dynamic charting

  1. F

    dynamic charts with missing data in chart range

    Hello So, I'm working with a raw data set that I have made, and I frequently update the data whenever I collect data from sources. The first two rows of the data set are frozen, so I can have some semblance of what my data titles are. Using the data, I have made several charts. Now, I know I...
  2. M

    Copy paste charts with dynamic rows/column references

    Hey guys, Not sure if I neeed VBA to accomplish this or not, but I can’t be the first that needs a way to do this. I have a column of dates in A. In column B I am computing the AVERAGE of the values in columns C through Z). And then in columns C through Z I have data. I would like an easy way...
  3. C

    Dynamic Chart with Drop Down Menu

    Hi guys, looking to find a solution to a dynamic chart. I'm looking to chart Forecast, Cumulative Forecast, Actuals and Cumulative Actuals on a 12 month axis. The kicker is that I have several sub segments from a job to chart. So for job 61383, I have to chart 61383-DS-001-020, 61383-DS-001-021...
  4. P

    Dynamic chart ranges populated from named ranges as selected in nested indirectly sourced validation lists.

    Hi all, Long time reader - first time poster. As the rather cryptic subject says, I'm trying to dynamically populate ranges to facilitate dynamic charts being generated. I use excel 2010 at work, and 2011 for mac at home. I have an example spreadsheet, but I don't know if I can upload it...
  5. sitewolf

    Dynamic charting in 2007

    Awhile back I was asked to put some charts together tracking 2 sets of data for each state by month for the last several years of the company's history. At the time, the implication was that I would do this one time, so updating it wasn't something I was concerned about. I haven't done much...
  6. M

    Dynamic named range of non-contiguous cells suitable for chart series reference

    Hi all. I can't begin to express how magnificently helpful this site has been to me over the years. Until now I have always been able to find solutions to my problems through experimentation and diligent searching. At long last, though, it has come to this: a direct plea for help. I am...
  7. sitewolf

    Dynamically updating charts

    I've only recently started really using any charts at all, so when I built the sales report spread I just did, I didn't do it correctly so that as I add data for each month, the charts dynamically change. My spread has state by state as well as month by month totals; I'm wanting to chart each...
  8. K

    Display Bar Chart Without Blank Rows

    Hi, I have this data which I would like to put in a bar chart. The problem is that when I change teams, some have more staff than others so I need to graph the whole 20 rows but only display the ones with data. The empty cells have formula in them so are not true blanks. It is not viable for...
  9. M

    Copying worksheets & maintaining dynamic range graphs

    Ok I've trawled the internet for too long now and still not found a solution so I figured I'd finally register and post a problem... I have a database which I can query (osisoft PI for any process engineers) and I've set up a sheet to identify the start and end points of certain events that...
  10. L

    Dynamic charts - horizontal data

    Hi, Is it possible to do dynamic charting when the data set is horizontal (in rows)? All the great sites with examples from Google are all shown with column data. Normally I just transpose the data set, but I'm not the only one who puts in new data, so it would be alot of help if it's possible...
  11. J

    Horizontal Dynamic Charts

    Hi, Hope someone can help! I'm working in a workbook with around 4 charts (mixture of line/bar/line & bar on two axis etx) each of these has more data added every week. I am trying to update these so I don't have to change the series every week I have managed to create a test workbook using...
  12. brettr87

    For Next Loop Trouble

    I'm sure this could be an easy fix for someone, but somehow this is escaping me at the moment... Dim AC Range("L6") = AC For AC = 0 To ActiveCell.Offset(RowOffset:=1) Next Sheets("15 mn bucket").Names.Add Name:="LEAD", RefersTo:=ActiveCell Sheets("15 mn bucket").Names.Add Name:="ChtVal"...

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