editing macro

  1. N

    determinate last shape row-edit macro

    Hello, i need your help to edit a macro: i have a macro that searches through each spreasheets in a workbook and returns the last row for each shape (print screen) in the sheets. i would need to edit the code so that i will only return the last row for the LAST SHAPE in the first...
  2. C

    Unable to save edits to xlam

    Office Version:Office 2010 Operating System:Windows 7 Program:Excel I have opened my xlsm spreadsheet and then proceeded via the View Code link to edit code in my loaded xlam, which I have previously written. Though I can edit the code, I cannot then save it. I get the message...
  3. pedie

    Please edit this macro for me...thanks everyone!

    :bow:The below code works very well but it is design for both ANALOG CLOCK & DIGITAL CLOCK: ANALOG CLOCK is prepared with the help of MS PPT. I just want this macro to be edited for DIGITAL CLOCK only. Please help...any help will be appriciated: Sub Updateclok()<?xml:namespace prefix = o...

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