1. M

    Counting based on other criteria - COUNTIFS maybe?

    Good Morning All I have inherited a huge spreadsheet of one worksheet (called ManningPlot) detailing the manpower situation across a number of departments across the business. This spreadsheet has one row per person and details a lot of info regarding that person and his/her position. There...
  2. M

    How to use a field as "Not Something" to be condition of a query

    I have a table with one column storing the condition of a query, like "*" etc. * means all countries Now, apart from "*", there is a need to have a condition "Not US" So, can we join table has same effect as "[Country] is not US" ? What can I do ?
  3. A

    Chart will not update using Macro

    Hi all, I have a chart that is linked to dataset B (20 rows, 4 columns), that is in turn linked to the larger dataset A (252 rows). I have written a simple macro (see below) that increases the topleft value of dataset B with 1, which has an effect similar to scrolling through dataset A (if that...
  4. A

    excel vba: if range is empty use adjacent

    Hi all, trying to finish a job involving exported data. the export populates either range A10 or A11 on each sheet with a value. what do I use to to the effect that if A10 is blank, assign the value of A11 to my variable and vice versa?
  5. T

    Data series disappears when adding bevel shape effect

    Hello, I was recently upgraded to Windows 10 and Excel 2016. I'm making multiple 2D stacked bar charts and would like to add a bevel shape effect to each data series. My smallest chart has 70 rows of data and I have no problem adding the bevel effect to that chart. My other charts, however...
  6. M

    Can a Conditional Formatting Formula Be Stored in a Cell/Cells on the Spreadsheet and Still Work?

    I would like to know if it's possible to store a conditional formatting formula in a cell/cells on the spreadsheet, and still have it work? For example, consider the cells: <tbody> Column A Column B Row 1 1 A Row 2 B 2 Row 3 3 C Row 4 D 4 </tbody> If the formula:=ISNUMBER(A1) is...
  7. K

    Distinction if VBA or user enter textbox

    Hi, I have 4 textboxes in a userform1. When I click in one of them textbox1_enter, I have a separate datepicker userform2 that shows and puts its value in the textbox. It took time but that works. My issue is that when I initialize userform1, I would like to have specific dates in the...
  8. Nelson78

    Matrix and cell next to the left

    Hello everybody. In a cell I have a matrix correctly set up that copies a value of another cell. Suppose, for simplicity: {=MAX(B5:B10)} But in effect I need the value in the cell next to left: so, if the max value is B7, i need the value in A7. How can I instruct the formula? Thank's.
  9. N

    changing the transition effect property in macro

    Hi, Is it possible to change the transition effect property in a macro? What I want to do is to change between CoverRight and CoverLeft depending on if the previous tab is left or right from the selected tab. I use the mouse down event to register the present tab and the mouse up event to...
  10. L

    Vba Decrease width from left

    Hi All I have a shape that when i run the macro, the shape gets smaller so its like its sliding open for i = 500 to 1 step -5 DoEvents worksheets("mysheet").shapes("moveleft").width = i nexi i What i want to do is have that same effect on my shape named moveright but get the shape to move...
  11. M

    DatePicker Problems

    I am having trouble with Excel 2010 addin Microsoft Datepicker. Much has been written but cannot find my answers. It looks like it is impossible to feed it a null date. I would like it to start blank. 2nd Question. I have 2 datepickers on one sheet. I would like one of them locked so it is...
  12. B

    copy paste into vacant row

    hi is there an easy vba code to copy a row of 3 columns example sheet 1 and paste this to another sheet 2 but on a new row after the last paste so in effect has a history
  13. O

    Play music when i click a button in excel

    HI I want to play music while a form is open, and when someone clicks on a text box in the form for a sound effect to play like a bell chime or something, and when they click another button on the form another sound effect. Is there a simple line of code that can do this? THanks
  14. L

    Multipage TransitionEffect

    Hello, I've search but haven't found my answer yet. Is there a way to change the TransitionEffect for a Multipage based off of the button selected? I'm looking for coding rather than changing the effect under the page properties. Example: Next Button: Pages Push up Previous Button: Pages Push...

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