 = "New Lease", figure out the duration for Occupant John Doe from C8 to D11). However, I do not want it to capture the Occupant, Paula Doe. Or, I am ok with doing a separate column to calculate the duration of the...
  3. Ebbie

    How to COUNTIF with duration (h:mm:mm) where cell with value = 1

    Hello, I have a sheet with duration values. I already can count the total amount of a specific area (ex : B2:G2) to get the total of time, that's easy and not an issue. However, I would want to get à value = 1 for each cell in the area where there's a duration. So if I have : 1:00:00 [blank...
  4. C

    Getting duration data (MM:SS) to appear on a chart axis

    Hello. I am trying to chart the monthly median duration of a project and while I can chart everything perfectly using columns B and D (Month and Seconds - see first image below) what I really want to do, is use the data from columns B and C (Month and MM:SS). For clarity, the figures in column...
  5. K

    Splitting activity duration by hour intervals

    Hi, i hope someone can help me. I try something similar as already described here: Splitting activity duration by half an hour intervals I too have a long list of activities and their start and end times. What I need is to split the duration of each activity into hourly intervals. At "Normal"...
  6. L

    Best Approach to create a column to display the comparison between current lap time and previous lap time?

    Hello guys, I have been trying for a few days to come up with the best approach to creating a column that will follow these rules, as yet without success: - It will read in a previously calculated cell *let us call it F41 for later reference* that has worked out the previous best lap time...
  7. L

    Google Sheets : How can I display duration of time with a "+" or "-" prefix?

    In Google Sheets I have a column that checks another two column's and calculates the difference. I already have it conditionally formatting to be green or red depending on the difference being less than or equal to 0, and greater than 0 respectively, but I specifically want to have it display...
  8. E

    Calculate remaining time

    I'm looking for either a formula or VBA that can actively run and calculate something for me. Here's the scenario: I have a total number of items to be completed in D319:E319 I have a total number of items that have been completed in D326:E326 I have a total number of items that are remaining...
  9. C

    Calculating duration sum hh:mm:ss

    I am trying to get a sum of time spent on the phone for agents. The format the duration is in is hh:mm:ss when I format the column and do =C2+C3 I get the correct output. When I do =SUM(C2:C55) the sum is 00:00:00. I've tried a few different ways to format and calculate the sum without luck...
  10. A

    How to check if a 2 specific time falls in between 2 times (Shifts) in Excel?

    1.I want to find out if an event with start time and end time falls "inside" or "Outside" working shifts for associates. 2.Segregate and calculate the production duration that falls within shift hours or outside shift hours. (The Shift timings are 5pm to 2am which would be the next day so that...
  11. F

    SUM IF Duration Is Between Certain Values

    Hi All! Could you please kindly advise as to how to sum duration values that fall between certain ranges? My custom format is set to [h]:mm and cannot be changed. Let me illustrate what I'm trying to do with an example. Columns A & B usually contain 9:00 & 17:30 respectively, however, at...
  12. BradleyS

    Sum duration values only if -3

    The table below shows an ID reference and each -3 (shown in red in my example only) is an accumulative count of the duration and needs to be added to the value above it. So if the ID is NOT - 3 it will be just be the adjacent duration value. However, if the ID is -3 it now has to be added to...
  13. masud8956

    Listing holidays separately and finding values in aggregate

    Hello experts! I don't know if it is too much to ask. I have a situation like the following: A2:A10 shows the timeline of a project. C2:C10 lists all working days between A2 and A10 excluding weekends (marked in red)and public holidays. C2=A2 but for C3 I have used...
  14. M

    Calculating Hours Worked and breaks taken

    Hello I thought I already posted this question but couldn’t find it anyways here I go I am working on a weekly staffing schedule and it has the follow info type C13 = start time ( 8:30 Am) D13=End-time (5:00 PM) E13 =Hours worked ( subtracting breaks with the following rules ) Works < 6...
  15. N

    Convert duration in text to HH:MM:SS format in excel

    I have an extract of data where the duration for an activity is listed as ## hour ## Minutes ## Seconds ex. 1 hour 22 minutes 29 seconds. Is there a way to convert this a time format so I can perform date math between two activities? Not all entries have hour, minutes and seconds. There are...
  16. SandsB

    Another Time comparison problem

    So I have thousands of rows of data every day. In column F I have an event code and in column G I have the duration of that event. I need to know if "Event B" occurs within 20 minutes of "Event A". If F2 is "Event A" and G2 is 0:09:23 and F3 is "Event X" and G3 is 0:00:03 and F4 is "Event Y"...
  17. M

    Time Duration Between Two Dates and Times

    Hi, What formula would i use in D2 to get the correct days, hours and minutes duration between cells A2 and A3? A2 01/09/2019 19:07:30 PM D2 Formula to state 1 Day 11 Hours and 18 Minutes A3 02/09/2019 16:10:50 PM Thanks.
  18. SandsB

    Yuck. Time in increments problem

    I have thousands or rows of data that include a start time and a duration. Something like this: A2 = Bob B2 = 8/15/2019 6:25:19 AM C2 = 12:38:13 AM (This appears on the screen as 0:38:13, the actual duration, and has a format of h:mm:ss) To that raw data, a formula in Column D takes the time...
  19. H

    Scheduling in Excel

    I need to create a gantt chart that will draw horizontal bars when I enter start and finish dates. The user would enter the item description, start date, and duration (in work days). Questions: - To get the finish date...I add the duration to the start date. How do I format the resulting...
  20. T

    Vba or Fomulas to give me 4 dates from a start date and duration

    Hi Everyone, Hoping someone can help with this, I would like to input a start date and durration and get 4 dates equal weeks apart from that info. So for example D2= Start Date, (I input 01/July/2019) D3= Duration in weeks (I Input 4 weeks) So I would get the following dates in range...

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