1. A

    Change font size dynamically in a textbox (not userform textbox)

    I require a textbox to change the font size of text dynamically based on number of characters in the text Initially the size is 14 if no. of characters < 20 size = 14 if no. of characters > 20 and < 25, size =13 if no. of characters > 24 and < 30 size = 12
  2. C

    Getting rows and columns from range object

    I have some data in a spreadsheet, and have used VBA to create a dynamic range object from this data like so: Dim ws As Worksheet Dim rng As Range Set ws = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1") Set rng = ws.Range("A1").CurrentRegion I am new to VBA, so I don't know exactly what this range object is...
  3. W

    Combining Filter function with Indirect/Concatenate to look up from another worksheet

    Hi, I've created a formula that works fine if it is within the sheet where the data originates, if is filtering the routes our vans will be taking and excludes any blank routes (if a van is not scheduled out that day). But I want to have the summary in another sheet dynamically changing based on...
  4. A

    How to select Items after dynamically creating CheckBox

    Hello, I have what is supposed to be a simple problem with dynamic Checkbox. I'm making a list CheckBox in UserForm. Dim chkbox As MSForms.CheckBox Dim i As Integer For i = 1 To 3 Set chkbox = Me.Controls.Add("Forms.Checkbox.1", "Checkbox_" & i) chkbox.Caption = "Test " & i...
  5. T

    VBA Dynamic PivotTable Name

    I have the following code that show details of a filtered PivotTable in new worksheets. I want to create new PivotTable in these new worksheets and have the following code but I keep on running into the object required error on the Set Tbl = d.Parent.Cells(d.Row, lCol).Name line? How do I fix...
  6. ajjava

    Procedure to find MAX VALUE in a SPECIFIC pivot table value field, in the case of MULTIPLE pivot table value fields

    Hello, I've been slowly but surely writing/cobbling together code snippets, to gain some pivot table functionality (to be used for "quick and dirty" analysis of fairly large data sets). I apologize in advance for when you see the associated code. I am on a deadline for how long I can work on...
  7. D

    Highlight cell if date has passed

    I know this seems simple but I've been researching this for a few hours and I'm come up blank. I'm looking to do the following two things with conditional formatting. I need a cell in Row B to go RED if the planned end date has passed and YELLOW if the planned end date is within 14 days of the...
  8. B

    Dynamic range in VBA with Excel functions

    Hi, I'm trying to set the sourceRange as a dynamic range in VBA that starts from cell AC22 and offset with the height of COUNTA(data_date_range)+1, where data_date_range is a named range. and width of Columns(InputClaims), where InputClaims is also a named range. The following formula works...
  9. T

    Xlookup/Filter reference last row change

    =XLOOKUP(E2:E11,A2:A5,C2:C5,,-1) =FILTER(A2:A5,D2:D5>F2) I want A5 to be dynamic to the last cell with a value. I've tried my hand at sequence and index, but it doesn't seem to work.
  10. Q

    Loading Mulitple CSV filenames

    Hello there, Although this is predominatley a Power Query Question, the criteria are obtained from an Excel Sheet and the output placed on 1 Excel sheet. I have some PQ code (Windows Excel 2016) that will load a single pre-specified CVS file into Excel as follows: Excel Sheet1: Excel Name...
  11. S

    Dynamic stacked bar chart, with variable x-axis and categorical variables

    Hi, I have a 11 (row) x 15 (column) table in Excel. Cells A2:A11 are the categorical variables, and cells B1:O1 are time values that I want to have as the x-axis. Cells B2:O11 are numeric values that I want to use for the stacked chart. I want to create a stacked bar chart of the data. I know...
  12. L

    Link between two dynamic points

    Hello, I am having trouble with creating a hyperlink between two dynamic points. Sheet 2 is updated with new data every night. Sheet 1 is a smaller subset of the data, that also gets updated every night based on the data from sheet 2. The idea is to click on the project id on sheet 1 and it...
  13. Phil Payne

    Dynamic Named ranges in formula.

    Hello all, I have set up the means to determine and count the number of public holidays during a year on a month by month basis. They work but I need the calendars to be dynamic to allow local holidays to be added. I have tried to set up a dynamic ranges to work within the existing formula to...
  14. B

    Populate Worksheet Listbox with Worksheet Names based on Cell Value then select to print as one document

    Hello! I've searched high and low across multiple forums for this specific answer, but I can't seem to find it based on cell value. I can find the VBA code for ALL worksheet names to be listed in the ListBox, but not specific ones based on cell value to be used as selections for printing...
  15. nectarynes

    Get sum of above rows based on condition

    I am trying to get dynamically the sum of Column E values if the corresponding F row value is empty. Any ideas what formula I should have on column G? Here is the live document link: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AkrCelEpjATAltgb8XshYXFVhjGaGA?e=VlNhyT
  16. X

    Dynamic Table

    I am trying to build a dynamic table that changes based off of what you select in a drop down but it pulls data from different tabs. I can make it work when it is just looking at 1 tab but I would have multiple people populating their own tables on their own tabs so I want the home page to show...
  17. B

    Dynamic Sumifs Formula: Multiple Row Criteria, Dynamic Column

    I have a data table say A1:N100 Column A is Category Column B is Sub Category Columns C:N would be Jan - Dec I need a dynamic sum that only sums up if Category A value is "Criteria1", Category B value is "Criteria2" and for only the month of my choosing. Sometimes this will be current month...
  18. C

    Copy value based on dynamic input

    Hey all, I have a problem and have NO idea how to solve it - it is about a dynamic sheet that should show a timeline (Calendar weeks) and quantities in that timeline. Attached is an sample workbook with all information -> 20230522_SAMLE_WORKBOOK.xlsx But here are additional information: B12 &...
  19. B

    Linked & Dynamic Cells Across Tabs

    I have a main summary tab and then multiple additional tabs for other more drilled down summaries. My main summary tab has a drop down list of places. So when I click Place 1, my main summary and all additional tabs will now only show Place 1 results as all additional tabs are just linked back...
  20. J

    Auto Populate Formula Without Dragging

    Looking for a method to have formulas populate when entering data without dragging, etc. For example, if I copy a column of data from one workbook (e.g. - a data download) into Column "A" of another workbook, I would like to have the columns next to the copied data automatically populate with...

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