1. A

    Editing Drop-down Lists

    I'm creating a NFL bracket and I just got all of my drop downs put in and I want to make it so that each team appears with a particular font after it's been selected and put into the bracket. How would I go about doing this? Second question, how would I make it so that each option in my drop...
  2. H

    Anonymous user when editing an excel file

    Hi All, I want to create an excel file on a network drive so multiple people can edit and add information however I want it to remain anonymous so I don't want excel to show the username of the person currently editing it when someone else opens the file at the same time. Is there anyway...
  3. K

    VBA script for capturing all names of objects on a userform for the purpose having the capability to rename them

    WHAT I AM WANTING TO DO: I have a userform that I use for entry purposes. I have a second form that I use for editing the previous entries. The second form (editing form) largely mirrors the entry form, save for a few additional fields that are not present on the entry form. I recently...
  4. D

    Editing comments

    Dear All, good morning, I have a spreadsheet and I have added comments. I have - up to now - been able to edit the comments without problem. Today, I have tried to edit the comments but it won't allow me. When I right click / edit comments, the comments box won't open. Could someone advise...
  5. W

    Protecting Macros

    How can I protect my macros from editing or even viewing?
  6. B

    "Office has detected a problem with this file. Editing it may harm your computer. Click for more details"

    Good afternoon, I have been working on projects using the only version supported here, 2000. To date I have had no issues working on it from my home PC running 2010 as long as I ran it in compatibility mode. Yesterday I opened it from home and got a red banner at the top with the message...
  7. B

    Enable editing prompt

    Whats the trick to get a spreadsheet to make it show the enable editing prompt. I have a worksheet that i copy some data out but i can only copy before i click enable editing. As when i click it the sheet becomes protected and i cant copy from it without stuffing around unprotecting it and...
  8. D

    Macros designed to edit Macros?

    I have number of workbooks with almost identical Macros and quite often I have to make corrections to Macros in order to optimise performance. Is there any way to write code which would open all files one by one and made changes in Macros? Multiplying by copy and paste is not an option as there...
  9. G

    Disable alt-f11

    How do I disable alt-f11 to prevent users accessing vba editing
  10. P

    Access file to open form only

    Hi All, After some help from Joe off this forum i have manged to put together a basic form that i would like other users to use, but i dont want them to be able to get to any of the editing screens or see the raw data behind the form. Is there anyway that the form can be saved as if its a stand...
  11. M

    Editing the 'default' userform

    Hi all, I've recently started playing with userforms. In a nutshell, the 'default' userform that excel creates for my table is almost perfect. I'd like to add in some combo boxes and entry validation tools. Is there a way to save the default userform created by excel for editing? seems barmy...
  12. N

    Restrict Editing

    How to restrict editing in filled cell? i.e. lock cell in which entry already made.
  13. F

    userform textbox data append

    Does anybody know of a way to only append data to a text box. In other word prevent the editing of the previous data and allowing only new data to be entered. Thanks
  14. C

    How do I extract the 'user' name?

    Hi everybody, I've got a shared excel file and sometimes excel displays message box saying: "excel_file.xlsm is locked for editing by 'Homer Simpson' Open read only or click notify." Usually I'd click on the 'read only' button. But is there a way I could extract the name of the user editing...
  15. T

    Pulling a cell with a formula but only changing certain parts

    Hello, So when you pull a cell say <tbody> Result Stat Something =B2*(C3/C4) </tbody> So in A 3 i want it to say B3*(C3/C4) but if i were to pull the A2 Cell A3 would end up being =B3*(C4/C5) How would i go about doing this? up until now ive been editing a few hundred manualy...
  16. H

    Textbook saving and edit contents

    On my form there is a textbook which comments are written. I need it to save the comments every time the file is closed and when opened again the comments should appear. It should also save any editing done.
  17. D

    xy scatter with picable dates

    All, I have an xy scatter with dates up to a year with minute data. I want it in an xy scatter but I want to be able to pick a date range without editing the axis. Any help would be great. thanks
  18. M

    Editing the "main cell" changes the data of every cell referring to it, and editing the references, changes the main cell too. Is this possible?

    So I need not a single function, which changes the data (or copies) from one cell to the destination, but from the destination to cell too, if I modify that. (so it works in 2 directions instead of 1) I edited a picture so it's easy to understand: https://imgur.com/a/t98U9SS Is this possible?
  19. B

    How to get count of each field by a query

    Hi, I am writing below query to get distinct of designation from a table. How do I get count for each designation by editing this query. For example, one of the field is 'Manager' and count for managers is 70. How to get count 70 for manager by editing this query. SELECT DISTINCT Designation...
  20. E

    Multiple Cells

    Good morning, For my job I am needing to format a column of cells as text and then it needs to show the green error trace arrow in the bottom left corner for it to be able to be uploaded into another program. (Sounds crazy, I know, but for some reason that's the only way it works.) I...

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