1. willow1985

    Looking for a more elegant way to write the following countifs formula

    Hello, was wondering if anyone could help me with the below formula. Is there a more elegant way of writing it rather than adding each additional section? I want the formula to count E:E if it matches Z2, and if S:S matches B12, C12 and D12. Would this be some sort of Countifs/And formula...
  2. T

    Open workbook without entire path

    Hello I open a workbook with the code Workbooks.Open ("\\Nas-bb\nas-2a\Quality Manager's Work Area\02 Laboratory Manual\10 Standard Inventory\C S O N H Standards.xlsx") Isn't there a more elegant way? Such as Workbooks.Open [C S O N H Standards.xlsx] Thanks for any help
  3. T

    More elegant way

    Hi. I want Excel to execute the following...
  4. G

    Better/More Elegant Formula question

    Hi there, I've got a formula: SUM(A1*B1, A2*B2, A3*B3, A4*B4, etc..). Is there a more elegant (or better practice) way of writing it or is this the best approach?
  5. O

    Trouble using "Do Until"

    This is the goal: I need to get a huge column of numbers into a format to print for a binder. I have a macro that does it one row at a time, but there are 50,000 numbers in the column. I haven't gotten any loop macros to do anything for me yet. I also haven't been able to find an example of a...
  6. D

    Return column header where cell value = "X"

    I have two sheets, sheet1 and sheet2, each containing information about tickets. Both sheets contain a column containing ticket numbers. The data in sheet2 is a subset of that in sheet1. It contains a series of columns that define the status of a ticket, such as used, refunded, exchanged. The...

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