1. G

    Excel protection: allow specified people to use/modify macro, but prevent them to change protection

    This question is a bit complicated. My ultimate goal is to prevent other companies from using our macro-excel, but employees in my company can see/modify the macro. This includes preventing employees in my company to remove/change the protection system. So far I can allow specified people to...
  2. D

    Is it possible to code a variable password for an excel workbook?

    Hi Folks, When you use a card reader, a website gives you a number to input, and the card reader outputs a number which gains you access. I was wondering if it is possible to replicate this process with two workbooks. Workbook 1: contains the sensitive data. On opening, an input box appears...
  3. E

    Make file properties visible on an encrypted xlsb document

    I have an encrypted xlsb file that I would like to allow file properties to be visible when the file is closed. My IT department would like to use the "Comments" value to store a value that can be read by other systems without opening the file. I tried running the code shown below which I...
  4. T

    Excel suddenly asking for workbook encryption password 2X after it has been opened

    I have a password encrypted workbook that I have been working with for several months now. All of the sudden in the past several days, once I enter the password to open it, it requests the password twice more. I can cancel both requests and begin working in the file with no issues. It's just...
  5. T

    Password Protecting PDF via Excel

    Hello all Excel Experts! I have VBA code which uses the .ExportAsPDF method to export my workbook to a PDF file. I need to be able to password protect that PDF file so that it can not be modified. I can do this either with VBA or by running external (DOS) code. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  6. B

    Issue connecting to MySQL db through PowerQuery

    Ladies and Gents, I've come across an extremely puzzling issue. I'm attempting to connect to a MySQL db through PowerQuery. I downloaded the mysql connector (originally version 6.6.5 but rolled back to 6.4.6 in an attempt to resolve this issue) and connected to the db. So far so good. It asks...
  7. L

    Using Twofish in VBA

    I found a nice implementation of blowfish in http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/434455-using-blowfish-encryption.html Has anyone done something similar for twofish?
  8. V

    Can't Copy and Paste generated password, to encrypt Workbook

    Thanks for taking the time to read this thread, I am new to the site and although I have searched on here, I can't find an answer to my question. I have a 'Formula Generator' in excel that generates a 14 digit Password in a cell. I want to be able to copy this directly from Excel and paste in...
  9. J

    Merging encrypted workbooks into one sheet (cross posted at OzGrid)

    (This request was cross posted at OzGrid <http://www.ozgrid.com/forum/showthread.php?t=183930>. Through my searches I found many relevant responses to merging excel workbooks into a single sheet on MrExcel, and so I posted in this forum as well.) I am trying to merge multiple Excel workbooks...
  10. J

    RFI on Excel 2013 encryption strength / spreadsheet application protection / anti-piracy measures

    Hello all, I am building a spreadsheet application intended for resale to a niche market, so the issue of piracy and password hacking comes to mind. My initial intent is to hardcode certain pieces of buyer information into the application via VBA prior to distribution so that illegal users...
  11. D

    Damaged/Lost Encryption Key

    I have searched the forums for an answer and found none relevant for this particular problem. I need an answer from someone who has experience of the same issue. I have an EFS encrypted Excel file. The encryption is not dependent on any password entered - it's seemless, providing instant...
  12. A

    Creating a temporary file and zipping the file, password protected.

    Hi, I'm using a module in excel that sends an email. The module selects a named range, creates a temporary excel file, pastes in the named range and then sends the temporary file in email. I need the module to zip the temporary file and add a password before emailing the file. This is...
  13. A

    Sending an encrypted email from excel

    I need to send an email from excel vba. I've got the code to create a temp file and send a specfic range. What I need now is to add a password to the excel file and zip the file and add a 2nd password. Does anyone have any code that code password protect and zip a temp file?
  14. S

    Creating an Encryption Key for Data

    I searched the archives to no avail. Is there any sort of information on how to create an encrypted data set that can be unencrypted by an add-in? While I understand that Excel is in no way secure, I figure that forcing someone to have two files to access the data would be safer than simply...

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