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    Return the Earliest Date

    Hi, I'd really appreciate some help with, what will probably prove to be a pretty simple problem. I have a list of dates in column A, next to a list of statuses in column B, as follows.... 01/01/2012 New 01/01/2013 Open 05/05/1978 Closed 22/04/2015 New The dates are stored as...
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    3 Conditions "Earliest Date" , "Latest Date", "String"

    Hello Everyone ! I am a total noob to Excel. I've been slowly teaching myself the past 2 weeks. I have the below formula working with multiple conditions. =SUMPRODUCT((CompletionDate>=Z15)*(CompletionDate<= AA15)*Engraving) The CompletionDate is a range column of dates, Z15 is the cell with...
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    Look up item, return earliest date and item

    Hello everyone, Look up item, return earliest date and item -- Excel or Access version: Excel 2010 Computer operating system: Windows XP Sample data: "Excel WorkbookEF1DateEmail21/1/2010jonathan@gmail.com32/2/2005jonathan@gmail.com46/3/2004jonathan@gmail.comCombined " Formula(s)...
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    Find earliest data by date

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone could help me with a work related excel query I have. I have two columns of data and need to find the earliest plan date and keep only that (deleting any duplicate named plans with later dates) Please see the below example of columns I have, the result I need is...
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    Formula for identifying duplicate entries and comparing them?

    Okay, this one I can’t figure out at all. I need to identify customers in a list that have more than one entry (i.e. sold to more than once – resales/upsales etc.) and then I need excel to compare those multiple entries and identify the earliest invoice date. Any ideas? <?xml:namespace prefix =...

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