error bars

  1. P

    custom error bars in pivot chart based on calculated field

    Is it possible to create custom error bars in a pivot chart that are based on a calculated field? I would like to create a bar chart representing PROPORTIONS with error bars that represent the CONFIDENCE INTERVALS. My data contains N items that either can be "failed" (0) or "passed" (1)...
  2. D

    Error Bars on pivot charts

    Hi I'm having some issues with error bars on a pivot chart I have created. The underlying data set is grouped into 3 separate materials. Each material has several repeat tests associated (so for example the table will have several rows of numerical data, with the first cell in each row...
  3. A

    Error Bar does not appear from Q3-Max when inserting range in "Custom Value"

    Hi! I've created a blot of box and whiskers for 3 separate x-axis categories. I've followed instructions posted by Peltier here: Excel Box and Whisker Diagrams (Box Plots) - Peltier Tech Blog. Everything works fine until I go to great the "upper" error bar Chart Tools > Layout > Error Bars >...
  4. W

    Error bar frequency

    Hi guys. I'm plotting a large data set as an x-y scatter, with a lot of close together points. When I add error bars for every data point they are so closely packed as to make a huge black blur along the graph. Is there a way to plot all the data points, but add error bars for only every nth...
  5. M

    Unlink chart error bars from data source

    Hi everyone, noob here. I have a "master" Excel (2010) chart that automatically graphs data based on the selection of several drop-down menus, including error bars. I want to be able to run through all my variables, and save the charts individually while maintaining my ability to alter font...
  6. K

    How to create oval bubble chart based on scatter chart with XY error bars?

    Hello, I have an XY scatter chart where each XY point has independent XY error bars. Is there any way to draw an oval around the error bars to create an oval bubble chart, where the bubble area represents the combined error? Thanks in advance for any help. Kelvin
  7. M

    plotting high-low range lines on column chart

    Hi all, I am trying to generate a column chart with a high-low range overlay so that it looks like error bars. I've precalculated all values but cannot figure out how to add the high-low range lines. The ranges are in the min and max columns. I tried using custom error bars but it did not...
  8. S

    Macro error bars on bar graphs

    Hello all, I'm trying to make a macro that creates my graphs for me, and part of this is adding custom error bars to each bar. I recorded a macro as a basis, and the relevant code it gives me is below. In my worksheet, I have custom standard errors already calculated on row 19 from columns B...
  9. O

    Error bars in excel 2003 or 2011

    Hi! I was wondering, if I made a series bar graph and I want each individual bar (not the series) to have different error bar values, can I do that? If so, how? I can use either Excel 2003 or the newest excel (.xslx) Thanks!
  10. P

    Macro to edit Error Bars

    Hello all! I need to figure how to control either the X or Y axis error bars for a scatter chart. I'm building something like a gantt chart and I only want to use the X axis error bars and delete the Y axis bars. I've been able to add error bars by using...
  11. J

    Charting confidence interval with a fuzzy line?

    Hi all, When building charts, I always like to include confidence intervals so the reader has a sense of how solid the results are. However, I don't think error bars do a great job of visually demonstrating the idea of a confidence interval. It shows the upper and lower range, but doesn't...
  12. T

    Help debugging error bar macro

    I have an xy scatterplot chart with multiple series. I'm trying to write a macro that will add error bars to the series of my choice. I wrote this, but I can't figure out the errors with the code. I would like the error bars to have custom values of 50, so that they cover the width and height of...
  13. A

    Excel 2007, customising error bars

    Hi, I would like to include error bars for confidence intervals on a line graph, and this involves customising the data points. However, it seems I must apply the interval I choose (using the customise function) to the whole series, and this is no good, as the interval is different for each...
  14. L

    Single data point error bars

    Hello, I am using the 2004 mac version of excel. I want to use the standard error of the mean for error bars. This means, that I want to use individual error bars for each data point, rather than the same for each condition. I have calculated these numbers by hand, and want to input them into...
  15. D

    Format of Error Bars Excel 2003

    This looks like a problem with my particular implementation of Excel, but here goes anyway. I have put hi and lo error bars (custom) on a barchart, but they appear either as simple vertical lines, or (bizarrely) as Ts one way and line the other (I want Ts up and down, of course). This doesn't...

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