1. A

    how to use smart art dynamically

    Hi guys, I want use an organization chart (smart art) dynamically. I want use cells as data for chart but my data may change by level and count. so convert to shape is not fit for my situation. is there any way to do it? such as make change in xml file and so on regards
  2. D

    dynamically changing a formula for vlookup

    is there a way to dynamically change the workbook name in a Formula vba statement? I'm looping thru multiple workbooks based on the filename found in the directory and each passthru of the macro would have to reflect the workbook just opened. first pass workbook name is "Servers with...
  3. B

    Dynamic update of formula in excel

    Hi, I have a scenario where in I need to update sum of the rows dynamically. R17=A#AC_1510201000 R18=A#AC_1510203000 R19=A#AC_1510127000 R20=A#AC_1510127000 R21=A#AC_1510777000 R22=SCalc(Row(19)+Row(20)+Row(21)+Row(23)) In the above example, Row 22 is sum of R17 till R21. I reworked on the...
  4. J

    Using Dynamic Arrays and The XlLOOKUP function

    Hello Board: I have created a dynamic crostabulated table using the new XLOOKUP function with SORT and UNIQUE so that I can get dynamic toggle between rows and columns. It worked pretty good. The problem I am having is when I am trying to use SUMIFS to dynamically aggregate both row and column...
  5. L

    IDs Included in Another Table

    Hello, I have Table1 that has the first column of IDs. How can my Table2 include all of those IDs in the first column dynamically? Thank you
  6. A

    VBA Advanced Filter Problem for Range criteria

    Hey Gents, I have the following issue Worksheets("Raw Data for PR Dist").Range("A6:AL1048550").AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterInPlace, CriteriaRange _ :=Sheets("Advanced Filter sheet").Range("B10:D174"), Unique:=False i want the criteria " Range("B10:D174) " to read up to the last...
  7. B

    dynamically update sharepoint metadata from excel cell value

    I have an excel template that I keep in sharepoint. When I get a new client, I use the template to create a new file. I was really hoping to link a few cells in the file to the metadata in sharepoint either upon cell value change or saving the document. I linked them through custom...
  8. V

    Dynamically Set Range in ListObjects(Excel Table)

    Sub DynamicTable() Dim Lastrow as Long Set Dtbl=Sheets(Activesheet.Name) Lastrow=Range("F2").End(XlDown).Row Dtbl.ListObjects.Add(XlSrcRange,Range("A1:F" & LastRow), , XlYes).Name="Data" End Sub
  9. M

    Dynamically Changing Multipage Label Caption

    I have a multipage with a label on page 1. I want the label to reflect what is in cell B5, but it doesn't do anything no matter what I try. Any ideas? Private Sub FeesForm_Initialize() Dim ws As Worksheet MultiPage1.pgTerm1.lblTerm.Caption = ws.Cells("b5") End Sub
  10. B

    dynamically generated list

    I run a window cleaning company and use Excel for accounting. I have a page that has all my customers. There is a column that has the month which shows the month their windows are due to be cleaned again. On my dashboard, I want to show all the customers due to have their windows cleaned for...
  11. D

    eventhandling of dynamically created textboxes

    Hello, In fact I need a list of inputboxes: - first collumn is with fixed numbering - second and third collumn should behave like inputboxes for values - I need 20 rows of it As the listbox-control doesn't allow user input, I thought of creating the textboxes dynamically in code and assign...
  12. M

    Dynamically derive data from websites into excel.

    I wish to automate the calculation of my portfolio at the end of day for my analysis purposes. https://nseindia.com/live_market/dynaContent/live_watch/get_quote/GetQuote.jsp?symbol=SBIN The above web address needs to be dynamically modified to obtain data of stocks. In the above address "SBIN"...
  13. synergy16

    location from array

    Hello all, i have 2 listboxes. one is populated by a command button, it sets a list of vendors. from that box a the user can click on a vendor of choice, the second listbox will then populate with the parts that are at the chosen vendor. (both are dynamically created arrays) my...
  14. F

    Dynamic Pie Chart?

    I'm trying to figure out how to make a pie chart dynamically adjust both in terms of the data labels and the percentages, and not having much success so far. I found this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8P8xMBkH4I) which seems to get close to the idea, but I'm finding that my need...
  15. C

    Dynamically Expand a frame within in a form

    Hello All, I've search for hours to this solution but to no avail. I have a big user-form that have text-boxes dynamically appear when the user press the add command button. This sits in a frame called frame1, I was wondering if it could expand with the amount of text boxes that are on the...
  16. K

    Conditional list, dynamic table, if list function

    Hi guys Bit of a weird problem here I can't wrap my head around. Ok So I have this table that dynamically expands. There's a column on it, which I need to be a list. So I've tried to use data validation lists. Here's the problem:- There's "a signature" that dynamically appears, 2 rows after...
  17. H

    range Name Pivot Table

    I have a range name called Unit_Sales in Col D on a Pivot Table and refers to cell =Summary!D24 I would like this to change dynamically as the Pivot table range changes It would be appreciated if someone could assist me
  18. Y

    Dynamic number of vars in formula

    How can i change the number of vars in this formula dynamically based on a number in another cell. For example...
  19. G

    Extract data

    I am looking to pull data from a table and have it display on a dashboard and update dynamically
  20. K

    VBA: Need way to detect "mousedown" or something like it in dynamically created textbox

    I hope my question is well-formed. If not, please ask for clarification. Summary: VBA Need way to detect "mousedown" or something like it in dynamically created textbox I have a dynamically creatd userform which asks for user input using code like: Set SFPQtyValue =...

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