error checking

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    Iferror triple check

    I currently have a few columns working off of a pivot. The pivot has a missing dimension under one year, and the calculation is already fairly complex. What is the easiest way to add a double check for a missing Tender to Ship Group"? =+IF($A29="Grand Total",SUM(AA$11:AA28), IF($A29="",""...
  2. B

    Error checking of digits / integers to right of decimal point.

    Hi there, I coding a project and having a problem with "counting" the integers to the right of the decimal point in a given cell. In a nutshell... 1. Blank = Error. 2. na = Correct. 3. 1.5 = Error. Must have between 2 and 4 (inclusive) digits to the right of the decimal point. 4. 7.62 =...
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    effective error checking

    Hey guys, I am working with a sheet with about 10,000+ of data, and im trying to count and see how many blank rows are in 2 separate sheets using countblank in one sheet, there are 1947 blanks in a given column, in the other sheet, there are 413 blanks in a given column. however, when i...
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    VBA Validated userforms

    Hi All you clever people. I'm looking for a solution to my userform validation issues. I have 8 textboxes 6 of which need to be numerically validated, the other 2 do not. My problem is that I can get the numerical validation to work however it forces the 2 textboxes I don't want validated to be...
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    Code for checking "Error" & "#N/A" in specific columns and returning the columns with issue (if the case)

    Hello everyone, as the title mentions, i am trying to check for specific error words in column P -> R & T (starting with row 5 for all). I was looking on the internet and i managed to bring together the below code. - I am trying now to figure out how can i check all these columns and return...
  6. K

    Error Checking with Input Box

    Hi, I have an application which has a long list of prices. I have a sub that asks the user to enter a sample size out of the entire population of prices and then returns the average of a random sample of prices. I want to use a double variable to take the price entered by the user instead of...
  7. R

    Mysterious Circular Reference

    This is my first time to submit a question here; I hope I'm asking for help correctly. If not, please advise and forgive. I've encountered something in a co-worker's spreadsheet that has me baffled. A cell contains a simple number (in this case, 12). There are formulas dependent upon that cell...
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    How to compare the text in two cells and return a value of number of different characters

    Hello, I am trying to figure out a way to compare the cells in a datasheet and get a value of differences. I have text I gave to students to type, and I have transcribed the text as they typed, with all errors and space, etc. and I want to compare their input to the original text they were...
  9. N

    Cite Cell Value in A MsgBox

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can offer me assistance in trying to figure this out. I have been searching for awhile now and cannot seem to get this to work. End Goal: Search column O (dynamic dataset) for the word/value "Review", if found in any row, throw the user a message box with the...
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    error checking question

    I am trying to import a lot of data (numbers and text) from a database and then use it in an excel spreadsheet. When the numbers import, they show up (in excel) with a green triangle in the top left corner of the cell which tells me that these values are text with an option to 'convert to...

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