1. L

    VLOOKUP look for last cell

    Hi all, I have a workbook that has two sheets. Sheet1 and Sheet2. Sheet 1 will have employee names in column "C" The name will appear on sheet 2 in column "C" as well The times I want to lookup are in columns G and H in sheet2 I am using this formula below in column M and N in Sheet1 to find...
  2. R

    Fancy lookup required! :)

    Hi, I need a formula that can identify when the Employee in column A leaves the business. This can be seen from the -1 in the respective months. For example Employee 1 leaves the business in P03. This is populated below the data and this is where I'd like the formula to work from if possible...
  3. W

    Conditional Formatting referencing multiple sheets

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lXfnDfZNhTXRkafUyrZOM8PgLc5tzHWm/view?usp=sharing Hi Excel Users! I need some assistance in having a formula created that will highlight a cell red when the following conditions are met, however, some of the information is on different sheet tabs. On Saturday...
  4. H

    Need Help with Formula / Skipping Lines

    Hello, I am trying to create a sheet in Excel to pull Hours from another sheet to upload into a system as a CSV file. I need a formula for hours that would pull in the Reg Hours and then say if the Overtime cell has a value then it will make a second line for that same employee and pull in those...
  5. L

    Sum if Question

    I have a list of employees in Column A (some employees are listed multiple times), Column B is the date, and Column H is a points total. Column P I have a unique sorted list of each employee. I would like Column Q to show to sum of points for each employee from column H. I am not sure how to...
  6. S

    Difference between summary column in PIVOT

    Good Morning We have employee advance and their repayment details in excel. Each advance having one row with employee no, name, date, advance_amount Each Receive(Repayment) having one row with Employee no, name, date and repayment_amount Now we made PIVOT with employee name , sum of...
  7. S

    Search for date in Range for each Employee VBA

    I have 850 employees and I need to calculate an estimated costs for them. I need to be able to loop through the employees, for each employee, look up their annual salary based on date ranges and Group and level. Here is an example of the pay table (simplified)...
  8. Simon2001

    VBA to Loop through Excel list and Delete rows based on Criteria

    Hi I've got a spreadsheet, close to 50,000 rows, for which I have a VBA macro to autofilter on a certain criteria to reduce the number of rows (by deleting) to only have the ones I want left. I now want to have the macro loop through the list to delete rows based on criteria in three colkumns...
  9. L

    Help! Trying to pull historical employee data based on a date range.

    I have one file (Pay Statement) with Employee numbers (column B) and pay period dates (column E). In column M I am trying to pull in data from another file (History). The History file has the employee number (column A), the effective begin date (column C), effective end date (column D) and the...
  10. H

    check row in range where value is pulled

    =IFERROR(INDEX('EMPLOYEE LIST'!$BK$2:$BK$1000,AGGREGATE(15,6,(ROW('EMPLOYEE LIST'!$BK$2:$BK$1000)-ROW('EMPLOYEE LIST'!BL$2)+1)/(('EMPLOYEE LIST'!$U$2:$BF$1000=$A$4)),COLUMNS($C$4:C4))),"") I'm using the above code to pull everyone that has the date that matches A4 in range 'EMPLOYEE...
  11. R

    VB.NET by using console

    Guys help me to make this code: A company has 10 employees, they all get paid on hourly basis. For each employee the company keeps h employee name, number of hours worked every week. Every employee gets paid weekly. Gross earning is calculated by multiplying number of hours worked by pay per...
  12. K

    Tax Data for employees

    Trying to write a sheet to track employee pay for about 10 employees. I can figure out the hours worked easily enough. What is the simplest way to figue the employee share of fed and state taxes? All of our employees will earn less than 100k per year, but may have different with holding numbers...
  13. S

    Code Error

    Could someone please help me out with this, im pretty green with coding, and the orange part is getting an error, thanks Sub Empl_Load() Dim EmpRow As Long Dim EmpCol As Long With Sheet1 If .Range("B5").Value = Empty Then MsgBox "Please enter a valid Employee from the drop down...
  14. N

    Worksheet that Mirrors a Table

    Hello, I was hoping that you could help me. I am trying to create this Employee benefit and vacation sheet which encompass all 12 months. Is there a way that I can create a table or something that will take the employees name and mirror to each worksheet (12 month), and if i add or delete an...
  15. A

    Sumifs using two date ranges

    Hi, I am struggling to find a formula to sum utilisation days using two date ranges which is a dump from a system, ideally i would get users to enter info one day at a time but that's not possible and they group info as per example below: Employee........Date From.......Date To...
  16. R

    Compute data in other cell if cell is blank

    Question: How many employees were promoted more than 7 months ago (Column C)? If they were not promoted, then how many employees were hired more than 7 months ago (Column B)? <tbody> Employee Hire Date Last Promotion Date Employee 1 <tbody> 09/12/2013 </tbody> 01/01/2018 Employee 2...
  17. S

    Macro to help me transpose this information?

    I searched for a similar situation to mine and didn't see one (apologies if one exists and I missed it!) I have to format a long list of managers and their employees for mass emails, and the lists I get from our database are: <tbody> Manager 1 Employee A Manager 2 Employee B Manager 2...
  18. D

    Formula needed. Looking a value associated with a common data attribute

    I have run into a challenge, appreciate any/all help in advance. I have 2 sets of data, both sets of data have a unique identifier( Employee ID). ONe set of data has a score( Score 1), and the other Set of data has a score( score 2) I am trying to perform some form of a value look-up( VLOOKUP...
  19. S

    Conditional Format only certain Rows in Pivot

    I have a simple Pivot: Jan Feb Employee 1 100 100 Project 1 60 70 Project 2 40 30 Employee 2 90 100 Project 5 90 10 Project 8 0 90 Where employees are assigned a % of their time each month to a...
  20. F

    Sent mass email based on cell values

    I have a list of employee ID's in column A. In column B is either YES or NO based on a vlookup verifying if they entered data in a schedule sheet. I need to send an email to any employee ID with a NO in column B. I would like to send them all in one email as a bcc since there are 180 employees...

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