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    UDF and Enable Content Issue

    Hello, I have a UDF that is supposed to track changes for a defined range of cells. So if anything within that range changes record who made the change and when. The problem I am running into is that whenever a new user opens the file it asks them to Enable Content which, when they do Enable...
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    Macros have been disabled. Enable content work-around

    I have a spreadsheet that has numerous macros within it across multiple sheets. I send this spreadsheet to others outside of my company, but the "Macros have been disabled. Enable Content" warning always shows up when the spreadsheet is first opened. I understand the security measures, but is...
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    'Excel has stopped Working' after I click 'Enable Content'

    Hello, After I open this one spreadsheet and click 'Enable Content', I get the 'Excel has stopped Working' pop up and then Excel crashes. The file name is "Report V1.1.xls' and sometimes upon reopening Excel I get a warning pop up that says 'Report V1 (version1).xls: file format is not...
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    VBA Security Warning 'Enable Content'

    Hi All, Is there a way to automatically click on the 'Enable Content' button of the [SECUTITY WARNING Some active content has been disabled. Click for more details. 'Enable Content' ]?? If not, is there a way to represent this ribbon click; as an actual automatic pop-up message box upon...
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    Enable Content

    I am looking for a function, VBA, or just navigating through the menu, that would regenerate the Security Warning message for Macros - i.e. the yellow Enable Content button. The reason I am looking for this is in case the user clicks the 'x'. I realize you can just close the file and reopen it...
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    VBA Workbook Open doesn't run after Enable Content prompt

    I have a situation where I save a macro-enabled workbook to a untrusted folder (like my users will probably do). When I open the file from Excel (most recent list or File > Open), the file opens and I get the warning banner and click Enable Content. I have a "Hello World" msgBox at the top of...
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    Automatically Update Links/Enable Content when opening Excel files from SharePoint

    Hi. While this is my first post, I have been dipping into this board for too many years to contemplate for help on VBA and have always appreciated the resource. I manage a department SharePoint site as an administrator (with limited privileges) for the Sales Team. I have a number of workbooks...
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    Keep workbooks linked when the path changes XL2003

    I have two workbooks. Workbook A contains four spreadsheets (of various customer data). Workbook B uses formulas and queries to import the data from Workbook A. I have to email, or upload both of these workbooks to a customer so they can continue to update the data in Workbook A, and...

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