dynamic range

  1. A

    conditional range

    I need to create a range between B5:M5 that is defined by the location of P1 (phase 1) and P2 (phase 2) in Row 4. The range should begin one column to the right and one row down from P1 and end at the cell one column to the left and one row down from P2. P1 and P2 are both movable and so...
  2. B

    Last row in Dynamic Range

    I am attempting to retrieve the value found in the last cell/row in column E of a dynamic range. The first row containing data will always be E12 and the last row fluctuates on a daily basis. The formula I am using invariably returns the value found in E12 only - so I am obviously doing...
  3. B

    VBA Using range variables for sumifs formula

    HI Guys need some help with this one - Done some searching but couldn't find anything that helps with my particular challenge here The excel function I would to return via vba in Cell L3 is =SUMIFS(G3:G12,H3:H12,"Sales",I3:I12,"<>Excluded")/38 I want to achieve this using VBA and use...
  4. D

    Is it possible to populate a combo box with a range or values that exists 1 row and not a column?

    I have a dynamic range that all the info in is 1 row and I want to use it to populate a combo box but I can only get the value in the first cell to show in the combo box. Range named adbk is on a tab named Admin and the data starts in b1 and stretches out on row 1 below is the line of code that...
  5. G

    Select and copy a range with values and not with formulas

    Hello everyone!! Hopefully somebody can help me! I am using VBA to create an email from Excel that includes in the body of the message a table that I am selecting as an specific range. The problem that I have is: I have not been able to select just the dynamic range that contains values. It...
  6. sdrowsick

    VBA Loop Issue

    Hello! I'm new here, so please let me know how I can best improve for future posts... My question is about a VBA loop in a file. I am trying to create a program that takes all the cells in a range (the range is a dynamic named range, but for this example, it's 269 rows and 37 columns), checks...
  7. M

    Sum Levels of Nested Subtotals

    Hello, I am trying to write a macro that sums several layers of nested subtotals. The lowest level subtotals (subtotal 2) are already calculated and pulled from another tab. Subtotal 1 needs to ONLY be the sum of the individual Subtotal 2 lines. In my example below, the first subtotal 2 field...
  8. G

    Dynamic Range that expands with new columns

    I am trying to create a dynamic range that expands with new columns added. I created a defined name called ("DynamicCompList") and the range for this is D7:R57. When I enter information into S7, I want the range to expand to D7:S57. My data in the range has some blanks that need to stay. I tried...
  9. G

    Add data to dynamic range

    I have a dynamic range that expands when I add new data(naturally). I would like to add code to a button that I have that will adddata to the range when the button is pressed. This is the line of code I amworking with: Sheets("Competitor OverviewData").Range("CompetitorsLOV").Offset(1, 0).Value...
  10. A

    Dynamic range name when it starts in a row > 1? Counta() does not work for me!

    Excel friends, I would like to setup a dynamic range name for B9:C20. I have tried out too many online examples using Counta(), but those examples do not work for me. B9:C20 starts in row 9, and it is two columns wide. Variations of this formula do not work for me...
  11. A

    Dynamic range for columns in a pivot table

    Hi all, I am trying to create a dynamic range to accommodate when the number of rows and columns can change in the data set when creating a pivot table. I created a named range but I cant quite get it to work. Any help please.. =OFFSET('Waterfall 23'!$A$2,0,0,COUNTA(Waterfall '23'!$A:$A)1,1)
  12. C

    Dynamic range that needs to be parsed, then reaggregated.

    I really would appreciate some extra eyes on this, I’m thoroughly stumped. Let me know if you have any questions or clarifications. I have a daily reconciliation with 4 unfortunately un linked data sources. Thus far I have created a macro that can handle 3/4 sources but I've hit a wall on the...
  13. K

    Clear Contents below a dynamic Range

    Hi everyone hopefully this is a simple one but my limited VBA experience has me stumped. I want to clear the contents of columns a and b when a is blank. Below is the table of sample data i want to clear cells a4:b7, however this range need to be dynamic based off if column A is blank and b...
  14. A

    Counting entries from dynamic range

    Hello all, I am writing a simple macro to count the number of categories in a dynamic range by: Offsetting the bottom of the range (“SectionInfant”) by -1 CountA the resulting range (B4 to Target) Paste the resulting number in F1 I can’t get the following code to work. Any help is...
  15. M

    Chart Dynamic Range

    Hello, Using Excel 2016. I created a chart with a chart data range from B2:F13. I created a macro that will insert a column in C:C. This causes my chart data range to now =B2:B13,D2:F13. The new data in column C is not being displayed on the chart. I have a screenshot, but I'm unsure how...
  16. N

    VBA to Select Dynamic Range

    Good morning, I have a workbook with 3 sheets of similar format. Each returns data starting in cell "P3:W" but can return a different number of rows on each sheet. For example, SheetA returned 5 rows so I would need to select "P3:W7" but on SheetB there is only one row so I only need to select...
  17. A

    Pull Index/Match/offset from a Range data then Sort Numbers with Points

    Hi, I'm tryng to Index Match from a Dynamic Range of 6 pairs of columns, The column work as: Col A= Numbers, Col B=Values Col C= Numbers, Col D=Values Col E= Numbers, Col F=Values Col G= Numbers, Col H=Values Col I= Numbers, Col J=Values Col K= Numbers, Col L=Values Notes: -.Numbers on each...
  18. S

    Creating a VBA function for index and match with dynamic named ranges ... Urgent please help!!!

    Afternoon, I am hoping someone can help me with this. I have lots of dynamic index and matches needing to be placed in one formula and it is getting very long and messy. As a result, I need to create functions for each one of them to shorten the formulas. I am struggling to get the below...
  19. M

    Copy/Paste Row from another workbook based on selection in a dynamic ComboBox

    I have a combobox that populates with a dynamic list of check numbers based on the employee selected in a listbox. The check number values in the combobox change each time a different employee is selected in the listbox. These check numbers are "imported" from different worksheets in another...
  20. V

    To use countif in a dynamic column using dynamic row range

    I have a data set of employees with their Present absent details. I want to use countif of A and P in the last column of the data set. I am not sure in which column the last data will be present as sometimes we take 2 months data etc. after finding the last column I want to add a coutif in all...

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