1. S

    Pulling list of Unique Names from Refresh-able Table between Date Range (Or Month Number)

    Hello! Thanks for any help in advance: I'm attempting to create a "dynamic invoice" of sorts, with names being pulled from a "refresh-able" table. By that term, I mean an excel table that (I'm assuming) is pulling from an SQL query and just needs the "refresh all" button on the Data tab to be...
  2. J

    Dependent data validation question

    Hi all, i feel like i've watched a million youtube videos and read a million articles and they all seem sooo similar to what i'm trying to accomplish, but i just can't quite get there... Here's the situation; Excel 2016, will be a shared workbook so no tables allowed, workbooks will likely have...
  3. O

    Date look-up and dynamic fill numbers.

    My workbook contains an 'inputs tab' where i will have 3 inputs: "date", "amount" and "number of months." In my 'output tab' i have row 1 filled with all the month end dates. I.e Jan 31, 2020, Feb 28, 2020....etc I want to have a dynamic formula in row 2 that will match the "date" from...
  4. S

    Dynamic VLOOKUP

    Hi, Wonder if it is possible to have a formula that dynamically looks up values from a table as the reference cell instead of manually typing in each one. Once it finds a new VLOOKUP value it would use that by default until it finds the next value in the table and so on. In the example below it...
  5. J

    VBA - How to make formulas dynamic when inserting new rows?

    Hello everyone, I have a macro that insert new blank rows, then copy and paste some rows, based on a input userbox. Those last rows contain formulas but, once pasting them, they become incorrect (problem of references). I'd like to make the formulas dynamic in the macro code (via R1C1) or via...
  6. A

    Filter Inside Pivot table data values

    Hello, @MARK858 - Is it possible for you to help me on this please. I have a Pivot table, where i need to Select Blank Column next to last row of Pivot table and Put Filter. I tried some coding but i am getting an error. Please help to rectify. Steps: 1. select Row from a Blank Column (Here it...
  7. V

    Weighted Utilization % in Pivot based on Volume, Plant & Product Group

    Hi All, Really hoping for some help here in calculating the correct weighted utilization. The idea is you have multiple plants within each product group and within each plant you have multiple lines with different possible volumes. Based on the volume assigned to the line you have a...
  8. C

    VBA: Autofill current selected cell down according to adjacent column. Columns will be dynamic.

    Hi All, I've been trying to solve this for a few days now. I am relatively new to VBA, and I am running into trouble due to the data in my worksheets being dynamic. I need to autofill a formula down to the last row of the adjacent column next to it. The problem I'm running into, is I'm not...
  9. S

    Referencing a big number of ToggleButtons

    I have a table which has a ToggleButton next to each line. I would like to write a script that does something for each line of the table, but only if the ToggleButton on that line is pressed. Is there a way to define the if condition in an elegant way? I would imagine something like: For i =...
  10. C

    Updating a dynamic list

    Hi! I am looking to learn if it is possible to update a growing list within excel through a separate sheets inputted values. I will use name, height, weight, and age as example placeholders. On the first sheet (Sheet1), I would like to have inputs for the above data which will then populate a...
  11. S

    Count Cells in all visible worksheets unless specified to ignore

    I have worksheet A, B, C, D, E, & a I have data in cells G5:G15 of sheets B, C, D, & E I want to count the total cells in each sheet with values "xx" that are visible except in sheets A and a.
  12. T

    Excel Formula Multiple Criteria with Moving Header Changing to Different Column

    Hi, just wondering if this is a possibility with the Index/Match formula. Or is there a better formula when I don't know the column position of the header? The new report we get now, the header name is not always in the same order so the index/match formula isn't cutting it anymore. Example...
  13. B

    Use AVERAGEIFS based on dynamic criteria

    I'm trying to average a set of cells based on multiple criteria (hence the AVERAGEIFS), but I want this average to change as more data is added. There may be a very simple fix for this, but I can't figure it out for the life of me. Below is a sample of the table followed by an explanation of...
  14. W

    Prevent a dynamic line chart from interpreting formula output of "" as 0?

    I have a formula in a table that uses an IF function. The output of the formula dynamically plots a line chart. The problem I'm experiencing is that if the output of the IF function is False, then the "" value output is interpreted by the dynamic line chart as a zero instead of a blank cell...
  15. A

    Referencing controls on a userform that was created dynamically

    I have created a Userform programmatically and created a series of controls on the form. Now I want to read from/write to one of the text boxes. I have tried everything that I can think of to reference to the control, but I'm having no luck. The control was originally created as part of the...
  16. D

    dynamic range HORIZTONALLY

    i know veritfically (ie offset($a$1,0,0,counta(....) but how do you make one horizontally for 2 rows. also, is it possible to make a dynamic range formula that expands BOTH veritically and horizontally?
  17. D

    Creating dynamic reference from another workbook

    I want a drop down list in one workbook that references a dynamic list in another workbook ie it may have entries added to it so I can't hard code the reference? If I select data validation for a cell, I set it to allow a list but what do I put in the source for the list to be from another...
  18. T


    I want to use the GET PIVOTDATA function to reference data fromwithin a Pivotable. When I enter: =GETPIVOTDATA("Amount",'2019'!$R$4,"Fund","1100","Orgn","2002","Acct","5815"),I get the result of $15,589.15 I want the function to be dynamic and retrieve the informationdisplayed in the Acct...
  19. C

    Dynamic Graphs, as columns are added daily

    Hello, I have searched online and in the forum for this answer. Everything I find only references is you have a table, or data within two columns, and you are adding additional rows of data. My scenario is that I have my dates as my headers/labels, and my data name/header is in column A. As...
  20. A

    Making the formula Dynamic based on Date Range

    Hi All -- I was hoping you can help me make the following formula dynamic based on a date range.. I have this formula : =INDEX(LINEST(I62:I73,J62:J73),2)*12 I have a table of dates (end of month dates) and two columns with numbers which I need summed up based on the most recent 12 months...

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