1. D

    dynamic charts

    I would like to make a dynamic graph that based on operator, can display various metrics related to production to a date range. The caveat here is that the graph will need to change x axis values per operator due to the fact that each operator works different days. For instance, I want to...
  2. S

    VBA dynamic concatenate

    Hi, First of all, my level of VBA knowledge is hacking together things I find on the internet, so I apolgise if this is a stupid question. I have the following table (made up details, but same format): Server Patch No Date Server 1 1 27/04/22 Server 1 2 27/04/22 Server 1 3 27/04/22...
  3. H

    Create tab with dynamic summary info pulled from multiple other tabs

    Hi, To give you a bit of background I work for a property company and we currently keep our database of properties on Excel. There are multiple entities and each entity has a tab on a workbook, each entity tab contains the same column headers across the top and down the side are the list of...
  4. A

    Linear interpolation of 2-way array using spill functions

    Hi all, I am having some issues with the following problem. I have a range of coordinates x [m] and 5 items defined by the functions x1,y1, x2,y2, x3,y3 and x4,y4. My objective is to find the y [mm2] value corresponding to my x-value by finding the value inside of my x1-x4,y1-y4 list. I need...
  5. H

    Dependent Drop Down Lists

    Hi all, hoping someone can help with this one. I'm currently working on a spreadsheet to track training data, and one thing I'd like to add is a dependent drop down list for the training provider. It would have a drop-down list in Column J to select the "Provider Type" (either external or...
  6. 8

    Attempting to use GETPIVOTDATA to find information for an employee based on referenced date.

    Hello, I have only recently started diving into GETPIVOTDATA and I am stumped as to how to have the following happen. I would like to have the information for an employee to show up in a cell on another sheet by referencing their name on that sheet. but because we need to deal with different...
  7. P

    Plotting a dynamic amount of series on a chart

    Hi, Long time lurker first time question poster here :) I'm trying to plot a variable amount of series on a chart. I've created a dummy environment with data for my issue, however in the actual issues case, the data table in B29:R47 is filtered from a master on another sheet which I cannot...
  8. J

    highlight cell based on coordinates in another sheet

    Hello, in my workbook i have 3 sheets, 2 contain data (Sheet 1 and Sheet 2) and another references specific cells on those 2 data sheets. the reference sheet looks like this is there a way (prefereably without VBA) that i can highlight the cells in the data sheets (sheet 1 and 2) that are...
  9. N

    Multiple Dynamic row to be filter on criteria to another sheet

    Hi All, Good Day .. :) I just started learn more about excel deep nowadays, I got promotion in office. I was assigned to small task in excel, which a am suck now, can anyone just lift me up from this issue. I have some multiple sheets with dynamic rows to be updated daily and another mail...
  10. O

    Power Query appending (different cells from) same table in sample file

    I have >100 files, all with the same make-up. I use Sample File to get a 'specific part of the table'. I also need '1 value' of this table from a specific cell, BUT this value is filtered out in the steps to get the 'specific part of the table'. I could Add (the '1 value') as New Query before I...
  11. I

    Dynamic Nested If Formula Use dependent on Cell Text

    I have 3 categories (Priority, Less, None) that correlate to a specific NESTED IF Function but only differs in the percent within the calculation. Overall, the result of the use of the formula provides a Status of behind, ahead, on track etc. I currently have the status only populating with...
  12. P

    VBA - dynamic data import when having the folder path in a cell

    Hi! I'm beginner with VBA and struggling to get dynamic "data import" to work properly in a way that the path is taken from a cell value (instead of written to VBA code). I have one master Excel (sheet "WP_Data") to which I want to import data (one cell content) from tens of source-Excels (in...
  13. I

    vba loop to adjust formulas

    Hello, Fairly new to VBA and working on a macro that will update 5 cells with values calculated through a formula given a dynamic range of values. For example, the input range the formula cells would draw from on worksheet achLinkage could be AB2:AC5, or it could be AB2:AC10. I've developed...
  14. H

    VBA that will update all existing formulas path and name to X

    Imagine I have my original workbook called 001.xlsx, in cell A1 I have the below formula already saved: ='C:\Users\mbxyz\File_001\[001.csv]Sheet1'!A1 This formula is returning the value from that specific cell, from that new workbook, from that folder. Now I need the 001 to be a dynamic...
  15. MrDB4Excel

    Dynamic Hyperlink

    In the Xl2bb shown below, you see in cell A3 the value A21 which is based on cell C21. The issue I have is when a listed program changes row number in sheet ProgramLocInfo then I need cell A3’s value to reflect that in the hyperlink. When a program changes row number in sheet ProgramLocInfo then...
  16. O

    Creating dynamic graph based on selected weeks

    Dear Friends, I have added following Excel file for you to understand my problem. There is a picklist that you can choose first week and last week. According to this choices of the user, I want my graph to be changed dynamically. My dates are week that I manually wrote as text format. Therefore...
  17. N

    Quick manipulation help

    Sheet1, cell B2 is currently blank. I want it to auto fill with whatever is selected on Sheet2 in column A. So cell B2 is something like = active cell sheet 2 kind of formula? I'm assuming this will need to be a macro/VBA code to make it work? Also, if this matters, I have all of Sheet2 from...
  18. A

    Creating a dynamic file reference

    I need help creating a dynamic file reference in Excel (Please let me know the correct terminology as well). Currently, it is "='[SDR2021_AFG_NN.xls]Forecast NN 29 -- T5B5 -- AFG'!C2" I want to do something like this: "='[SDR2021_$P$94_NN.xls]Forecast NN 29 -- T5B5 -- $P$94'!C2" In cell...
  19. F

    PB - Dynamic Data based on input

    I would like to create a Power BI Report to help with forecasting. Part of what I would like to see is the following based on an input of a specific date any user could enter. Not sure if that's possible in Power BI: - Previous Year (Day) - Not the Date but the Day of the Week for the previous...
  20. O

    Excel VBA - Dynamic value if a condition is true, add it

    Hi there, I am trying to highlight each row where a value is present in another list of values (it doesn't need to be in the same order, just needs to be present) This is a line of code in SAP that highlights the row(s). In this example, it highlights all rows 0-11 (starts at 0 because of a 0...
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