1. G

    Erase values linked to external files

    Hi all, I wonder if there is a code for doing the following: I have a WB called WB1 with Sheet1 with links to another WB, called WB2, Sheet2. Is there a possibility to delete all the values that came from this external file (WB2)? I mean erase all of them quickly. Thanks in advance!
  2. J

    Erasing Arrays after use question

    Hi, I have a macro that uses multiple arrays and after use I have a reset button which clears these: erase MyArray1 etc... However in some cases not all arrays are initiated so when I attempt to erase those I get an error as they don't exist. Is there a way, when erasing them to check if they...
  3. R

    Compare data

    I've a worksheet with data in 2 columns and i need compare then and extract the diferences to another columns. There is a problem because i've repetitions in both columns and my macro doesn't work properly with this. I think i need a new macro to do this. <tbody> Data1 Data2 100 100 100...
  4. B

    Clear Cell using R1C1 After xxxx # of seconds

    Hi Comunity, I am using formula "Range("F6").FormulaR1C1 = "" " as part of a vba macro to clear values from a cell which is working perfectly. But i was curious if there is a way to delay the clearing to say maybe 15 seconds after the macro has ran? Any guidance?
  5. C

    Erasing a picture by its number

    Hi All, Is there a way to get the picture number of a picture previously inserted in a worksheet so that I can erase it by selecting "Picture" & x, the latter being the suffix number of said pix? Thanks, Chuck
  6. C

    Using VBA to evaluate and delete a range of cells

    Hi there, I've got a sample data with a list of dates. e.g. A1 = 03/05/2016 A2 = 17/06/2013 A3 = 24/02/2018 There are hundreds of these dates. I want to create a button which could erase these dates if they are over a certain due date (i.e. 01/01/2017). How do I do it with VBA? Thanks!
  7. D

    Problems with sheet copying/ deleting formula

    Hello, Thank you to anyone in advance for any help with my issue. I am newer to excel macros and I am a bit mixed up with some VBA and cant seem to get it to do what I need. I have stitched this code together from forums... because I just cannot figure it out otherwise. I am needing two macros...
  8. M

    VBA change macro

    Hello, I need help with some macro. I would like to have in one sheet change macro which will erase one cell if one cell will be change. For example: if sell G4 will be changed then the contain of the cell O5 will be erase. Thank you.
  9. P

    VBA or Macro

    im attempting to create a workbook, that basically expires itself. id like this to no be visable on the sheets it self, but when a pre determined time or date comes up, the workbook will erase all content throughout and save. essentially making the workbook useless. is this possible?
  10. G

    Data Erase

    I have a problem about some cells in Excel. When I write in a certain cell in a specific sheet, it doesn't copy in that sheet, but in another one. It has te same proportion (if I copy a data in the sheet "B" in cell B2, it copies it in sheet "A"(the previous sheet) in cell B2). How can I fix this?
  11. S

    Resizing Array or similar method

    Maybe I'm trying to use array's wrong but I need some help with the second/last loop where I am trying to change the contents of an array. Here's the code. Sub FeedReset(byValX As Boolean) Dim nCalc As String, colStatTyp As Integer, ArrayData() As String, Element As Variant ThisSpot 'Another...
  12. E

    VBA command button for running a macro-module

    Hi all, I am new to this site although it is since a while that the latter has been helping me to solve excel problems. I am starting to creating VBA code in order to make my life easier. The problem is the following: I created a Button (form control) on a certain sheet and then I assigned a...
  13. S

    Kill file help needed

    Hi, I have a file that needs deleted and I'm looking for advice on how to do just this. What I have is a file with 4 tabs of data, with formulas linking various fields on each sheet. What I would like to do is after a certain date have the file delete upon saving. What I'm not sure is the best...
  14. P

    Duplicate plus 2nd Column Action

    Hello Friends, I have been going over code for the past week and have yet to get this, hoping that you could help. I am looking for a formula that will: 1. Go through column A for duplicates. 2. If duplicate, then look to column B for a blank field. 3. If any of the duplicates in column B...
  15. L

    Possible to add code to erase all other code of filename change?

    Hi, I'm just wondering if it would be possible to add some code to a file that I have so that if someone copies the file and then tries to save it as some other file name, it will automatically erase all of the code contained within the project. Any ideas if this is possible?
  16. Q

    erase on insert

    I have a block of cells on a single line. Only 1 cell can have a value across all cells in the block. I wish to be able to insert a new value into an empty cell and automatically erase the former value from a different cell. Is there a way to do this? I am using Excel 2003. Thanks,
  17. O

    Protect against to be erased

    Hi everyone, I have a Form that people must fill, so I unprotect those cells, and protect the others to prevent they type into cells with important values. That is right, but is not safe at all and there are some ideas that I cannot achieve: 1. The first is that I'm woring about they could...
  18. L

    VB ClearContents problem

    I am trying, when a certain cell changes, to delete the contents of a number of other cells. Because the particular cells will vary, I am referring to them indirectly - named cells contain the Excel references to both the "trigger" cell and the "to erase" cells. Thus the start of my VB...

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