dynamic userform

  1. A

    Dynamic Controls and Objects at Runtime

    Hello, Ive seen a few questions about adding controls at runtime but Im afraid I must be missing a few concepts. I have tried to adapt some code but the project Im working on is difficult to extrapolate the sample code to. I have the form creation down but cannot figure out adding items to a...
  2. B

    How to reference a userform command button click event when the button was created dynamically?

    Hi all, Novice VBA user here. I'm a structural engineer and working to create a program that helps evaluate the demands on a pile foundation group. So far, it has two user forms - the first form asks the user how many piles the group contains, and then a "next" or "cancel" button. When the...
  3. D

    Change UserForm dynamically based on input

    Hi MrExcel, I'll greatly appreciate your input re the issue below. I'm looking for an option to add elements (such as ListBoxes) to a Userform in a dynamic/interactive way: the number of ListBoxes (as well as their names, tab indices etc.) should depend on a specific input value (say, on the...
  4. P

    Update userform controls stored in model via VBA

    Hi I've not been able to find anything on this via Google, so I'm posted a question on it here in search of some help. I'm not very conversant with using VBA on userforms so please bare with me if this is something trivial. I have set up a userform with a set of text labels, some for column...
  5. J

    Adding Mutiple Lines of Textboxes / Combo Boxes

    Hi All, I am currently putting together a stop-gap time booking tool. I am using a userform for this. Users will be able to add new lines, consisting of time entries for each day, against booking codes. The number of lines needs to be dynamic. The user presses a command button to add a new...
  6. B

    Dynamic Userform to delete selected sheets

    I want to create a userform that will list all worksheets in a workbook with CheckBoxes next to each one. The user then can check the worksheets they wish to delete, and click the OK button to delete them. I have been able to create a userform that lists all the sheets, but that is about it. Any...
  7. B

    Dynamically updating userform that lists worksheets and allows to edit one cell in each worksheet

    OK, I have a question that I am stuck on. I would like to allow users to display a userform that lists all worksheets except for three (Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3) in the workbook and has a textbox next to the worksheet name that displays the value of cell A1 in that particular worksheet. The...
  8. V

    Runtime error 50289

    Hi, I am trying to generate a dynamic user-form via vb code. I have protected the code module using VBA Project Properties. But when I re-open the workbook and run the code, I am getting the "Runtime error - '50289' - Application defined or Object defined error.". When I tried putting some...
  9. V

    ComboBox AddItem Issue

    Hi, I am creating a dynamic UserForm in which i am creating a ComboBox. I want to populate the ComboBox dropdown with names of the sheets present in the workbook. UserForm is created successfully but ComboBox dropdown is always blank. Here is the code: Set NewComboBox =...
  10. V

    Runtime Error 1004 in dynamic UserForm

    Hi all, I am using a code available on one of the sites for creating a dynamic user form. but i am not able to proceed at all because of Runtime Error 1004 "Application Defined or Object Defined error". here is the part where i am getting it: Sub MakeUserForm() Dim TempForm As Object...
  11. ghelfer

    Dynamic userform.images

    I have a lot of images on userform2 and I need to access its in userform1.image1 as below: for x = 1 to 150 if range("A" & x) = 1 userform1.image1.picture = userform2.image[x].picture end if next x I spent a lot of time finding o solution for this but I am desting...
  12. craig.penny

    Programmatically remove a control from userform

    Greetings, Suppose I have a userform named myUserForm and a checkbox on it named myCheckBox. How on earth do I remove myCheckBox from myUserForm at run time? I've tried every which way I can think and I always get "error 444". Some things I've tried are: myUserForm.Controls.Remove...

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