1. G

    Making certain columns contain bold texts dynamically

    Hello there, I am a new member in this forum (just joined now). I am in my Excel learning journey and I hope that I can make contributions to this forum soon i.e., hoping to be active. Greetings aside, here is my problem. I wish to make a row of dates (not in columns which is usually the case)...
  2. M

    Position and Resize Rectangles Dynamically, Based on Cell Values

    I've been working on this all day and have had zero success. I want to be able to change dates in Columns A and B and have rectangles position and lengthen themselves accordingly, based on the calculated values in Columns C and D. I almost had something working earlier today but it would only...
  3. N

    Combine data from ALL worksheets in different workbook

    Hello, I've been working on a new template and excel sheet for the quality inspection of fresh carrots we receive. Everytime we receive a load, we work on a Excel sheet to fill in our quality inspection. So every load has its own sheet based on a template in the same workbook. The name of the...
  4. E

    VBA Perform Autofill formula in specified column name/location

    Hello, I have a VBA macro that will insert a new column (titled updated col..) to the right of the specified column name. Then I use a VLOOKUP and autofill in the new column to provide the updated values. The column location of the updated column is variable/dynamic. How can I make the autofill...
  5. A

    P&L impact and Cash flow impact (for expenses) - with payment terms

    Hi everyone, how are you? Could I ask you to help me please? I need to calculate automatically 2 things (in the tab "Cost details"): 1/ The P&L impact (taking into account several variables - from cell L13 to cell S13 2/ the Cash position (cashout) based on payment terms, total cost expense...
  6. J

    Dynamically move linked pictures, to avoid overlaps / blank gaps between them

    Hey everyone, I was hoping someone could help with some ideas. I have an Excel report with multiple linked pictures, one after another in a vertical layout. Each of these linked pictures points to a named range, and each of these named ranges points to a specific pivot table. Some of these...
  7. D

    Dynamic column range based on dropdown menu

    Hi there, I'm looking for help with a problem in regards to using a dropdown menu for a dynamic summation of periods. I have a drop down menu with P1-P12 in it. Here is the report that I have to use for the information. Right now I have been working on by just using SumProduct to get the...
  8. P

    Dynamic cell and sorting

    So here is the deal. I need that cell in E4 to be dynamic because the "Description" column on the Excel table is supposed to be sortable. By dynamic I mean that no matter the order of the Excel table, cell E4 should always report the correct tag associated to the description. How can I achieve...
  9. N

    Have sorting/filtering of formatted table apply to range on other sheet doable?

    Hi, I would like to ask whether it is doable to have a formatted Excel table on one sheet, a normal range (or maybe another formatted table as well if that is better??) on another sheet and have the sorting/filtering and any editing of the formatted table on the first sheet dynamically apply to...
  10. M

    index/match dynamic range

    Hi all, I have coded my index match but I used formula instead of function, also my code has set ranges instead of dynamic ones. Clumns A,C,F changes everyday so need to implement index/match functions and dynamic ranges. Is there a chance someone could kindly help me with this, please. Thank...
  11. B

    VBA Help - Copy and Add Sheet for every unique value

    Hello Everyone! I have a VBA issue I can not beat and need the experts. On my "Project Tracker" tab I have a list of names in starting in cell D7 and going down. Names can be duplicated Currently I have a macro that when clicked, it will look through this range of data, find the unique values...
  12. H

    How to make data sets to by dynamic in VBA

    Hi, Wanted to ask how to enable my datasets within VBA to be dynamic for future VBA purposes ? In my "Record Macro" function, I selected the available range of data (Ctrl + Select + 8), but within the VBA, the code specifies the range which I did in my initial loop. How to allow my future...
  13. G

    Dynamic Chart Area

    Hi all, I have created a chart based on a table. We can see that in first foto there are no value entries, and in second foto values were added. Into the third foto, with rows only partially completed values, chart is going on 0 line from where values end. I need the red line to stop where...
  14. J

    Formula - Based on position of one specific value within a subset

    Hi guys, Very specific query for a workbook I'm building so I hope you can help me. I need to incorporate a formula in column D(Flag) so this field populates one of these three labels (First time, Prior, Before) when the following scenarios occur. The logic/formula needs to be reset every...
  15. S

    Excel Blank Range Address Report

    I am looking for VBA code that I can select a range and it would: Create a new workbook and a worksheet named with a the source name & date/time stamp select a any range find all the blanks in the selected range report the blank address in column A of the new wb/sheet report the column header...
  16. D

    VBA code not working anymore?

    Hello everybody, I am currently managing a stock tracking file, which is edited manually to a large extent. Currently, the four significant columns look like this: Here, column I is the actual quantity in stock. If my code was functioning, which it was as of yesterday (and I have made no...
  17. S

    Pulling list of Unique Names from Refresh-able Table between Date Range (Or Month Number)

    Hello! Thanks for any help in advance: I'm attempting to create a "dynamic invoice" of sorts, with names being pulled from a "refresh-able" table. By that term, I mean an excel table that (I'm assuming) is pulling from an SQL query and just needs the "refresh all" button on the Data tab to be...
  18. J

    Dependent data validation question

    Hi all, i feel like i've watched a million youtube videos and read a million articles and they all seem sooo similar to what i'm trying to accomplish, but i just can't quite get there... Here's the situation; Excel 2016, will be a shared workbook so no tables allowed, workbooks will likely have...
  19. O

    Date look-up and dynamic fill numbers.

    My workbook contains an 'inputs tab' where i will have 3 inputs: "date", "amount" and "number of months." In my 'output tab' i have row 1 filled with all the month end dates. I.e Jan 31, 2020, Feb 28, 2020....etc I want to have a dynamic formula in row 2 that will match the "date" from...
  20. S

    Dynamic VLOOKUP

    Hi, Wonder if it is possible to have a formula that dynamically looks up values from a table as the reference cell instead of manually typing in each one. Once it finds a new VLOOKUP value it would use that by default until it finds the next value in the table and so on. In the example below it...

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