error 13

  1. W

    Application Match error 13

    I'm using Application.Match to get the row number of a value, and to fill a form with all data of the row. It works perfect when sought value is alphanumeric, but error 13 is returned if sought value is numeric. Why? Error occurs on line ultimafila = Application.Match(Me.textoCodigo.Value...
  2. T

    Running a Macro from FORMULA Change (PLC)

    Hey guys new to this but I'm trying. So im using excel as an OPC client through RSLinks paste special. I am copying data from the plc and moving it down when the PLC tells excel to (ie when a value goes high copy and paste values down a few lines). So i have a macro to copy and move data down...
  3. M

    Mismatch Error

    been tinkering with this for hours, any advice of what the mismatch might be coming from Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()With ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Elix2 Custom Systems") Set rngData = .Range("G13:G29") Set rngNum = .Range("C8") rngData = rngData * rngNum End With End Sub
  4. A

    error 13

    I am doing a code and i keep getting "run-time error 13" on the line MaxChars = InputBox("Maximum number of characters:") Someone please help! The code: Public Sub AestheticAgeCalc() Dim MaxChars As Integer Dim CharCount As Integer Dim CharName As String Dim ActualAge As Double Dim...
  5. R

    VBA run time error "13"

    Hi, New to using VBA and know little about it. Using it for an Engineering project to solve deep seated slope stability problems. When entering in the first 7 calculations VBA solves these correctly in a user form. But when I try to calculate the 8th formula (AVHS8) it gives me an error, witch...
  6. D

    Error 'Type Mismatch' when attempting to use Application.WorksheetFunction.Index

    Hey there everyone I have a spreadsheet with data in Range B10:P97. I am attempting to create a single array of the two ranges B10:B97 and O10:O97. I have read this previous thread heavily but...
  7. CsJHUN

    Type missmatch with .value

    Hi guys! Im trying to declare some value from cells value to other cell value. (I give a list of datas in columns, the macro get the datas from do-until loop, write this data to a specific cell, call another macro, than step forward) Here is what I have now: Sub asd() s = 1 Do s = s + 1...
  8. A

    Run Time Error 1004, Error 13 & Error 424 for the same thing... Newbee Help Please!!

    Hi, I am trying to write a code which will loop through all excel workbooks in a particular folder & copy data from a specific tab on each sheet and then paste it to a master excel workbook. I have got the code to select folder, extension, tabname basis inputs from user and also loop thru...
  9. K

    Date Error 13 when Pulling from Blank Cell

    When I run this code it works for each iteration of the loop until the duedate pulls from a blank cell. How do I fix this or make it so it skips blank cells? It gives "Runtime Error 13 Data Mismatch" Sub CreateTask() Dim olApp As New Outlook.Application Dim olName As Outlook.Namespace Dim...
  10. K

    VBA - DueDate and Next Without For errors

    Hey guys, great forum, I've been using it a lot while doing this work in Excel. I am writing code to have Tasks in Outlook created by a huge list of tasks in an Excel document. I want to skip all the blank rows and rows of assignments that are already completed. So I am trying to make it so if...
  11. M

    excel vba error 13 type mismatch

    Hi! Completely new to vba, I’m trying to write a code to copy rows from one workbook to another(s). The code clears the worksheet of the destination workbook and then copies the rows that began with the desired country. The two ranged variables Country and cell are country names. The code...
  12. O

    Input Box Cancel Button

    I'm hoping this is an easy fix! I have an input box which works great but when the cancel button is clicked it brings up "Run-time error '13': Type mismatch". The code I am using is listed below. Any advise on how to have the cancel button just exit out of the message box? Sub gethours()...
  13. R

    Run-time error '13': Type mismatch

    I'm very new to VBA and am trying to create a sub that pulls stock prices from one sheet in my workbook and calculates the percentage change between the prices in another sheet. The code isn't fully built out yet. I am trying to build step by step and have run into a problem in my...
  14. M

    getting a mismatch error and i don't know why

    Hi, all i am trying to write a roman numeral calculator in vba and man is it taking a long time, i am currently trying to use select case to check whether or not the letters can be replaced by another letter e.g. entering IIIII will display a error message saying change it to a V. I'm not great...
  15. M

    Application.Match and Error '13'

    Good Morning Everyone, I'm trying to use "match" to find a row value. I've been fighting with this for about 45 minutes and don't seem to be getting anywhere. Here is the code: ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(1).Select Dim a As String, B As Range a = "MvT" Set B = Worksheets(1).Range(Cells(1, 3)...
  16. N

    HELP - RUN TIME ERROR 13 TYPE MISMATCH - When deleting input from cells

    Hi there, New to VBA and the forum. Have a little problem. I have entered some VBA code into my spreadsheet that avoids a CURRENCY PRICE being added to a column if the adjacent column DROPDOWN OPTION does not have a value. It pops up an ERROR MSG and then clears the entered value. Whenever i...
  17. D

    Error when exiting textbox that is blank.

    The code below is supposed to look up the value of the number in a textbox named PCNumber and display a returned value in a label named PlayerName. This code works just as it is supposed to, except when the textbox is left blank. Private Sub PCNumber_Exit(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean)...
  18. cvincent

    VBA Error Code Type Mismatch

    The following runs fine, however my Excel file is displaying Run-time error 13: Type mismatch. Not sure what that means. Can someone please tell me how to correct this? Thank you. Sub OpenWordDoc() Application.DisplayAlerts = False Dim wordApp As Object Dim wordDoc As Object...
  19. M

    Run-time error '13' setting long file path in Connections

    Hi I've created a workbook with tables that are refreshed on opening the workbook, their source is queries on other workbook sheets. In order to facilitate the distribution of the workbook I need to set the Connection properties of the MS Query on opening. I have the script below, which when...
  20. M

    Two text boxes write in each the problem

    Hi, </SPAN> I have this code:</SPAN> it suppose to take one input and calculate for the other variables the problem is that once it writes the outputs the other text box it activates the second text box code so I keep getting the error ‘13’ and the result is the same no matter what number...

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