1. D

    Eliminate #DIV/0! with IFERROR

    Hi there I'm having a brain freeze with an IFERROR to eliminate the #DIV/0! after a simple calculation and it's driving me insane... the formula is =(E108-C108)/C108 the result of course where there are zeros is #DIV/0!. I have tried a few variations unsuccessfully any help will be greatly...
  2. K

    Transpose Only Specific Columns & Eliminate Duplicates

    I receive up to 25,000 rows of customer data per day and need help figuring out how to transpose some rows to columns and eliminate duplicates. I want to transpose columns G & H based on the identifier in column A. then eliminate blank rows if possible. I included 2 screenshots for reference.
  3. C

    using ISERROR on IF AND statement

    Hi All Im trying to add the ISERROR syntax to the start of this formula in order to eliminate any #values appearing to no avail =IF(AND(L$5>=$C6,L$5<=$D6),$J6,"")*$K12 can anyone assist? thanks
  4. A

    Screen Updating

    Please can anyone tell me why using the screen updating control in a macro sometimes does not altogether eliminate screen updating? Thanks AP
  5. S

    count with criteria eliminating duplicates

    hi.<o:p></o:p> ineed help to creat formula to count the cells of two columns containingspecific text, but it should also eliminate duplicates.<o:p></o:p> ihave 2 colums with data and i want to count them searching for specific text,and formula should be able to eliminate the...
  6. W

    Updating a Spreadsheet causes ghost cells to appear from other worksheets

    When I update a cell in one worksheet either "ghost" cells from another worksheet inside the workbook appear at the bottom or over top of where I am entering data. How do I eliminate this from happening? I can click out of the worksheet and back in and they are gone.
  7. S

    Is there an alternative use to the 'Indirect' formula?

    Hello, I am using the indirect formula to link information from another spread sheet. Whilst the formula does work there are 2 issues with using this: 1, The file is very slow and takes minutes to update as opposed to seconds 2, Unless the linked files are all open the formula result shows...
  8. J

    how can i eliminate blank rows that exist beyond the last non-bank row?

    my spreadsheet has more than a million blank rows after the last non-blank row. how can i eliminate those blank rows?
  9. Nelson78

    Eliminate empty rows and shift not empty rows on the left

    Hello everybody. In the range A1:J10 I have a situation like this https://imgur.com/ukRGiNG I need to eliminate the empty rows (3, 4, 6 e 9) end shift the not empty rows on the left, so that no empty cells https://imgur.com/a/tXxE4rc I have tried something like this to eliminate the rows...
  10. K

    eliminate the same value

    hi all I'm trying to build a macro which has some function to eliminate the same value based on column. and here is my sample data <tbody> A 1 one 2 one 3 two 4 two 5 one 6 three 7 three 8 two 9 four </tbody> the result i want to display is like this <tbody> D 1 one...
  11. A

    Create macro on excel generated reports

    Hi, excel masters. I don't know much about macros and VBA but I know that this can be done. if someone would be nice to help me, i would be tremendously grateful. Thank you here's what I want to achieve, 1. I want to eliminate all texts that have "KM", "Litres", "Liters" 2. I want to...
  12. J

    How to sign my macro for no security warning?

    Greetings. I created macros in Excel 2003, but those macros now always trigger a security warning when I open the spreadsheet with a macro. Until recently, I could eliminate the security warning by creating my own digital certificate and then digitally signing the macro. That no longer works...
  13. L

    Eliminate all spaces in a text string

    A fellow worker sent me a spreadsheet full of cells formatted in such a way that it makes it difficult to remove some of the spaces. For testing purposes, here's the file: Uploadfiles.io - remove all spaces.xlsx In this example, I have this text string in cell A1: " 6403 " I want to remove...
  14. A

    Counting from Right side

    Hi, I want to eliminate everything in left after a word. Example: Suppose I have below number a) 123 # 456 b) 12 # 21 c) 1234567 # 7654321 The output which I require is everything after #, as : a) 456 b) 21 C) 7654321 Could you please help? Thanks in advance.
  15. S

    Need help to eliminate duplicate numbers in a column with a VBA

    I was given a macro for this but it doesn't seem to work. Hopefully someone can help. column A will contain a list of telephone numbers entered in this format: (xxx) yyy-zzzz which is how it would appear in the formula bar if the cell were selected. I need a macro that would eliminate all...
  16. P

    Eliminating Columns and Rows

    I have a spreadsheet. Latitudes are across row 1. Latitudes are across row A. The lower case letters are values of some function. I would like to delete all the columns and rows in the spreadsheet except for those that are closest to .00, .25,.50, .75. For example, this <colgroup><col><col...
  17. F

    Formula for removing characters before or after a specific symbol or phrase

    any assistance would be really appreciated , thanks !
  18. O

    Elimination of Text Box

    Can someone tell me how to delete all text boxes imbedded within a spreasheet. I have a spreadsheet with over 100 boxes and I would like to delete all of the text boxes. Thanks!

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