1. C

    IP Scheme Excel Sheet

    The company i support has standardized IP schemes, IE the server for each site always ends in the same octet, workstation 1 for each site ends in the same and so on, what id would like to create is a sheet where a user can put in the ip for the server and it figures all the other IPS out, so say...
  2. R

    Warehousing and Storage Cost Calculation Question

    I’m trying to figure out a formula that does this: I want 12 columns for each month. In these columns will be calculations that adds the cost of storage based on the number of days that particular item is being stored. The first 15 days of storage is free, then .50 afterwards. How can I have...
  3. C

    returning range of data from a database

    Hi, I have a database with sets of data containing long numbers such as 1132334256. I want to pull all the data for the sets of numbers from 1132334256 to 1132334270. what would the expression be? I was thinking string between (ends with "256" and ends with "270"). I need to return all values...
  4. C

    pivot table row and column endings in vba

    Need to find row and column pivottable ends in VBA. Is this easily retrivable in VBA?
  5. E

    How many hours fall between a day and time range

    Hi all, I have been trying to find a formula that will tell me how many hours fall between two specific date/time ranges. So Range One Starts: Friday 01:00 Ends: Sunday 17:59:59 Range Two Starts: Sunday 18:00 Ends: Friday 00:59:59 The ranges can be variable and I need it to round up to a...
  6. M

    restrict worksheet columns

    Hi, I am looking at a spreadsheet provided by a colleague. It appears to have restricted the column's viewable. So I can only scroll over to column AH, and then it just ends. This must be a setting, it is not like the extra columns are hidden. Does anyone know how to alter these settings...
  7. P

    VBA Code for Copying a Formula

    I would like to prompt the macro to ask for a column number and then enter the following formula in the cell from row 2 onward until the last data in the column: =IF(A2="","Unique",IF(COUNTIF($A$2:$A$1000,A2)>0,"Match","Unique")). I want to populate the entire column where the data ends with the...
  8. B

    Intersection of two data ranges.

    <tbody> Elevation A Elevation B Elevation C Elevation D 24 32 31 35 15 20 25 30 </tbody> I have two ranges of elevations (Elevation A and B and Elevation C and D) and I need a formula to determine if the two sets overlap. For example, Elevation A starts at 24 and ends at 32 and...
  9. P

    Stack up multiple columns (variable size) into one column with a function.

    Hello everyone, This might be a tricky one but I'm sure someone will somehow magically solve it. So I have 5 columns lets say occupying cells in B:B, C:C, D:D, E:E, F:F with variable sizes. I want column G:G to be populated or in other words to stack up all values from these 5 columns. So the...
  10. G

    URGENT help needed

    Hello, I created a macro to remove some cells that had a value of 0 but just realized that it actually ends up removing anything that ends in 0 as well. Anyone know how to fix this? Sub UPLOAD_REMOVE_NULL_VALUE() Sheets(3).Unprotect Password:="Genesis" Dim i As Long, lr As Long lr =...
  11. A

    Another User Has Exclusive Access

    I can't get multiple users in a new database. When I've written previous databases, I split them and made multiple front ends and had no issues. I've been working for weeks on this and can't figure it out. What I've Tried: 1. The database is split and the BE is in a separate folder from the...
  12. A

    Vlookup is broken in the middle of a table

    =VLOOKUP([@CR],XP_table,2,XP_2) this breaks from one line in the table and the next. on line 33 of the table it returns the proper answer one line 34 it goes to #value ! now the table it is looking up ends on line 33 but that shouldn't matter as far as I can tell!
  13. C

    FUNCTION: If partial text found at end of cell string then TRUE

    Having trouble finding formula that will look at the text within a cell and place a TRUE or FALSE -- if that text ENDS with an "X" Example: Column A holds various codes: GHRYS WJNCV ABCDX PRTYS Position 1,2 & 4 would be FALSE and 3 would be TRUE since the text string ENDS with an X I know...
  14. S

    extract all numbers (double digit) in excel and sum

    Hi everyone, I have a bit of a complex problem. I have a column like the following; Training: 7, Fighting: 12, Speed: 3 I need a formula that sums together 7+12+3 automatically. Now I got a solution where i extract all the digits in that cell and sum. But that ends up giving me 7+1+2+3...
  15. B

    If and OR

    Hello Everyone! Ok, I am needing some help yet again. I am looking for a formula to do the following. F1 is a changeable field. If F1 ends in 10 (310) and G19=odd number I need G22=0. However, if F1 ends in 10 and G19=0 I need G22=1 Thank you Brian
  16. A

    Like Operator

    Is there any way I can use Like to determine if a string starts with "[" and ends with "]"? Or another (better?) method than left,1 and right, 1 ?
  17. E

    UDF returns #Value Error when other sheets are recalculated.

    I have a UDF called CountPeriod which is a glorified version of CountIf. The workbook is used to tally student attendance. There is one tab per month with a linear calendar at the top of the page. To the Right, I need to tally the absences and tardies for each student based on which of 3...
  18. E

    UDF gives #Value Error in Spreadsheet

    I'm making a workbook to track student attendance for the year. There is an identical tab for each month of the year which has a linear calendar that will change depending on the year chosen. At the end of the month I tally the number of Absences, etc for a given term. The terms begin and end...

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