1. T

    Find Next Empty Cell

    Hello, I have the following code: Sub EmptyRow() On Error Resume Next Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual Application.EnableEvents = False Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim wbCurrent As Workbook Dim wsCHINO As Worksheet Dim wsSTOCKTON As Worksheet Dim wsFLM As Worksheet...
  2. A

    Loop through empty cells and data move to one cell left

    Hi All, Loop through empty cells and data move to one cell left <tbody> Date 11/6/2019 Normal 28035 Y NO Date 11/6/2019 Normal 28035 Y NO Date 11/6/2019 Normal 28035 Y NO Date 11/6/2019 Normal 28035 Y NO Date 11/6/2019 Normal 28035 Y NO Date 11/6/2019 Normal 28035 Y NO Date...
  3. O

    Vlookup with variable lookup value

    Hello, Is it possible for a VLOOKUP to have a multiple lookup value. For example: =VLOOKUP(A1,'Data'!$A$1:$D$1000,2,FALSE) If the lookup value in A1 is empty it can look at a different lookup value in A2? Thanks in advance, Chris
  4. S

    if, or, and-formula issue

    Hey All, I am scratching my head trying to figure out where i am going wrong, looking for a cell to return '1' or '0' based if certain combinations of Yes/No and Blank cells are selected for the logic. Formula i have now is below, but this issue seems to be that it is not working for the if...
  5. T

    Formula for conditional formatting

    I'd like to highlight a row based on certain criteria. Say for example in row 7, if C7 contains the word "checked" or its empty, and if D7 contains the word "checked" or its empty, and if E7 contains the word "checked" or its empty, then i want this row to be highlighted. Thanks in advance!
  6. B

    Right to left counting cells with value until the first empty cell

    I'm looking to count from right to left counting the number of cells with a value until the first empty cell. All cells are formulas. The range is set D:Y. I need to count cells that are greater than 0 until it reaches an empty cell. Can someone help me out with this ?
  7. P

    Deleting Lines with a Macro Command

    Hello guys, I have an excel file with some records that are copied/pasted from a website. Due to the site's structure when I paste the data on excel, some cells cause the line to split (see an example below) and the surname of the person goes to the below line which except this cell all the...
  8. L

    If cell is Empty!

    Hi all, I am trying to check for all sheets if specific call E10 is empty and it prevents user from saving. Currently it is only working on the sheet that i am on. It does not work on the others, i want to make it that it checks all check for a specific cell before saving. This is currently...
  9. T

    Copy Active Cell Comment to next empty row on another worksheet

    I am trying to find a way to automatically copy any cell comment from worksheet1 in range H7:H5 as text to the next empty row on worksheet2 Is there any way to do this?
  10. B

    calculation without Circular reference

    Have a question if I may, I want to use two adjoining cell;let say C3 & D3 and I would like to be able to put a figure in either ofthese and have the empty cell calculate either way. How can this be achievedwithout causing a circular reference? Steve
  11. I

    Show userform based on cell value

    Currently not at my pc but I would like a userform to only be shown if a specific cell is empty. Would this be correct ? Please advise. If Cell (“B1”) = “” Then Userform1.Show Else Exit sub
  12. L

    VBA Help Delete Row if 3 conditions met?

    Hello I need help with a bit of VBA code. I need the code to look at Column AI. Column AI can have a value of 0-7. If a Row in Column AI has a value of "0" check column Probed, If it is empty check Notes, if also empty delete that Row. In the example below row 8 would be deleted as AI = 0...
  13. F

    I Just Don't Get Nested IF Statements

    3 columns 1 row: $X1 $Y1 $Z1 If there's a number in any of these, l want to trigger a concatenation involving the data in that specific cell. The row will be filled in left to right. So, if X1 is empty, then Y1 and Z1 will be too. If Y1 is empty, then Z1 will be empty too, but X1 may have...
  14. M

    Conditional Formatting (I think

    Hi All I need a really simple way to highlight a cell based on the contents of another - but am getting confused. In short - I need cell B9 to highlight red when: B9 is empty and N9 has data. Also, I would like cell B9 to highlight orange when: B9 has data and N9 is empty Both B9 and N9...
  15. T

    How do i get this macro not to run if target is empty or 0

    Hi Everyone, I have this macro that works great but I need it not t run if the cell I secect is zero or empty. how can I do this/ p.s. if my code can be improved feel free to go ahead and change it :-) (Columns E & F are merged per row so E88:F88 etc.) Thanks Tony Private Sub...
  16. H

    Macro VBA: Check If Column is empty

    I had data from A to T I want to check the entire column of D, if there is a empty cell. Marco will aborted. MsgBox "Pls ensure Col D is not empty"
  17. M

    Active sheet, text box copy, check if cell empty

    Hi. I use the blow code to paste data from a textbox in a user from to a specific cell on sheet 1. I would like to refine this to: Paste to the active worksheet, instead of just Sheet1 and Paste to Cell N15 (of active sheet), only if empty. If not empty check if N25 is empty and then...
  18. G

    If/Then statements with three outcomes

    Hey all, I have a Userform with textboxes in it. A user can input up to two characters in each. How the values are formatted is dependent on how many characters there are i.e. Empty Textboxes are handled one way, single characters ("A") are handled another and 2 letters ("AB") are handled a...
  19. Z

    Excel IF Function with AND and empty cell

    Hello all, I'm trying to write an IF state for a situation i'm looking into. I have a Cell AQ3 in which i'm entering an if state. Here is the criteria for the if state. 1) It checks if a date stored in S3 - Today() date <> 0 2) It checks to see if cell AG3 is empty Now the issue here is...
  20. T

    Copying a range two columns wide and pasting in next free column

    Hi Everyone, Heres my problem, I need a macro to do the following. Copy Range AX53:AY68 Then paste to the first empty column row 53 after BK So First Column it could past into is BL53 if that already contains data move on to BM and paste in first empty cell Please help if you can thanks Tony

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