dynamic range

  1. H

    Adjust an existing formula based on most recently added column and prior month end date.

    I'm currently building a macro to update an inventory file that's updated weekly. Once all the new data has been added for the week, I need to adjust the formula in the totals column ("MTD Chg") to pull from the last week of the prior month and the newest column added. I've been able to select...
  2. brendalpzm

    Populate an ActiveX combo box according to a List Box values

    I have a ListBox that is filtered by a TextBox, but I want it ot be filter by a ComboBox as well, This means that If the TextBox is filtering specific values, the values shown in the ListBox must be shown in the ComboBox. This is a visual example of it And this is the code that I'm using for...
  3. L

    Sparkline Dynamic Range

    So I have I have a list with categories and base o the category that I select a Dynamic Range with subcategories is created with Filter,Unique and Order functions. In the following columns I have the sales from Jan to Dec which is connected to s spark lines. The thing is that not all categories...
  4. J

    Trendlines - ignoring zero/blank values in the range

    Hi, I’m creating graphs using exponential trendlines (=Growth formula), however sometimes in my dataset there are zero values in the range (these are formulas which return blank values so are not empty as such). This means that the trend line cannot be calculated as I get #Value errors. If I...
  5. Z

    Chart with Dynamic Ranges

    Hello, I was trying to paste a mini sheet here but got error message (as showing in screenshot attached). I have a drop-down list that can pull different data, some data has blanks or 0s. What I need to create is dynamic ranges for this data to be presented in a chart (like bar chart or column...
  6. E

    SUMIFS with a dynamic range and criteria fields in VBA

    Hi everyone! Trying to do a SUMIFS in VBA with the following setup, but lacking the knowledge to execute it correctly: =SUMIFS(sum_range, criteria_range1, criteria1) 1. sum_range = dynamic range six columns to the left of the active cell's position 2. criteria_range1 = dynamic range nine...
  7. F

    Conditional formatting a range which is dynamic

    How can I apply conditional formatting to a range which is dynamic. The start cell is known. The end row is the last non blank row, in the example below, 14. The last column is the last non blank column, in this case, G.
  8. brendalpzm

    ActiveX Combo box, Values from dynamic range from another sheet

    Hello everyone, Is there a way to populate an activeX combo box with a dynamic range (this means we can add and remove values) that is located in a different sheet, Also that the combo box is capable of refreshing automatically whenever we add or remove values and ignore blanks. If you could...
  9. B

    OFFSET formula to create a dynamic chart based on 2 distinct ranges

    Hello, I am trying to create a dynamic chart with the OFFSET function to display 2 data ranges of a factory production planning. Below is an image of the planning sheet, where the first row indicates the date, the second row shows the forecast, and row 13 indicates the processed workload. Based...
  10. larinda4

    Run Time Error 5 - Macro for Pivot Table

    I'm not the greatest with macros and I generally use the record a macro and play around with it until it does what I want. I recorded creating a pivot table, placing it in an existing sheet and when I delete the pivot table and try to run the macro again to confirm it works, I am receiving a Run...
  11. M

    How to know the real range of a dynamic range

    I use statements as Worksheets("Cleaned").Names.Add Name:="Date_and_Time", RefersToR1C1:="=Cleaned!R2C1:INDEX(Cleaned!C1, COUNTA(Cleaned!C1))" Worksheets("Cleaned").Names.Add Name:="Date", RefersToR1C1:="=Cleaned!R2C2:INDEX(Cleaned!C2, COUNTA(Cleaned!C2))" Worksheets("Cleaned").Names.Add...
  12. F

    Creating a dynamic chart range over a table with cells made blank via a formula

    Hi, I am working on Excel 2013. I am currently struggling to present my vertical column organised dataset on a bar chart. I have formulae that return different datasets depending on variables set by the user elsewhere, and this should feed into a bar chart with a varying number of categories...
  13. I

    Find subtotal values in a dynamic range - Formula or VBA

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here on this forum. Please see the sample set of data below, this data is on a worksheet called Éxpenses'. It is a report extracted from our database so there are no formulas on this sheet...
  14. K

    Issue with copying dynamic range

    Hello All, I'm trying to copy dynamic range without copy-paste sequence, where the position of last column is dynamic. To test the correctness of my code, I'm using fixed ranges now and this code works well: Sheets("Data").Range("A1:J1").Value =...
  15. B

    Replacing cell value with a range of cell values

    I have data on Sheet1 in column A which is inputted dynamically via a userform. The data exists in column A like: Column A AB1234 BC1256 GF4567 I want to copy this data to sheet2 which has another set of data inputted dynamically via a second userform. I want to copy the data, to...
  16. E

    Max Difference Between Two Dynamic Ranges

    Let's assume our example data set is as follows: Column A1:A9 10 12 14 12 10 15 20 25 20 Column B1:B9 10 10 11 11 9 9 11 11 10 I'm looking for a one cell formula/vba code that will show the maximum difference between the maximum value of a dynamically increasing range in column A1:A9 and...
  17. J

    Copy and Paste dynamic range

    I've got a workbook with 48 used columns. Of those 48 used columns I need to select and copy a range covering the contiguous first 29 columns. I need to be able to select which row to start the range on by using an inputbox and a find/match loop until the given string is found and a cell address...
  18. A

    Using macro to sum dynamic range with result in cell 2 below last row of dynamic range

    I'm trying to take a recorded macro which results in absolute ranges and apply dynamic ranges to the code. In this case, I need to sum a dynamic range and then have the result appear two cells below the last row of the dynamic range. In this example, I would need to sum the totals of A1:A4 and...
  19. B

    dyamic array/range - rolling equation

    I have a few inputs in A1:B3: months 20 Price per month 30 cost 180 then in: A5 =sequence(1,b1,1,1) A6 =sequence(1,b1,B2,0) A7 =If(A5#=1,b3,0) This gives me a useful and dynamic table. However, I would add a rolling P&L from A8 for the length of the number of months? Below is the result that...
  20. P

    Multi-variable lookup across range of variable sheet count

    I have a three-sheet workbook intended to distribute tasks to employees. Sheet1 is a dashboard, Sheet2 is a table with primary tasks (some 1000), Sheet3 is a table with secondary tasks (some 1300). The employees are imported from another workbook via a PW-protected button as new sheets that they...

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