dynamic cell lookup

  1. S

    Creating a Dynamic Floor plan

    This is not looking for a solution its more so advice on if its possible. Was looking to create a dynamic floor plan in Excel where on the raw tab you would enter certain dimensions of a piece of equipment and it would then map it on a sheet. Something like Item A being 6*3 meaning its 6...
  2. P

    Can I drag a set of 2 rows with formulas that reference the same row of another table

    Hi smarties I am trying to make a table that turns this: <tbody> John potato 1 Mary cranberry 5 David salsa 4 Stacy potato 6 Greg potato 2 Anna salsa 3 </tbody> Into this: <tbody> John Potato 1 Mary Cranberry 5 David Salsa 4 Stacy Potato 6...
  3. N

    Dynamic Pictures based one someones name

    Hi all, Wondering if you could help me here. I am trying to create some profiles for some players in which I change the name and their picture changes. I have created a table with their picture next to their name and followed some instructions online to make dynamic pictures however I keep...
  4. C

    How to make vlookup criteria use column header

    I have two sheets. Sheet1 has a table of data that I will need to lookup, and I will be pasting data from another workbook into Sheet2 that has somewhat consistent column headers but in different orders. I want to put a formula in Sheet2!A:A that finds a specific column in the pasted data and...
  5. J

    how to compare values from multiple columns from other sheet?

    Sub numbers() Dim rngCell As Range For Each rngCell In Sheets("Final").Range("F13:F" & rowLast) If WorksheetFunction.CountIf(Sheets("Filter").Range("A1:A" & rowLast), rngCell) <> 0 And _ Range("I" & rngCell.Row).Value <= 0 And _ Range("D" & rngCell.Row).Value < 50 Or _...
  6. T

    Dynamic formula in excel?

    Hi, I am working on a report which divides total income down to each consultant. In a sum up page I sum up the total amount of income on different projects gathered from different pages in an Excel document. In addition, I want to add under each consultant a formula which fetch project...
  7. K

    Dynamic Display of List Values Based Upon Value Selected From Another List

    I have successfully created several drop down lists however I am trying to display different drop down values based upon a selection. Ex. In cell A3 it displays a drop down list with the values Keyword, Certification, Skills If a user selects Keyword from cell A3 I want them to be able to...
  8. P

    SUM using Dynamic References via HLOOKUP

    Hi, On Sheet 1 I have: A row of consecutive monthly dates (Jan-14, Feb-14, Mar-14, Apr-14 etc.) - let's call them A1-Z1 A row below with Sales figures for each month (1,2,3,4,5 etc.) - let's call them B1 - Z1 On Sheet 2 I have: A row of dates which represent different period end dates which...
  9. P

    Dynamic Formula (repeating the formula)

    I would like to repeat a formula and make its dynamic depending on the request. The formular that I would like to repeat is...
  10. J

    VBA Macro to Copy from Table & Create Matrix style view

    Hi All, I currently have a spreadsheet with the following sheets which are tables, I also have a worksheet for every month and creating a monthly view of each day in their associated worksheet, I basically need a VBA macro to use the below information to construct a matrix such as below...
  11. R

    Dynamic Lookups Based on Pick Lists

    I work for an insurance brokers who sell policies on behalf of a panel of insurers. I've been given a spreadsheet containing sales data where each individual row represents an individual sale, and each column represents a different element of each such sale. For example: <tbody> Insurer Area...
  12. M

    Dynamic Vlookup

    Hello all, I am new to VBA and really trying to improve. I tried looking a solution up, but couldn't really find what I need. Can anyone help me? or have an idea would be great! I really appreciate it! I can't attach the xls, but here is how its presented: Column A has the daily dates, column D...
  13. S

    Dynamic ranges

    Hello, I have a sheet called “Calculation” on which column E that contains (from row 4 below) approx. 50 numbers (results from a formula) and somewhere in these 50 numbers one row that contains the text “maximum” (also as a result from a formula). This formula is for row 4...
  14. C

    Using dynamic parameters in Online Query's

    I have what I think is a pretty simple question. I have a column (A) of stock symbols (IBM, WMT, CAT). As the first part of this project, all I want to be able to do is to make a query to yahoo finance to get the name. What I do is this. 1.Click on cell B1 and go to Data -> From Web 2. the...
  15. G

    Dynamic Cell Values Comparison Offset

    :) Good afternoon, What i'm trying to do is to have a dynamic comparison between cell values. Here is the case: In Column A you can see the serial, Column C states the ammount of times that serial is in the column and only displays this number the first time it appears in the column...
  16. G

    Dynamically search and copy selective cells for report

    Hello Excel Masters, after a few days searching and puzzling, it is time to ask the masters... It is more of a project then a single question, but maybe you can direct me to the right page for certain aspects. I have one master sheet 'Totals', built up like: >>> Customer Number Name...
  17. F

    Dynamic Lists for Comp Sheet

    Hi, I am building a Comp sheet that automatically populates a long list of stock tickers with a corresponding "sector code" Ex: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 86pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=114 x:str><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 86pt; mso-width-source...
  18. R

    Excel Formula Issue

    I have a Lotus spreadsheet that was created before I started here. I am attempting to recreate it in Excel. I have a Field I a dynamic field G6 which the user puts a date in. When they do this Field B10 needs to be populated with the number in the corresponding date field that is on sheet1 of...
  19. M

    Cell Address

    Hi, I have a range where I want to find a cell address based on another function, like HLOOKUP or any other. But when I use HLOOKUP function as a 'refernce' argument in Excel's inbuilt function Cell(), it gives an error. Is there a way, that I can find a cell address based on any of the...
  20. D

    Dynamically Linking Excel Cells from Different Workbooks

    Hi All, I have just started VBA-ing in Excel, and feel I am way over my head. Any solution to the following would be greatly appreciated: Basically, I have two two workbooks, let's call them data.xls, and model.xls The model workbook needs to pull numbers from the data workbook. Basically the...

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