1. H

    Document opens when embedding

    Hi, I am trying to embed multiply files (with different file extensions) in a folder using a loop. Adding the files works great, the problem is that when adding the files I get a pop-up for every single file asking "Do you want to open this file?" How do I prevent this from happening? I don't...
  2. brendalpzm

    How to change EMBED name of an ActiveX Combo Box?

    Hello everyone, I inserted several ActiveX combo boxes in a sheet, I figured out a way to reset those combo boxes with a macro button, the thing is that I thought I was only reseting one but instead I was reseting them all (which I don't want) I checked what was I doing wrong and in the code...
  3. D

    Adding images in table with formatting into Outlook using a file picker

    I have pieced together some code using excel as a file picker to add images to embed within subject body. Everything is working just fine with basic alignment, but I would like to get some help adding these images into a table with a specific formatting Outlook seems not to have a huge support...
  4. B

    Embed Worksheet in Userform with Worksheet Control

    I am trying to find the worksheet control to embed a spreadsheet on a Userform. I don’t see it on my vba Userform controls toolbox and can’t find it in additional controls. I’ve been researching it and have read some mr excel posts about it. Any guidance would be great.
  5. Jyggalag

    Embed fonts in the file - PowerPoint (automatic function available?9

    Hello everybody, Whenever I open a PowerPoint document, the function "Embed fonts in the file" is turned off: Is there any way in which I can make it so this is automatically turned on? Thank you! :) Best regards, Jyggalag
  6. Z

    Excel as backend database and calculation engine

    I have a complicated Excel workbook that I want to build a public website frontend for, so users can enter their inputs and have the Excel-generated results/charts display in response. Embedding the entire workbook via iframe from OneDrive-Personal or -Business/Sharepoint nearly works but it...
  7. R

    VBA to copy formula from row above, then embed the data, then move on to the next row.

    Hi, I have a fairly complicated Excel file using lots of Index and Match formula to grab data from another file and format it to how I need it. There are 63 cells per row, with 41 containing formulas (22 without formulas). I need to copy all formulas and data from all 63 cells, except column A...
  8. J

    VBA 1004 Error - Embed formula into cell

    Hello, I have what seems like an easy fix but for whatever reason i'm getting the application/object defined error from the formula below. fyi: I want to embed this formula into each cell so that anyone who uses the wb after me can see the formula used. With Range("Q6:Q" &...
  9. R

    Activity Log - Excel

    Hi Everyone, I have an excel contains value and embed objects. I Want since open, all activity should be track in excel (Edit, Add, add/delete embed docs etc) log should be password protected on excel. is it ppossible? let me know for further questions
  10. A

    Embed a Picture (with Code)

    I have a .bmp image I'd like on my worksheet via code, but not having much success. pname= "D:\logo4.bmp" With Worksheets("Test") .shapes.addpicture(pname,False, True,100, 10, -1, -1) End With It won't compile, tells me "Expected = " Thanks for any help
  11. T

    Embedding in Excel

    Hello... I need to embed an individual Powerpoint slide in to an Excel cell. I have searched trying to figure out how to do it and can't seem to embed just an individual slide. Is this even possible? I figured I would just come here and ask the professionals...can anyone please HELP?
  12. M

    Excel Waterfall Chart cant embed in PowerPoint???

    Hello all, I'm trying to paste a Excel 2016 built-in 'waterfall' chart into PowerPoint 2016 (Paste Special > Paste Link > Microsoft Excel Chart Object) and the option to 'Paste Link' is grayed out and unavailable. Other charts work (i.e. Bar/Column/Pie) but not 'Waterfall' - does anyone know...
  13. S

    How to embed commandbutton code within the button

    Hello Again, I have a macro that creates a new sheet, formats the entire sheet, adds all of the formulas throughout the sheet, and creates a few buttons. These Buttons (Reset Sheet, Print, Save, and Index) aren't complicated, but because I am constantly generating a new sheet, I was...
  14. W

    Macros Enabled Worksheet into Web page

    Hi All, I have created a small excel sheet to embed into my web page, I have chosen to embed it using Onedrive as it seems the easiest way (copy and paste some iframe text) My problem has occurred when I created a simple 'Reset Button' which resets the form to blank, when I updated the...
  15. D

    ISBLANK and IF inside a VLOOKUP

    I have a table of information. Let's call this Table 1. Table 1 <tbody> A B C 1 Activity TNumber ID 2 Training 54465 3 Exercise A ABC111A 91299 4 Exercise B ABC222B 91300 </tbody> This second table (let's call this Table 2) allows the user to select an Activity from a dropdown...
  16. L

    Custom Chart Template/Formatting issue

    Hi all I have created a chart template to format a series of charts in a dashboard i have developed, is there any way to embed the template into a workbook so that when I email the chart the charts will follow the template format when someone else opens up the document on their own computer...
  17. T

    VBA - Copy linked images in column A to embedded individual pictures in column N

    Hi All I have found a macro that imports images to Excel based on the filename of pictures in a folder on my computer. This works well so I'm not looking to change this macro. I can then select each image in column A and copy and paste it as a picture into column N, which then embeds it into...
  18. D

    VBA code to extract outlook mail to Execl which is ib table format

    Hi, I have outlook email which is in table format and the content in the table has data with Embed Hyperlinks. I tried the below code. I am getting all the data from the table to excel but i am not getting the Embed Hyperlinks. Can you please help in getting the Hyperlinks which are Embed to...
  19. S

    Need to send Email to whole team for Birthday Wishes using VBA

    Hi All, Need help on below requirement: I need to send email's to whole team for Birthday wishes Need to have a Macro I wanted to embed an image below the birthday wishes text. Regards, Sajith
  20. M

    Embed text file in excel

    Hi, I have a text file & want to put this in my workbook. At first I created a "Text Box" in excel and copied the information from the external text file to the internal "Text Box". This is OK but the annoying thing is that there is no scroll bar on the right, so since the text is long it is...

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