1. DataBlake

    Make InStr with entire cell qualifier

    Is it possible to use InStr to where it will only return the position of a string if the phrase you are looking for is the entire cell. So say for example InStr(1, a(i, j), "err", 1) i want to find "err" in an array and not have it return "Sierra" only if the entire cell is "err" do i want it...
  2. P

    Err 508 in formula in OpenOffice

    IF($B$6<=F12,$B$6,F12+F12*$B$4/$B$5) I'm getting an error regarding this formula. What am I missing? Thank you in advance.
  3. A

    Dealing With An Anticipated Error In A Loop

    I have this line of code in my application that I know in advance there may be times it will err out, usually because the value .cells(i,3) doesn't exist ... yet. .Cells(i, 4) = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(.Cells(i, 3), ws_rd.Range("A:C"), 3, False) When it does err, I would like to...
  4. rpaulson

    Macro to go the the next worksheet

    I have this macro to go to the next worksheet this issue is, when it gets to the last sheet it wont re-start at the beginning . any ideas? Sub Next_Division() Set Sh = ActiveSheet On Error Resume Next Do While Sh.Next.Visible <> xlSheetVisible If Err <> 0 Then Exit Do Set Sh = Sh.Next Loop...
  5. D

    CSV export changing date format

    Hi all, I am using the below VBA to export a single sheet as a new CSV. In the source file the date is shown as DD-MM-YYYY however when using the below it changes in the CSV file to MM-DD-YYYY? If I don't use the VBA and copy the tab and save as CSV manually it does not do this so I can only...
  6. C

    worksheet name versus reference

    I'm having trouble with assigning a worksheet reference, then passing that to a sub. In the sample below I use two different ways to identify the worksheet that I want to format. I can't figure out the difference between passing the reference to the worksheet versus its name. Thanks in advance...
  7. J

    problems with vba log

    have tried log and ln with variations of Application.WorksheetFunction. all give same err or

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