1. K

    Text equations wil not evaluate

    I have equations including text, providing information on source directory & save directors the VBA processes. In some cells, they evaluate. For example: In cell B3, ="J:\ACCOUNTS\Credit Cards" & B15 & "" evaluated to J:\ACCOUNTS\Credit Cards\2018\ In cell B4, ="J:\accounts\Xero\Credit...
  2. J

    Time and Duration

    First, a Disclaimer. I am absolutely 100% new to working with Excel. This exercise I am having an issue with is my first time playing with cell formatting and formulas. What I want to do, which sounds simple in my head, is input an amount of time into a cell, but have it display as its decimal...
  3. S

    Data Validation for Equations in a Table

    Hello, I am looking for some assistance. I have a table that auto-populates from a second table using equations once the first cell is populated. However people are going in and pasting over the equations and I was hoping to use data validation to prevent this from happening. I cannot protect...
  4. U

    Mass conversion of equations to excel formulas

    I deal with equations that are drafted in microsoft word that look like this: (1.0 x 0.03125 x 0.20 x 187.4237/1920.00) If I independently put an = sign in front of (1.0 it will turn it into a formula after asking to correct for typo for x to become * The problem is I have hundreds of these...
  5. C

    Summing a product with selection Criteria

    I'm trying to make a table that will sum a the product of a value and probability based on a criteria value in another column. The table below is an example of what I'm trying to do: <tbody> Criteria Prob 2019 2020 2021 2022 X 100% 41 10 75 150 X 90% 24 24 24 Y 65% 53 160 X 70% 25...
  6. R

    Merging Columns, Need help on the Right Equation

    Hi Everyone, I am having trouble with an excel project in which I have two columns that I feel could be merged into one. I have designed a database that keeps track of adjectives used to describe dog toys by men and women. I first track the gender of the dog, then the gender of the toy is the...
  7. E

    An Equation

    Hi, I think this is impossible but I will take a chance because if it is possible it will save us lot of work and time. At work I have a CAD software and I use equations to set X, Y, Z positions and material width, length and height. Equations are similar to Excel formulas. So if it works in...
  8. L

    Linking sheets with equations

    Hi I am reading excel course outline and I read the following: Linking sheets with equations Linking files with equations What does that mean? how to link sheet/file with an equation? Thank you so much. Course outline is here http://www.ctccomputertraining.com/excel2010trainingcourses2.html
  9. M

    SUBSTITUTE Function - 3 Digit Problem, Only Checks First 2 Digits.

    Hello, I'm using substitute nested many times to turn formulas with cell references into equations with text. It's a multipart process starting with a formula-to-text function generating a secondary array, some other stuff, and then a huge string of nested substitute functions generating a...
  10. A

    Extracting Characters from Cell

    Hi In column c I have a number of equations such as 2x + 20 . I need to pull out the 20 into another adjacent cell. I used: =right(c1,len(c1)-Find(" + ",c1)) and it gives me the 20 . The problem is that some of the equations have a negative in them ex. 4x - 19 or 2x - 6...and the formula above...
  11. S

    Trendline Equations - Can't Get *Future* Values from 3rd Order Polynomial

    Hi All, For several years now I've used the formulas from this page: http://spreadsheetpage.com/index.php/tip/chart_trendline_formulas/ ..to great success with easier equations like Linear & Power. However I've now tried 3rd order polynomial and I've run into a distinct problem. I can get...
  12. K

    Use a variable inside an equation that is entered with VBA

    I have a loop that reads through worksheets in a workbook and creates equations in specific cells to parse data. The problem is that one of my equations does a lookup in a named range in another sheet and I need to be able to place a variable in the equation so that it will paste the correct...
  13. B

    Nesting IF statements

    I have tried a few combinations but cannot get the end state I am trying to combine these two equations. I've tried using IF(AND(OR without luck. Again thanks for the help! =IF(AND(D2="10k",E2<=120),"Go,"No Go") =IF(AND(D2="20k",E2<=240),"Go,"No Go")
  14. A

    Extracting the first and second coefficient from equations

    I am using =(left(C1,1)=”x”,1,0+(LEFT(C1,Find(“x”,C1)-1)) to extract the first coefficient from formulas. This works for the first and second equations but not the third. - 9x - 9y = 54 yields -9 x + y = -4 yields 1 - x - 7y = -33 yields #value How can I adjust that to...
  15. T

    **Simplified: Excel Work Week Hours sheet Question. Need formula help please!

    Ok, this is a challenge! for simplicity I'll list only pertinent data needed. Say I have 7 rows (1 row for each day of wk and 8 columns in a time sheet: G-total hrs worked (that day), H-billable hours(of that days total), I-Shop hours (non-billable hrs worked of that days total), J-Running total...
  16. Q

    "Yes" or "No" Nested IF Statement with Specified Date

    Here is what I am trying to do: =IF(AA5="","No",IF(AA5<=J5,"Yes","No")) - My lame attempt Upload Days = AA5 (The number of days to acutally complete the project) SLA Days = J5 (The number of days allowed to complete a project) Project Uploaded Date = M5 (The date that the project was...
  17. Q

    Nested IF Statements

    Here is my equation: =IF((M5="","",IF((NETWORKDAYS.INTL(X5,M5,11,______!$O$4:$O$17))<1),"1",IF((NETWORKDAYS.INTL(X5,M5,11,______!$O$4:$O$17))>=1),(NETWORKDAYS.INTL(X5,M5,11,______!$O$4:$O$17),"False"))) What I am trying to do is as follows: - If Cell M5 is Blank, display "Blank" its an empty...
  18. Whylucky

    Macro Not Solving For Fractions

    Hey Everybody, So i have a unique problem, I'm using a find code to extract text and separate it out to individual cells. Then a macro solves an equation based on the extracted values. The problem is when i use fractions the macro will not solve, i attached a link to share the file. Any help...
  19. T

    How does one enter in two variables, both of which have to corrected, to get an answer?

    Hello, I am attempting to speed up the process by which we calculate weight percent of sulphuric acid based off specific gravity and temperature. The issue I am having is, the values given in the charts we have are not exact, therefore we have a hand-written equation that is tried-and-true...
  20. H

    Equations using VBA with a userform

    Hello, This is my first post so bare with me. I am extremely new to VBA. I am creating a database using excel. I am trying to write a code for an equation that will use numbers inputted to my spreadsheet via a userform. The equation should take three values, say A, B, and C. Run them through the...

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